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Nobody uses anything except Bitcoin. The “tech” that is supposedly going to make blockchains become pervasive technology that we use without knowing has become increasingly convoluted to the point that even the people working on the projects can’t explain them. There’s not a single useful real world application of a blockchain 15 fucking years later.

It’s still a great vehicle to scam people and make money, but I’m shocked there’s still anyone clinging on to delusions about blockchains changing the world in any meaningful way. Tens of thousands of projects started, billions upon billions of dollars spent, and not a single useful thing has come from any of it.

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I use LTC all the time for sports betting and online card games.

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You can buy cars with dogecoin
You can store wealth with Bitcoin
You can buy CP with monero

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Oh yeah and I've used XMR a ton of times to buy drugs. Check mate, OP.

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I used crypto to buy MDMA capsules online a couple of months ago.

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>elaborate on that

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That's just because of how slowly the gov'ts have gotten on board, and how immeasurably slow normies are to adapt. I think gov't was hoping it would just die on its own.

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I bought 2 backup computer towers off newegg using eth along with a couple of keyboard and mice and a laptop for my dad. I think you are confused anon about it having no use. You can buy stuff using select crypto on various online sites and some stores around the world. seriously update your notes.

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> 99% of coins listed on CMC have no revenue. zero.
> 99% of inflows are dumb money.
> 99% of coins are two more weeks pie in the sky vaporware that no one uses or cares about.

not sure how much longer this can go on for.

> inb4 but my {crypto jargon} is't vaporware, it has real world utility
it is, and no it doesn't.

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also, there are so many blockchains now that the actual value of decentralised blockspace is probably negative

since it costs more to host that worthless trash than you get on fees (like solana)

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imagine giving someone 20 dollars to buy something then 2 months later that 20 dollars is worth 500

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NFTs are pretty game changing

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number goes up and let's me multiply my actual useful USD fiat from my bedroom, I say it does plenty

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>Nobody uses anything
Meanwhile 70% of the voluntary carbon market.

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Google teranode

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you can buy gold online with crypto, you can hid wealth from tax kikes and roastie wife's

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99.99pct of tokens and chains are tokens and chains not needed. if its not pow then already its a scam money grab

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>its not gambling but i gamble with it
>so i can turn it back into more US dollars

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so, nothing has changed since silk road?
you pay US dollar prices for something illegal that comes from a foreign country, but you try (unsuccessfully) to hide from the authorities because it's temporarily a fake internet money in the process?
can you explain why hurting yourself is a useful real world application?
can you explain how without the blockchain, no one would do this?

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>i used it as a payment processor therefore it's money
you are buying things with US dollars, neither you nor newegg does anything with the crypto except exchange with US dollars
the blockchain could be deleted from the equation and the payment processor could just randomly readjust the dollar value of your house credit with them using a shell script to update a database table, and the situation would be identical to today

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Your gold just arrived in the mail bro, enjoy ;)

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on one side yeah, little has changed since the silkroad days
the friction and work required to buy them has only increased since all exchanges require heavy KYC protocols just to register, in some countries the fees on bank transfers to developed countries is pretty steep in some cases
the shyster of the 2010s that promised packed into standard money laundering silicon valley tech speak clearly deluded some people into buying too much into the big picture of what bitcoin is
did bitcoin succeed into becoming *a currency? yes, it succeeded almost more than a decade ago, people are settling business (illegal business in many cases) in crypto, be it with btc, ltc or monero (remember, the original paper and some of the early discussions on the bitcoin forum were revolved around blockchains in general, so bitcoin adoption was also blockchain or internet money adoption)
>you pay US dollar prices for something illegal that comes from a foreign country, but you try (unsuccessfully) to hide from the authorities because it's temporarily a fake internet money in the process?
the original goal of bitcoin was libertarian..or even ancap in its nature, the goal was to circumvent traditional government controlled flow of money that would enable more freedom loving activities
are they ethical? most of them are not but you get the picture
does the logistics for scaling it exist? yes it does, through L2 networks
Are L2 solutions accepted? I would say no, because people are stuck in that mtgox paradigm for one reason or another, mostly because the exchanges dont promote L2 activity at all, people complain about 50$ bitcoin fees, yet only the tech literate are aware of lightning network transactions being sub 1 cent, and nobody is stopping you from keeping those coins there for months or even years

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Bitcoin is digital gold
Kaspa is digital silver
All else, including smart contract bullshit, is a scam.

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>All else, including smart contract bullshit, is a scam.
originally, smart contracts were built as a platform or bridge that put together real life value to what ever was happening in the metaverse (metaverse definition of a few years ago...neo-tokio, pokemon go AR L2 internet)
the metaverse flopped (for now...or for forever, who knows)
only thing that was left were internet monkey pictures, which got out of control and eventually turned into a scam

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Can I bet with you anon? Unironically asking

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Wrong RLC could be used for computing. Soon Amazon and Intel will fomo into it and then internet is owned by the IExec RLC token holder

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>I use LTC all the time for sports betting and online card games.
LTC is just a clone of BTC, a testnet.

Power grid goes down? You're broke.
Public internet gets restricted? You're broke.


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>Nobody uses anything except Bitcoin.
uh I got news for you, nobody uses Bitcoin either.

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>It’s still a great vehicle to scam people and make money
That's the entire point, even for bitcoin

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No one uses BTC or any other coins except MONERO. XMR is the only crypto that has a genuine real use case and because of this all the exchanges and the govs are trying to ban/"crack" it and there's virtually no hype around it. Despite all this still remains a top 30 coin and the real currency of the underworld. Its better then cash.

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>Power grid goes down? You're broke.
cryptocurrency is global, more likely you with your local bank credit will be broke, not the guy who has bitcoin.

> Public internet gets restricted? You're broke.