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A simple EMA (or DEMA depending on the chart), don't trade when the slope is flat or close to being flat.
All your other indicators are not needed.

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>depending on the chart
>doesn't list any chart time
t.. t.. thanks for the tip.

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You have to adjust the length and the type of moving average itself and backtest according to the chart you're trading
pic related is the daily chart of Bitcoin with a 50 day EMA

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I remember when I was a "trader". It took me two cycles to learn to just hold.

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are you holding now?

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what EMA to use for hourly

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be careful though, smaller timeframes give way more false signals (but they also give earlier entries so take that into account)

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ideally you should do TA on multiple timeframes for confirmation

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how low are we going?

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first TA thread on /biz/ and it's about using nothing but one indicator

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A sell the bottom indicator, great

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and probably its the best one in the past 2 years :D

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Yes and its extremely boring but that's how it goes

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If I held I'd get liquidated. It's the opposite of boring to hold on leverage. You should try it

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>You have to tweak and tinker until it exactly matches past behaviour
>But then future behaviour is absolutely guaranteed
You give TA a bad name. And it's a low start point

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different assets trade differentely and have different volatility levels so they need different TA, for example LTC and XMR are an endless crabfest so oscillators like the stochastic rsi work perfectly for them, Bitcoin often trend so moving averages and momentum indicators are more appropriate, that said a 50 day EMA is good enough for BTC swing trading