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I've yet to encounter a single valid argument about his thesis around BTC being the single greatest property of all time which society will be built around.

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Btc ks literally a worthless shitcoin that does NOTHING. Chainlink

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>another nerd thinks he's smart or some shit
I'm not even sure what you're trying to say lol

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Never take advice from people that has something in it. I think btc will be great, but dont listen too much to these guys.

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it would have been interesting if btc increased the blocksize so you can actually use it as p2p digital currency.

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Why don't we ask the monkey jpgs?

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/biz/ hates "jews" but blindly ignores this mans blatant conflict of interest. It's either utter delusion or dissonance.

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They did, it's called Bitcoin cash. Turns out no one wants bigger blocks.

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miners wanted this but nodes rejected
people didn't want bigger blocks and the fork that did increase the block size failed spectacularly

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That would need gigabyte sized blocks. Even a retard can understand why that's a very bad idea.

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Then what you wait 10 min still per transaction? Stop talking about tech if you're tech illiterate

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If blocks can't be made any larger, then why can't they at least increase the speed that new blocks are mined at?

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More block reorgs, synchronising the network is more difficult.

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To be fair you need to be 4 digit IQ to fully understand Satoshi's vision. You shouldn't feel bad about not understanding it. Even he probably doesn't.

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>I've yet to consider a single valid argument

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if you think of bitcoin as a lifestyle MLM grift then the things saylor says will make a lot more sense

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forgot pic

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and the pièce de résistance... the date

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Because there is none. BTC is the perfection of Money (store of value), the systemic economic value of a cryptographically fixed unit of account is mind boggling, easily in the hundreds of trillions of 2024 dollars. Longing BTC is the easiest trade anyone will ever make.

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anyone has that bingo sheet of michael saylor? it was pretty based.

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Hi Mike!

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>muh utility
Functional demand is DETRIMENTAL to a Money (store of value), price is a product of aggregate demand, a money having functional use means part of the price (proportional to it's functional demand) will be from functional demand, forcing buyers of Store of Value to pay a functional premium and subjecting them to the risk the functional demand will fall, causing real terms fall in money value independent of demand for Store of Value. This can be seen in platinum, while it's physical properties make it a strong money on paper, it's high functional demand renders it unusable as price becomes dominated by functional demand, not Store of Value demand.

Gold is the best natural money precisely because it has little functional demand, less than 10% of annual gold mining production goes towards functional use, BTC improves on this by having no functional use outside of Money.

>muh currency
BTC, like Au, is a Money (store of value), not currency (transactional media), remember that Au has rarely been used as currency (transactional media), poor monies like Ag were used instead.

Never forget Gresham's law: "bad money (currency) drives out good". Why spend gold or BTC when I can spend poor monies like silver/USD/LTC/XMR instead? Good Money will never be used for something as vulgar as currency, it's too valuable to use for such a base use. Even if BTC could process all global commerce cheaply and instantaneous, it would still not be used for this function, as it's the best Good Money the world has ever known.

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Im going all in on MSTR to 3x my money on the next bullrun and retire. It's on Saylor's will now.

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It’s literally the tech that will be used in the Mark of the Beast Cyberpunk Dystopia we’ve been slowly crawling towards for the last three years.

I mean we’ll own nothing, but we could probably use the BTC to buy cool NFT skins for Fortnite 2 VR Mega Pod City edition.

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This is it. I had always imagined it as a bingo sheet, but it looks like it's not. May wealth come to, frend.

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What about Chainlink? Or is that just how you signoff? Like instead of saying "out" you say "chainlink"? That's hard bruh.

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was about to post this
nobody wants to use crypto as a daily payment first because if you buy crypto you think will go up, you don't want to sell it
second merchants have to convert it back to cash anyway becuase crypto is to volatile to be used as a medium of exchange and it's gonna be volatile for the next few decades possibly until it satblizes like gold