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When you at self checkout, lie about how much fruit you have in the bag

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Also don't use a bag for veggies and lie about the tare weight

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Stop being poor.

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I rang up a play station 5 as a pound of bananas.

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>When you at

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>gets turned into a food desert


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Weigh your steaks as cabbage

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weigh your chocolate chips as carob chips, they look the same

lump the expensive produce or meat with the cheaper cuts and weigh them together

eat your groceries while waiting in the checkout line

or my favorite tip, just walk out the self checkout line and out the store without paying

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Yea but go thru the motions of actually checking out for plausible deniability

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ESLs are starting to make Dave Ramsay jokes lel

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I don't need to lie or steal to make money. Stop being poor.