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Meme (((government)))

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well, how are they going to ban it?

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China 2.0

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and here is the EU fud
nice bullrun bulltards

it is banned enough

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If the government made it a $10,000 fine to use crypto, or 30 days in jail/prison (or those 'oubliettes' in France)... would you still use crypto?
If they paid people 200,000 per year to track wallets, go through records... find you... they could. That's crypto. It's retarded.
Nobody knows what you have in your pocket right now unless it's on 'your' phone or in 'your' wallet.
You guys need to wake the fuck up you've been talking about gold and metal and guns and real estate and REAL things this whole time you've been fascinated by bitcoin or ethereum or whatever.

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the EU in canjuction with this new kikeri
has a new law that state all wealth that is unexplained is forfeited

just in case you do the monero gold stuff meme

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By repeatedly claiming it will be "banned" for the next ~8 years while not actually enforcing shit on paper until the general public is scared enough to actually fall for it, kind of like the situation with most taxes

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Bullish for fideum

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it makes no sense. i di'nt think they will ban non custodial wallets.

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dunning-kruger, the post
while grownup children like you are playing out fantasies of shooting it out with people outnumbering you and outsmarting you, blockchain chads are allocating capital rationally given the way the world is moving
keep kissing your gold bars, mental midget

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it is war time measures
they will tighten up the money
CBDC etc
because literally war with Russia

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No more fucking digital shit guys wake the fuck up.
You guys need to literally all coordinate and move to a fucking run down town in the middle of nowhere and all start homesteads and actually build A REAL THING IN THE REAL WORLD.
This fucking obsession with all this digital shit is destroying you, you're going to end up waking up to it all and it will be too late you'll have no actual real shit ffs. It's frustrating man. You guys need farms or tools and 3D printers and welders and manufacturing and all the things required to produce a high standard of living... this is insane that people are sleepwalking into literal slavery. People are trading ALL THEIR MONEY in exchange for NOTHING. They are literally LOADING UP on NOTHING.

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doesn't matter what you do, you can have paper gains, you can't cash out, the second you cash out, they will just take either the cash or the stuff

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>and all start homesteads
that takes a lot of money , like a million euros to buuy a homestead with enough land. so first i must go into bitcoin and shitcoin. cause there's no way i can accumulate a million euros any other way.

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I was born into wealth but that's why i have all this time and energy to think about this shit and other young adults like me can see it. People are full of envy and anger and THEY DO NOTHING to help themselves. it's insane that even you right now don't seem to grasp that we are just being given everything to operate by the state using the banks. They just literally give us millions or hundreds of millions of 'debt' which is always manipulated to a manageable interest rate so that we can just fucking keep people 'employed'. Holy fuck guys wake up man it's depressing seeing people realize there's a problem and then load up on something so they can have 'future purchasing power'.... FOR WHAT?! What the fuck are you going to buy that we are going to sell to you!? We'll own everyhting by then ffs.

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you're poor

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governments rarely try to enforce capital controls if they think their fiat currency is about to increase in purchasing power so thats the first issue
second wake me up when the whole of southern europe succeeds in enforcing their regular taxation let alone complex stuff like this, just dont live in bestest cuck country germoney

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Everest bros this is how we win

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No matter how hard they try, if you want to hide your crypto you can. Are they going to ban cold storage?
There is absolutely zero the gov can do, they can sniff and suck on my balls

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they make it so, that it doesn't matter what you do

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its kind of silly to even think about. you can't really ban self custody. the thing is bitcoin is tracable so they can trace it if you move off platform. so in that case. monero wins.

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They will make it that CEX can only withdraw to CEXs and you can’t send your coins from your personal wallet. So your coins will be stuck. CEXs are lobbying for this I bet

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sorry to be negative nancy, but, if you accept monero as payment you have unexplained wealth, and they will take that

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>leave EU
>get all the cool laws like iPhones need to have USB C
>dont get all the gay laws like this
Brexit bros win every single time

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All they have to do is ban exchanges from accepting deposits from personal wallets aka can't cash out meme. Exchanges already have been freezing people's coins demanding impossible explanations etc it's only gonna get worse. If you ran your crypto through a mixer or something like that you can probably consider it dirty money/worthless

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future of finance
and this is why you can't have a bull run
and this is why boomer pension funds are their last option

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It's unironically over

Who needs crapto as controlled as their banks lmao

And yes, there will be no "send to" options.

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but anon you have to have 1 BTC in your retirement or you are a loser
you have to

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That was probably true in 1912

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>the true ones are rednecks, white trash and hood rats

Those are not proletariat, since they dont hhave class consciousness, they are ignorant of this and focus on racism and other distractors like religion to form identity. They are what Marx described as Lumpenproletariat, and they cannot be used for revolution according to Marx:

"In Marxist theory, the Lumpenproletariat is the underclass devoid of class consciousness.[1] Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels coined the word in the 1840s and used it to refer to the unthinking lower strata of society exploited by reactionary and counter-revolutionary forces, particularly in the context of the revolutions of 1848. They dismissed the revolutionary potential of the Lumpenproletariat and contrasted it with the proletariat. Among other groups, criminals, vagabonds, and prostitutes are usually included in this category."

>having a house by yourself is not what a communist does

Also false. In marxism, a house is a form of personal property, not private property, and hence not subject to state redistribution.

"Personal property, or possessions, includes "items intended for personal use" (e.g., one's toothbrush, clothes, and vehicles, and rarely money).[8] It must be gained in a "fair" manner according to socialist doctrine. The owner has a distributive right to exclude others (i.e. the right to command a "fair share" of personal property)."

Usually the houses stole in communist regimes had big agricultural lands or enganged in profit making somehow.

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And remains true now.

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This will never be enforced, like how the US just backtracked on their recent law to "report every crypto transaction over 10k".
They will try to "ban" a bit of DeFi in coming years but they can only ban the interfaces, not the smart contracts.
They'll eventually waste years trying to formulate a way to ban DeFi but someone will eventually knock some sense into their heads and they'll not even try, or at worst try and fail.
We'll be fine

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I own both, gold and btc. I'd never put everything all on 1 card. But that's just me. As of now, gold doesn't even make up for inflation.

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Besides the class consciousness meme (a bit like the race one from the far right), imagine describing a dystopia where everything you can use is super controlled but to make it sound palatable you play day and night with semantics because "marxism said that property A is different from property B".

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>As of now, gold doesn't even make up for inflation.

And thats the whole point, they control the price of everything, they let the price of bitcoin run up to get the herd excited and buying it so they have them where they want them, while they kept the price of metals at a low boring range to keep the herd away from it plus so they could buy it all up from under everyone.

Heres the facts
>The brics/eastern countries are all buying gold
>The central banks around the world are buying gold
>The high net worth people in the know are buying gold
>The average anon on 4chan and normie on the street is buying unbacked non existent digital tulips

Do what they are doing, not what they want you to do.

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>but, if you accept monero as payment you have unexplained wealth,
monero is untraceable after the first hop. so it doesn't matter. they can only trace bitcoin and other public addresses to take your "unexplained wealth"

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>>The brics/eastern countries are all buying gold
that means the jew banking system still rule them.

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I believe it could be different too. They bought more gold frantically recently, because they know it will spike in times of crisis over crisis (be it fabricated or organic). They will sell off when that day comes, then move it over to BTC which will end up being a reserve currency for governments, the few mega corporations that will prevail, and a hand full of people who got in in time.

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they just want to psyop the majority into not even trying. in reality the idea itself is absurd. i can buy and lose gold watches and there, i have dark untraceable money. its as absurd as trying to ban the idea of a gun

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>well, how are they going to ban it?
Easy - stop exchanges from accepting transfers from self-custody wallets, and preventing banks from dealing with exchanges that ignore this. Banks will probably say fuck it and just stop dealing with exchanges completely.

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>They will sell off when that day comes, then move it over to BTC which will end up being a reserve currency for governments

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I know /pol/ loves him. I don't trust him or what he says any more than our own government.

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>EU fud
In EUit's not a fud, anon it's SSSR 2.0

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I don't care what the EU says or does, they can go fuck themselves for all I care
All leftists deserve to get shot on sight

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Have you tried working a job you lazy fuck?

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This isn't america retard, you can't just earn millions waging lmao

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Just work remote for a US company or even move to the US. You have only yourself to blame if gambling on a zero sum game is your only way to make real money.

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Yes chainlink verified real world assets.

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>track wallets, go through records... find you... they could.

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He's not wrong, you need some CEX to cash out if you don't want to pay fees at ATMs.
And I'd like to see you cashing out over 100.000 EUR in just few transactions, lol.
What more, only some countries are left that are not cryptotaxcucked.

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holy shit imagine being a yuropoor
>use crypto
get fined kek

>state your personal opinion on a subject
go to jail for hate speech lmao

>go for a walk
stabbed by a migrant lol

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What exchanges? Most aren't even based in the EU but in the fucking Seychelles or another memecountry. And the few that are based in the EU generate tax income. You're grossly overestimating the influence the EU has. A couple ones are already banned like Gate and you can simply bypass that by using a VPN during registration kek

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Are you retarded? Binance isnt located in EU either but follows all regulations they required, because they want to operate there, they will follow this one too

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You sound pathetic.

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euros will use euro banks which can cockblock any transaction with non authorized entities.
You could probably open an account elsewhere ideally in a country not conforming to financial disclosure laws so eussr cant hunt you down but that leaves the issue of funneling money into eu while you sit in eu.

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What's the best foreign crypto friendly bank that allows europeans to cash in and out of crypto?

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>Just work remote for a US company bro

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Centralized Exchanges are the reason crypto will never be able to spread its wings. Imagine if Gold was only purchasable through three vendors and they all KYC’d. Boomers would be the type to do grassroots trading but the skill issue of crypto is real and it’s not user friendly except for a few coins. Seed phrases, crypto address, sending to incorrect wallets. These things make it tough to adopt with the masses. The average person is retarded
Gold predates Jews

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Most of the time you can't even tell an account belongs to an exchange, they already use obscure accounts in Liechtenstein or Lithuania. Not being able to receive money from an unknown account would essentially cripple the whole banking system and actually result in more people looking into crypto as alternative
The guy was making schizo claims about self custody wallets not being able to get used, which is total bullshit. The EU proposal is about due diligence for crypto assets providers (read exchanges), which kind of already is in place. You have to confirm that the wallet belongs to you and if you want to cash out, prove it's your money. Sucks but it's nothing new. Crypto mixers have been banned before in the US

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The US is the worlds biggest food exporter though

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You aren't wrong, but why do you believe that this manipulation will actually stop?
The central banks buying gold just means that their powers of manipulation are growing.

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incidentally where i tattoed my seedphrase with invisible uv ink, (((they))) will never find it

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Or just memorise it daily until you know only a stroke, accident, or death can make you forget.

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The Great Reset is inevitable.

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Euro cities (in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Ireland) to deploy a EU-funded trial of AI-surveilled cities. In Italy, Trento is one of them. Three systems are employed (the names themselves tell it all):
>"Marvel", used to detect criminal acts
>"Protector", used to protect places of worship from hate crimes
>"Precrisis", used to identify any vulnerabilities in the monitored places
The systems will detect suspect behaviors based on audio and video inputs, reporting them to law enforcement agencies. Fuck this shit! I'm waiting for this Chinese Union to collapse. The worst thing is that boomers cheer for these initiatives (the same retards who cheered for the scamdemic shenanigans).





>Netanyahu was asked by Fox News host Mark Levin whether the large growth seen in recent years in Israel’s technology sector, specifically tech start-ups, was part of Netanyahu’s plan. Netanyahu responded, “That’s very much my plan … It’s a very deliberate policy.” He later added that “Israel had technology because the military, especially military intelligence, produced a lot of capabilities. These incredibly gifted young men and women who come out of the military or the Mossad, they want to start their start-ups.”

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hello memeflag

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Fuck the EU

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>DAO's doing due dilligence
>mfw they beg a computer program to call me asking for ID

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>second wake me up when the whole of southern europe succeeds in enforcing their regular taxation let alone complex stuff like this

Why do you think they're pushing for 'everything digital' you retard.

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All these things are not happening in Croatia. Even using crypto part unless you are a foreign hooker

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as long as regular crypto exists you can get around all of that
again wake me up when the southern european governments grow actually competent in the business of the past let alone the future

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>but why do you believe that this manipulation will actually stop?

What do you think all the global war shit going on right now is about? The big powers are all making their moves while they still can as they know their fake ponzi is about to crash, the brics well know it too which is why that have been buying gold like mad and are just waiting for the global banking system to crash, its why even after all the shit they've taken from the west the last decade or 2 that they refuse to take a "direct" shot back at them, they know they wont have to, its just a waiting game now.

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With monero, you don't need to cash out. Just use it as currency.

>> No.57336271

But the only people that accept Monero are shady VPS providers in Romania and Krokodyl dealing mobsters in Russia. Since I don't need either of these services why would I buy Monero?

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I'd prefer
>With *, you don't need to cash out. Just use it as currency.
where * is some stable coin, eth or whatever semi-stable...

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ok nigger it sounds cool but as of today there is ABSOLUTELY nothing released and this project is just words and ideas.

What do you say to that ? hmm ? NIGGER NIGGER at least have a working product before shilling it.
But this project SOUNDS cool and obviously if they deliver just 1% of what they say.... the marketcap is >1T

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What if you get bitten off a piece of your skin by something angry with teeth, or get burned by fire and lose the ink?

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You’re coping too. You’re recommending prepping with the money you have. You can only prep so much and then maybe you have money leftover and need to put it somewhere. There aren’t many options when they control all the off ramps. Anyone smart is loading up on things that may still transact their value they close all the off ramps. It’s just hedging bets. But this is looking like capital controls so they’re scared for their fiat which means it’s a prime time to place your bets while you can easily

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Oh, you'll be allowed to have self custody wallets. But only after the provider integrates an identity layer for ongoing biometric authentication. Just like every other project that wants to have access to the EU will have to do.

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EU is basically:
>harsher and harsher laws
>zero enforcement of existing ones
Cops will walk past illegally parked cars or drug deals in full view and do nothing. But they will come after you for bad words on the internet.

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isnt this retarded though
what if a country doesnt have anything your country desires to trade for?
the whole point of money is being able to trade it for goods (or other money) with any market participant . just because someone from gambia buys 10 locomotive engines from a country doesnt mean theyll accept 10000 crates of mangos in return

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>t.literally Shvonder

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reminder that this how jp morgan's nose really looked like. he suffered from rhinophyma and it made him extremely self-conscious and he hated himself. that's why he became a ruthless business man. he asked painters and photographers to photoshop that nose.

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when I order BTC to any address, I need to tell them the name of the wallet I'm using... very rude

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Gold, silver AND crypto
Stop antagonizing both
Also these public offices are full of incompetent people, you can take measures to ensure they never find you.

Sure they can always do, like using their CPU spyware and analyzing your personal data, but that will not be very profitable.

The beast will end up starving. The sooner the better.

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Just face it, crypto will be outlawed to make way for CBDC

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If a country has nothing you want then their money is essentially worthless to you. Now if there's some other country that both has things you want and also wants things that the first country has then you can trade that money for their goods and services. But if a country is simply uncompetitive in the global market then their money won't be worth much as nobody will want it.