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What are your friends and family saying about crypto?

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Nuffin. I talk about this stuff with one made in one workplace I do gigs at.

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what friends?

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mate* even

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Dropping alpha. DYOR. https://birdeye.so/token/3qi7XMxKN2BqJDu7bAGV9gKjKi3wa95vMzQEr15uqYmh?chain=solana

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Normies know nothing beyond that crypto is a thing. Only people I know that know anything are people I talk to about crypto. They hold bitcoin, and I still have to tell them about shit like the etf. Don't keep up much at all.

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I can't imagine what they'll all think when the real bullrun happens.

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Everyone I know bought at the peak in 2021, sold a few months later and lost loads of money. Such is the case for many normies and now they are not interested

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I have a normie friend who told me "some big event that will decide the future of crypto" is happening in April. I don't know where he got this from but I'm guessing it's Twitter

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grandma called that cryptos are scam because tv man said so (one coin), she was worried that i might have invested to such things like onecoin and bitcoin.

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Everyone I know is fomoing into cumrocket for round 2

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last time I heard someone mention it was my mother about a year ago

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was at my wifes holiday party (it was like 1/11/24 cause the company was cheap i guess idk)
tonnes of normies, well paid "technical" types
none of them cared for crypto when i tried to lightly bring it up
total distain.