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How is it anything besides just another way to safeguard yourself against money printing which devalues the time you spent working in the past?

Like how is Bitcoin any different to Property investing?

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Really?! WTF?! I love Bitcoin now!

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America is unamerican

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Thanks, just went all in on BTC

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Damn I need more than 1 Bitcoin huh?

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The legitimacy of fiat currency and federal reserve LOL this guy is a clown

Since when a monopoly imposed by force is legitimate?

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>literal who
got nothing better to do?

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it blows my mind that there are unapologetic shills for this financial system as it exists

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Good. America is a bullshit country controlled by jews.

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starting to feel the same way

>captcha: MXG0Y

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the fed and fiat currency is anti-american
bitcoin is just anti-jew and anti-zog

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Good. America is a kiked nigger mutt Zionist feminist shithole. I hope it burns down faster

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It seriously confounds me to no end. I'm 35 and got into a debate which turned into an argument with someone from my old high school about why I'm in crypto. He's checking all of his good goy tasklists that his boomer parents did - 401k, roth ira, mutual funds - and expecting to be able to retire in 30 years while making 100k. I told him he's dancing off beat to a rhythm that stopped about a decade ago, that it is insane to not at the bare minimum be slightly exposed to crypto/bitcoin. Dude looked at me like I was crazy yet my networth is close to 700k without even including my house.

I don't understand why so many people just don't care that the legacy financial system is slowly rugging the younger generations. Why do they just assume that they'll be fine?

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And then everybody clapped

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the only one clapping was his nigress girlfriend shouting at me calling me white boy

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But fr what % of your holdings are crypto

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Sending energy. make this shit go to the MoOooOoN!

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Bitcoin is of Economy, America is an economic zone, if you're anti-BTC you're anti-American and likely a communist and homosexual

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someone shut that faggot up with his IT IS LE TREASON TO WANT TO USE OTHER FORMS OF CURRANCY! seriously shut him up permantly.

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America is owned by the jews, the very same jews that will control btc once ETFs get pushed thru.
Anyway fuck every possible jew that come across, Even the fucking retards on X and Beoble are now thinking the same.
Anyway fuck them jews.

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Kek the WMBF seems to be more and more common in the goymerican south. Almost as revolting as inverse imo