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What's your worst wagie story, anon?

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fuck is that thing on the left

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I summon woods schizo.

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A chicago bears fan, looks like

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That’s sloth. Good to see he’s still working after separating from the goonies

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whats wrong with this? Other than the shitty choice of snacks ofc. Looks like they're just being nice and giving employees some food because its cold.

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worse than slave food

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The cheapest food they could possibly give them

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Average American

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>hey you goysssssss

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It's $10 worth of food. They could at least have given them some hot food from the deli instead of fucking ramen.

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Working at Walmart and Target seems comfy if you're not a total poorfag like you already inhereted a house and don't have to pay rent, you just work at a low effort job like that.

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Average amerimutt femoid
She totally eats carpet

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still better than nothing.

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When did this corporate doublespeak of calling minimum wage store clerks "associates" start? It's so disgustingly patronizing it makes me mad just hearing it and I don't even work in retail.

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Idk but I was a customer service associate retail slave back in 2004 so it’s been at least 20 years.

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Retail is generally the opposite of comfy when you're first starting out.
>Hey we need you to work completely flip flopped shifts all through the week, also one week we'll have you work 8 days in a row because of the stupid way our schedules work, oh also if you want days off you need to request them in advance but not so far in advance that we're unsure if we'll have the staffing to cover it.

If you can make it through the first two years, you pretty much have seniority and can do whatever the hell you want and demand whatever schedule you want. At my last retail job I worked full time, I worked from 5:30am to 1:30pm Tuesday through Saturday. I only left because I got tired of shitty workplace politics and covid nonsense.

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It's insulting. It's like giving the homeless almost expired canned veggies that you don't want to eat yourself.

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Worst one?

>met my ex at my work, wagie IT corp
>fuck like rabbits
>she falls in love, I treat her like a slam pig
>switch jobs, she stays there
>develop a pregnancy fetish, she is 5’4”, big tits, slim
>this goes on for over a year, I drop her permanently, only fuck once a while
>she has a boyfriend, then a fiancée, then a husband
>keep occasionally fucking when he’s out of town
>she never lets go of the breeding fetish, mentions they’re trying for a baby, but she wants it to be mine
>bust my nut 10 times deep inside of her that weekend
>she actually gets pregnant, no idea if it’s mine, but 95% chances it is
>I cut her off completely after finding out and switch jobs again, but move states this time

The husband never found out, they have a second one on the way now. The world is fucking crazy. I’m still alone and will never trust a woman, but she was fun as all fuck I gotta admit

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I literally got two Filipina coworkers pregnant at the same time and literally had to pay them $2k each to keep quiet, get an abortion and not tell my wife. That was 20 years ago, it really bothers me now that they would’ve had my kids and they’d be in college by now.

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Jeeze anon you need to confess these sins to a preist or you might go to hell

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I've only worked from home

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Spoken like someone who has never had a public facing job. Some people can be nice but the dickheads can completely ruin your day. Definitely glad I don't have to deal with the public in my job anymore

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It tastes better than 90% of the crap in the grocery store or on doordash you sloppy zoomer

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long covid fucked you up bro

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i was a salaried employee making 55000 a year. I was typically billing 35 to 40 hours a week to clients which meant I was working 60. I found out after I left that my bill rate was 250 an hour. My company was bringing in around 450,000 dollars a year from my work and paying me 55. it wasn't complicated work either, installing and configuring applications based on a spec sheet. capitalism in a nutshell.

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Fucking degenerate

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>Couldn't of done it
Why are Americans like this?

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Spraying pesticides in tomato greenhouses. I lost so much weight from sweating in the hot as balls tyvek suits. It was shit.

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An American

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that post is peak wagie cringe but top ramen is better than anything that's not whole foods tastewise
I don't even eat much zogslop, it's just a fact

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a Unitedstatean

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It's maruchan in the pic though. Maruchan is dogslop

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TFW no Walmart QT GF

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full of tertiary-butyl hydroquinone and bpa. instant ramen is garbage slop

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anon, wake up, you shit yourself again

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oh you didn't hear?
brother is gone

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Heres a true story from when I was a wagie cashier like 10 years ago…

>be me
>working as cashier at local small grocery store
>regular customer who comes every week comes to my register
>start scanning his items and making small talk
>start to smell shit
>the guy swipes his card, looks down and goes “ah gees dood, sorry my bad”
>look down and there is just a pile of liquid shit on the ground
>Look at cutomer and say “oh man… uh no worries…. Have a good day man…”
>as he walks out a trail of liquid shit with the consistency of hamburger helper is falling out of his pants
>call the poor wagie bagger and smile as he cleans it up.
>The guy who shit didnt show his face at that store for an entire week.

Pic related, thats what his shit looked like…

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>Brrr it is cold outside

lol not in SoCal

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Post more information please.

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I got jerked off at work at mcdonalds one time. Understall action M4M

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Not a wagie but I've looked for a longer than I had it, being dependant on my mother with whom I have a terrible relationship. This is worse than being a wagie.

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>long covid
Lol. More like long vaccine

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>ramen noodle soup with crackers
Wow, sodium on top of sodium
Heart disease and hypertension, yummy!
Wonder if anyone's tongue broke out into blisters

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It is comfy but shitty customers suck and even though you can mouth off to them and get fired it sucks going through the whole tedious process of getting hired somewhere else. Nothing is more satisfying than finding out the person who complained about you left their full name then finding their address and going at 3am with side cutters and destroying the nipples on their tires (this is worse than slicing the tires) but in the end they don't even know it was you and it's all tiresome

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amrifat mutt

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This is honestly one of the most depressing images I've ever seen. It actually makes me want to kill myself.

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that's an 8/10 in amerifat

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I used to work at GameStop after I left school (I'm 33 now) I met my wife there when I was like 21 and we fucked in the stock room on top of a pile of Xbox 360s kek we both have corporate jobs now and have a combined income of over 300k

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He's saying if you literally owned slaves and had a vested interest in keeping them alive and healthy so they could be productive for you, then even you a literal slaveowner would provide your slaves better food than this.

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Do you have any standards at all?

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You've never seen an industrial coffee maker?

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When I worked for taco bell some kids loved destroying that bathrooms. One day one took a shit in the urinal. Not a small one either. It was like a footlong with a huge girth. The manager gave me gloves and told me to clean it out. I cried the entire time

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when i was 17 my first job was at a grocery store near my parents house. some old boomer retiree customer really really liked me. like basically was a gay pedo towards me. he would always come in and tell me these long 10+ minute stories about his family or about how his wife had passed away and how he was alone. he constantly offered to come back to the store when it was closing time to walk me home even though i only lived like 5-10 minutes away. one time he found out where i lived, even though i never ever told him, and he came to my house with a christmas card and it has $200 inside it. he told me that he was thinking of me non stop. not even a girl had ever told me that, let alone some old man. my dad saw what happened and he got mad about it. i told him i didnt know how he found out where i lived and that i really didnt like him and he was basically stalking me, but he didnt believe me and made me quit working there. thanks for reading my blog.

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Elaborate. Did the -50 degree wind chill kill him?

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I never had a job because I am stupid

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Those wagies have some of the worst haircuts I've seen in women. Wow.

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hey anon learn to greentext cause im not reading all that. happy for you or sorry it happened

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Servin up a hot meal...just like momma used to do. Come on in, "y'all." Brought to you by Walmart.

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I once had a job where I was bent over hand-tying reinforcing steel mesh for a massive industrial floorslab 40 hours per week non stop for months. One night about halfway through the job I came home and slashed my wrists up in the bath but was sadly unsuccessful.

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Damn, I hope you're in a better place now anon.

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I wish it was cold. Do you have any idea what it's like to have to do shit in a tropical country summer? Your energy gets sapped from you and everything feels sluggish. With cold, you have nature slapping you in the face to keep you woken up.

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This you?

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Maruchan is better than top ramen. I unironically like the soi sauce maruchan best out of all ramens. Post the soi face at me if you must

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It’s a coffee maker anon. Some people like to drink bean water.

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I worked my ass off my entire life and attended a t15 university only to graduate in 2010 and get a fucked 30k/yr job. My boss pressured me to carpool with him and I fucking hated him. Today he's the only person in Mt entire life that I hate. I also spite and curse my parents for not giving me a backbone to walk away from such a fucked existence. I was so pathetic and I would beat my own ass if I could go back in time for being such a loser. If you're miserable and want to kill yourself, stand up for yourself and just leave. Don't be a desperate faggot cuck loser like I was. This is my tedx talk.

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Haha, yeah, just a bit tired that's all

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I remember being 16 in the 90s and had just quit working at a record store called Sam Goodies because the manager would promise to let me go home early if I skipped lunch but then never followed through. So one day I quit and go apply for a job at a local Taco Bell, which paid $4.35/hr. I get the job and am asked to come in on orientation day so they can show us around and give us a shirt and hat. I show up and they do the standard orientation explaining the job and how things work. Then we get near the end of the orientation to very most rear of the kitchen and there was this giant sign on the back door that said ‘Do not open after dark!’. I asked the manager why we can’t open that door after dark and he said because ( niggers and spics) hang out behind that door for someone to open it to take trash out at night and rob the place. It had already happened several times. I thanked him for the explanation and walked out of the store with my hat and shirt and never returned. Thankfully I was into computers and later at 19 got an internship which turned into a full time career.

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The left is what you look like after an adulthood of eating ramen chink noodles

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Ramen is very poor quality dude

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I work garden center at Walmart and it is very comfy. My manager also leaves me be and my tasks are so easy

>> No.57327678

I wanted to be a janitor as my "made it" job but malicious people like this made me reconsider.

>> No.57327690

Had a good laugh lol, sorry that happened to you. I would've quit.

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Did your dad think you led that guy on or something?

>> No.57327711

What about the carpool pissed you off? Did you crash or something?

>> No.57327730

Lol no

>> No.57327734

no doubt, just look at the way he was dressed

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Made my blood boil more than than wagie trauma desu

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Congratulations faggot

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Walmart is hilarious. They are like Humiliation Ritual Inc. They humiliate their employees, they humiliate their customers, they humiliate the communities they operate in, and they humiliate themselves in the process, it's incredible. The whole time I had a position in WMT, I low-key felt like I was in league with Satan or at least some lower level demon.

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its strange when i look at people now a days i mostly only see inflammation and redundant body tissue from eating added sugars and vegetable oil all day every day, including those ramen cups. its almost like people are half human and half glycogen-linoleic acid hyperobjects

i hate jews

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>develop a pregnancy fetish, she is 5’4”, big tits, slim
The shit you read here is another level, holy kek

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an amerimutt

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LA Negroita atrocidad de las americas

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This makes me so sad that it actually makes me want to cry.

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My first job was one of those sign waving gigs I did part time in highschool. Looking back it was pretty fun. The things randos would talk to you about back then were pretty funny. No way I'd recommend that job to anyone today. Too many psychos are roaming the streets now.

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love it. have kids!

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Shit and puke cleaners finish last. When I worked in restaurant I had to clean up puke from bathroom floors time to time. Restaurant would take 50 dollar fee from the customer who made the mess if caught but I never saw any of that money.

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I spoke to Sheila, she's doing alright. The aunt ended up adopting the baby as her own

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Dude wtf. Are you like a manlet twink with smooth skin or something

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This is sick shit, anon. You need Jesus.

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I loved working retail when I was in high school. Worked at a Kmart for 2 years and yeah by the end of year 2 I had full leeway to do fuck all.
Another good gig that I liked was hotel front desk associate. Hospitality pays shit but you meet a lot of cool people. I almost wanted to become a concierge but I got an IT job that paid real money. I honestly miss working with the working poor. They're the best and can real advice.

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Okay, I will choose to throw the vegetables away and not feed the homeless. Better they starve than be insulted

>> No.57329088

Currently work at a unicorn "startup" as an L6. The code is ancient php 4.0 garbage written in the late 90s and the system is overly complex to the point that these guys are bleeding money like crazy. For every single bugfix or feature you spend countless days digging through pajeet tier code and there's zero documentation. On top of that there's incidents every other day and no room for career growth. Kill me

>> No.57329117

>low key
You ruined it with the zoom zoom speak. They didn't humiliate you hard enough, it seems.

>> No.57329123

the right in 20 years

>> No.57329288

the internet is so shitty now. just mean spirited trashing of everyday people.
>exhausted the frontiers of narcissistic expression? time for clockwork orange

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Fuck off back to **ddit you sensitive cunt

>> No.57329467

A white American woman who’s out of the league for chuds on this board

>> No.57329480

Coffee is actually taken from the seed of a plant not a bean.

>> No.57329489

>Look at cutomer and say “oh man… uh no worries…. Have a good day man…”
lmfao what a wagie story, the sad thing is you had to say that.

>> No.57329505

When I worked in a bakery in a grocery store chain customers that would be pestering me for the freshest bread out of the freezer I would go grab them a baguette and fart on it bare ass. Never got caught either. It was a place only rich liberals shopped at so I don’t feel bad.

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>What's your worst wagie story, anon?
Boss locked me inside a superstore overnight, but no picrel inside

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The West has all sorts of pasta. Why would you ever eat ramenslop?

>> No.57331966

>couldn't of

>> No.57332312

No coffee comes from the bean, not the seed. That's retarded

>> No.57332674

>Waging sounds great if you're already set for life

>> No.57333723

>“ah gees dood, sorry my bad”
was the customer sam hyde?

>> No.57333821

bro are you for real, people work for decades to buy a house, if you've inherited a house you can literally live life the way it's meant to be

>> No.57333884

What makes you think filipinas go to college?

>> No.57333906

In high school I worked at McDonald's. I've seen multiple grown men cry because they had to wait 3-4 minutes to order.

>> No.57333943

loved those memes, those were the days

>> No.57334117

Having fuck all to do as a teen at a retail job is terrible. A 4 hour shift feels like 8 hours when theres nothing to do.

>> No.57334169

>i will never trust a woman
Oh and you had no part in the infidelity?

>> No.57334355

>be me
>work 40 hours at place for two years
>considered part time, no benefits
>ask to be made full time
>"There's no full time positions available at this time, but you can go over here and do this full time"
>enjoy current job so decline
>fast forward two months
>full time position in my job available
>assume it's mine
>they give it to a new guy that took the job I was offered two months back
>have to train the new guy in my job
>he gets paid more than me + benefits
>they offer me new guy's old job again

He left three months later

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What is it about American diets that causes this?

This sort of story literally never happens in other countries unless it's a literal downie who can't even form sentences.

>> No.57335942

I don't like going into Walmart, you're right that there's something uniquely off about the place.

>> No.57336103

He did nothing wrong. She was the one who broke her marriage vows, not him.

>> No.57336595

Fuck me I'm in my thirties and I have fuck all to do in my mandatory office days. I count the time by how long I can go without watching at the clock.

Middle of the 00 years I had a gig as a parking lot guard for a festival.
Basically 2 hours of waving and then 6 hours waiting. The lot was just part of a bigger ranch.
So me and the other fella decide to talk a nap in the shadow of a maple tree and ride home later.
The next day I wake up and every part of my body is itching and red. Still go to work. My mate looked the same. Some tiny grass lice were the culprit.

>> No.57336652

Used to be in his position years ago and although I'm a godless heathen I can recognize the wisdom in "Thou shall not covet your neighbors wife"
Even if she has a very fine rear end. Although that specific one is really prude.
What use is a sports car, with a puny 60 HP engine under the hood?

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Based American mystery meat goblins slaving away to raise my investments.

>> No.57336710

I've been yelled at non-stop by some nigress, threatened to get beat up by some fat boomer, and worst of all been pain less than minimum wage. Unsurprisingly these were all jobs I had as a kid and looking back it doesn't seem as a surprise to me that those places only hired teens

>> No.57336769

Homo americanus midwesternus

>> No.57336989

Maruchan is leagues better than Nissin Top Ramen. But Nongshim blows the fuck out of both of them.

>> No.57337014

You have to understand that the vast majority of the American diet consists of overprocessed goyslop meant to poison you. Also, convenience is the enemy of progress.

>> No.57337502

>worked in a pharma company where about 90% of everyone employed has no idea what they were doing.
>Meet a QT
>Fuck in my car after work
>Fuck in sample fridge
>Fuck everywhere
>Asks me to leave my gf and she dumps her bf of 8 years
>I get cold feet and we have big fight
>She gets a new job
>I feel sadness but releaved
>We fuck off and on
>Couple of years later I break up with my gf
>Ask the girl to marry me
>Too late, they bought a house together.
>Get a new gf, she's great but I still long for my old work friend 6 years on.

Probably the best/worst/happiest/sadness time of my life.

>> No.57337541

That's a 10/10 in muttland

>> No.57337555

> be me in 2005
> graduated college, waiting to ship for the military
> get shitty temp jobs though an agency, but it's low stress because I have a plan.
> tell the temp agency I don't work weekends, I made this a hard point, as I was about to ship and have to work weekends for the foreseeable future.
> Get assigned to one job on a Friday, work hard, do a good job. Show up on Monday and they took my badge all upset I didn't show up on Saturday or Sunday
> tell them the agency should have informed them I only work weekdays.
> nope outta there.
> another temp job in a warehouse restocking the pick line
> really bored most of the time with nothing to do as we hustled for 2 hours and had 6 hours left on the shift to be bored.
> started drawing all over the recycling boxes with a sharpie to pass the time
> boss gets super pissed I'm drawing on the recycling "his boxes" and fires me

Whatever, fuck those places.

>> No.57337592

Holy fuck this site is so dead

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File: 254 KB, 596x654, w3 rwre3f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 19 140iq tested 6'1 5% bodyfat chad god
>work at Costco as 40iq cart returner
>I'm pretty humble and it's easy so don't care
>see 28-34 year old dudes pushing carts and bullying each other to feel better about their lives, super dark
>They turn on me because I clearly look down on them (literally)
>start shitting on me for my choice of clothes, called me try hard (literally wearing flannels, levi jeans and solovair shoes, super basic)
>they wear walmart shirts, cargo shorts
>spread rumor I have small cock
>I don't, literally 6.8 inch cock, can prove it
>some 8/10 chola spreads rumor too, is secretly dating 29 year old cart pusher who is the "mastermind" of the entire plot to shit on me
>blown away by how petty this entire thing is
>accidentally send my dick outline in boxers to chola
>we hook up within 2 weeks, cheats on her man who started shit with me
>he freaks the fuck out, threatens to kill me, slashes my tires, I record it on phone secretly
>wait until he's collecting carts with megagiga cart machine (collects 50+ at a time)
>right as he's done collecting all of them, I play the recording, tell him to fuck off, tell him his girl's pussy is tight
>He spegs out, accidentally hits on the forward button
>crashes 50+ carts full speed into a Chinese guys white van
>Chinese guy goes ballistic and screams at top of lungs he's going to sue costco
>I'm keking so fucking hard
>29 year old gets fired
>I bang out his girl for 3 more weeks
>dump her
>quit costco because get IT job
Retail is full of nut cases, they pushed me into a corner, I simply stood up for myself against weird losers

>> No.57337854

How dare you… insulting Sloth like that

>> No.57337861

redditor cope

>> No.57337895

No way… You serious?? Pls no meme answers

>> No.57337937

An American

>> No.57337960

I've only ever worked from home doing 1 hour of work per day as a software dev and i've never earned less than $200k per year

>> No.57337980

>What is it about American diets that causes this?

most likely it's goyslop combined with an auto-immune disorder (which itself could be caused by goyslop, chemicals in water, etc). The guy probably had Chron's disease or colitis or some kind of bowel related disease. Once again, one of the major culprits is basedbean oil

>> No.57337998

good it was embarrassing sharing a finance board with a homeless person

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>> No.57338017

Based, I was on holiday in Germany last month and fucked a married woman who I met in a bar and I came inside her 3 times. She said she would "go to the pharmacy" but I'm kind of turned on at the thought she would get pregnant and keep it, and have her husband raise it.

>> No.57338022

Where do you work where there are so many Filipinas?

>> No.57338034

you seem lowkey proud of getting a fat girl pregnant. think about that a little bit.

>> No.57338068

When i was like 17 i worked at a fur company and would scrape muskrats, deer hides, etc The place smelled like death (literally). They had a 55 gallon drum of guts. Job like that will put hair on your nuts.

>> No.57338089

Unless the husband is retarded, he'll find out. All it will take is a 23 and me. Legally you'd be on the hook for child support.

>> No.57338109

Similar to a mechanic. Shop rates is like $250.hr and pay maybe 40 to 50 for seasoned grease monkey.

>> No.57338118

I worked customer service on the phone for maybe a year. The shit people would say to me was unbelievable. There were times i was scared to take another call.

>> No.57338121

*sips* Yep, those were the days.

>> No.57338125

Nah literally…

>> No.57338132

desu he's right, you're all a bunch of negative cunts

>> No.57338151

That is a 10/10 in america

>> No.57338154

stop larping you faggot. plot twist
>IT wagie anon meets 3/10 at job
>both are completely unfuckable
>match made in heaven
>3/10 gets tired of anon
>3/10 starts dating steve
>steve breaks up with 3/10 for a few weeks
>3/10 calls anon back
>anon lasts 3 minutes
>steve calls 3/10 back
>3/10 goes running back never talking to anon again
>anon now copes by larping that he got 3/10 pregnant as a way to "hold on to her"

anon plz go kill yourself. 3/10 and steve are happy with their 2 children now.

>> No.57338158

you best be memeing

>> No.57338216

It's like that cause that's what us as men like to do.

>> No.57338230

>be mildly attractive
>work in a high scale restaurant from 18-23
>befriend all the hot women they hire
>eventually fuck them

all you do is be friendly, lightly flirt, and go out for drinks with em after work. You'll eventually fuck some girls waaaaay out of your league. I miss those days. Restaurants are to ez.

>> No.57338237

thats what you do as a bartender or bouncer, too. You just fuck around and get free drinks

>> No.57338243

In high school I worked at a grocery store. Was late and almost closing time and I could leave. An old fart came in the last minute, took 40 mins to shop and wanted assistance taking groceries into the car. When they turned on their old shitty car, the exhaust blew black smoke all over my tan pants. Was furious at the time, but decided I was never going to work customer service again

>> No.57338268

I have never worked at a retail store that didn't require black pants. Your first mistake was wearing something you cared about to a job you don't.

>> No.57338277

I like how everyone had the same exact joke

>> No.57338370

Probably at a hospital

>> No.57338371

I didnt care about the pants. I was mad about shitty boomers. Your first mistake is your faggot life

>> No.57338390

gtfo of here you turbo chad normie

>> No.57338668

based korea
Shin black clears everything

>> No.57338896

I don't get it. why are people posting actually great things as their worst wagie stories?

mine is this:
I used to operate a pirate ship at an amusement park (as a 15 years old...) and I had a kid break his leg because the little retard kept putting the leg out of the machine... also, there was NO ONE to help me when it happened. had to search for my boss for like 15 minutes to call an ambulance.

>> No.57339792

I work at a bakery in a grocery store. I get asked questions i either dont know the answer to or the same stupid fucking question over and over and over again. I have to write on cakes for people which fucking annoys me. People ask where shit is in the store i dont care to remember where anything is. I fucking hate it here. People take pictures of me and shit while working. FUCK YOU YOU DUMB CUNT. All the women make me do extra fucking shit, just fuck off you dumb rich bitch. I hate all the customers that come in here. Fuck off and die. I don't know how much more i can take. All i can manage to do when i get off is smoke weed to cope with this shit never ending hell. I need to find another job soon.

>> No.57340068

When I did cake decorating at Whole Foods, I would draw a dick or something else obscene on the cake before spreading the base on there. It was just pure juvenile nonsense, but myself and my buddies would get a little chuckle out of it.

One coworker wrote "cunt" in sliced bell peppers on a pizza and handed it to an incredibly bitchy customer.

>> No.57340076

No one specific story sticks out but the worst job I've ever worked was as a debt collector in a call centre.
I'm surprised call centres aren't mentioned more in these threads, it's probably the worst possible full time job you can have in the first world.

>> No.57340082
File: 76 KB, 526x1024, hser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>la luz extinguido

>> No.57340086

You have a long way to go, you haven't been buck broken yet. You will.. just a matter of time. Enjoy killing people and never actually having the balls to better yourself, financially speaking.
I get you though. I work as extraction tech/specialist for a weed farm. Hate weed, allergic to it yet $55 an hour and $2k bonus a week is worth it.

>> No.57340089
File: 2.12 MB, 2208x2673, אתה לא יכול לנצח אותי.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hes gone

>> No.57340321
File: 45 KB, 680x555, chicago wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poor showing from us today but I promise the girls in chicago are actually pretty hot

>> No.57340343

The only hope i have left is that i can move with my parents to a legal state and work in the cannabis industry or something. I might as well i am addicted to weed. But im definitely moving back with them because fuck paying money to rent some shit hole apartment

>> No.57340358

Whole Foods is where i am now. And i guess the comradery you have with your coworkers is kind of cool. I do work with nice people and have made friends here.

>> No.57340364

>because fuck paying money to rent some shit hole apartment
Idk, my 3 years in a shithole apartment were some of the most fun times I've ever had

>> No.57340382

his threads/posts creeped me out so I never bothered reading them, is he really dead?

>> No.57341146 [DELETED] 

>couldn't of
The English laguage is dying out too.
Wagie story. I once took a load of ecstasy at work loading lorries, i sat down, looked at the clock, it said 12am. I looked away for what i thought was a few seconds then looked back and it said 2am. Was good news but feeaked me out. I went and sat on the toilet for another hour till my boss came in all upset like. Didnt lose me job though, was a great little number. Now its all immigrants that do the job. Wait, this isnt /pol/, sorry lads im out

>> No.57341190

Thats a drinks dispenser

>> No.57341195

>worst wagie story
Managing you fuckin entitled retards. Can't wait for AI to take over

>> No.57341266

haha the jeets always wreak havoc on your code base

>> No.57341268
File: 50 KB, 716x724, 1704790494388915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>americans keep sharting in marts

>> No.57341305

>but he didnt believe me and made me quit working there. thanks for reading my blog.
damn bro, thats harsh

>> No.57341460

so y'ore on the team?

>> No.57341597

>do “housekeeping” for a hotel as a summer job in college
>cheapest hotel in town, run by alcoholic boomer lady
>only other worker is another slightly older, more aggressive boomer with severe memory issues
>turns out “housekeeping” means running the entire hotel, including managing bookings
>boomer boss uses 3 different unconnected apps to take bookings
>every day at least one room is double booked
>my job becomes mostly dealing with angry customers, boss never wants to refund in case of double bookings but tries to get them to stay at her
“Villa” for the same price
>villa is a run down shithole with wasp hives inside the house
>no refunds :^)
>eventually she fires me because I refused to put some tourists in a room with a toilet that was leaking sewage on the floor
>”the loss of revenue is coming out of your pay anon, btw you are fired”

>> No.57342221

>zero shame
>Low intelligence
>believing they are the smartest person in the room.
The worst boomer traits all in one. Must have been hell anon.

>> No.57342708

definitely some twink for sure lol

>> No.57342713

the girl on the right would be very attractive if she lost weight.

>> No.57342768

>Christmas event
>~500 employees
>Somehow get pulled into game where the women rate the single men on stage
>Earn points for each vote in some strange scoring system
>Each guy given small whiteboards to write our scores on
>Be only guy to sit there with a big fat 0 on his board throughout the game
>Utter humiliation ritual
>Under the downlight on stage at the end hold up my board with 0 on it, finish last of course
>Confirmed to to be absolutely unfuckable by every female there

>> No.57342797

I'd rather have nothing than fake thanks for shit tier garbage from power tripping faggots

>> No.57342868

An average american goblin

>> No.57343636
File: 134 KB, 675x1114, 1648044427841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343647
File: 157 KB, 1242x856, 1668804429830282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343668
File: 262 KB, 944x1323, FLr8H1xVkAka1Mu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343676
File: 135 KB, 1242x1036, FLRIxjmUcAAYZSn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343687
File: 82 KB, 2140x702, 1642281339294.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343698
File: 1.95 MB, 1145x1372, 1643358175104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343705
File: 1.42 MB, 1244x2048, 1655432436648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343719
File: 58 KB, 720x480, 1671670483914391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57343908

>be me, 20, just got back from college after the dorms closed due to covid
>decide to work at kroger doing clicklist to pass the time
>pretty chill, nobody is in the store so you can fuck around and listen to music while basically just shopping
>meet old guy, in his 50s, seems a little weird but has tons of cool stories about his travels
>stacies tell me i should stay away from him
>i dont bc i figure they're just being bitches
>tells me about when he lived in tunisia, got involved in some local gangs, speaks fluent french, killed a man once
>seems like im the only person he really talks to, always excited to see me
>one day he comes in and seems crazier than usual
>"anon, are you f-15 or mig?"
>"the f-15s were good, heroic, and always looked out for each other. migs are traitors. dont be a mig."
>ok man
>find out later a bunch of people had tried to get the store manager to fire him
>he yells at one of the cashiers that women shouldnt be on register bc they might get assaulted
>gets fired
>never see him again
theres definitely more about this guy i just dont remember anything else.

>> No.57344000

Probably the time I got a gun pulled on me for delivering an Amazon package. Turns out the guys wife ordered something, and wanted it delivered to the back.
It’s front door every time now. That way at least if I get shot, the van will record it.

>> No.57344122

>she is 5’4”, big tits, slim
>pregnancy fetish

She’s not “slim” is she anon.

>> No.57344342

>deliberately acting as the devil on someone's shoulder is not doing something wrong

>> No.57344418

>seed of a plant not a bean.
plant a bean in the ground and see what happens. professor