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When did you realize that this board sucks and never has any alpha?

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When I made my first 100k solely from advice on /biz/ I had to stop and think to myself, what a wonderful board.

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Free alpha DYOR https://birdeye.so/token/3qi7XMxKN2BqJDu7bAGV9gKjKi3wa95vMzQEr15uqYmh?chain=solana

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Several months ago but I can't stop coming here to shitpost.

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I gave you alpha on AGRS when it was 4 million. Now it's at 74 million.

But it's still cheap. With single digit million market cap nobody was taking it seriously. This thing might as well start an industrial and political revolution by itself.

At least join the Agoras Tau.net telegram.

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alpha here

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>he thinks alpha is real and a small group of people that are currently in davos switzerland can't make any line they want go up or down at the drop of a hat

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Im here for the memes and meme coins.

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Alpha is real. Hundreds of stocks and ETFs achieve alpha magnitudes above the benchmark every year.
Screening equities by alpha is a guaranteed way to find winners.

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When the Jannies banned me for a week for posting genuine alpha.
Always sort by creation date, bros. The Jannies are fast when it comes to deleting alpha, but they are usually around 3 minutes late to pruning new alpha threads.

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5 years ago but I get bored and am hoping someday you faggots surprise me

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understanding the new biz meta is the alpha.

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Nigga please the attached chart had me sell right at the top, after a prolonged discussion on Biz.
Literally saved me 10K or so with BTC mining stocks.

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absolutely brilliant fren!

These mongrels have never heard of Louis Armstrong

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I realize it sucks every day when investing 101 words are misused hundreds of times.