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The Trump coin is pumping my basterds

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trump is a threat to crypto

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I dont trust people who claim trump is a threat to anything. He was demonstrably less dangerous then our current pedo in chief. Everyone was happier and had more money under trump. People who bash trump are commies or pedos or both

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"my political opponent is trying to destroy our democracy, and if you vote for him, it will be your last vote"

-proceeds to strike opposition names off of ballots, deplatforms politically unlike minded, jails internet users for typing the wrong set of words about jan 6 and incites violence against conservative voters and imports 8 million illegals to vote illegally just in case all else fails.

there is something coming for the left and I think it's not going to feel nice

this token will print unspeakably as the year progresses. You'll wish you had bought in today.

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biden runs on "unity" and then turns literally every of his speeches into 100% advocating violence against republicans

when confronted, people say he meant "only the radical MAGAs"

after the confrontation, they go back to instagram and write how there are no more moderate republicans left, and 95% of them are violent MAGA extremists

also known as motte and bailey

and yes, I am.

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Redpill me on trumpcoin?

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Well, it’s called MAGA but it keeps going up today. I don’t know what’s going on.

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And it’s gonna keep pumping. Solid dev team behind this coin. I gotta feeling trump himself will notice the millions of trump coins in his wallet and the millions going to homeless vets and he will mention it at some point during his campaign

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They’re giving money to homeless vets? See if they don’t fail or rug on us that is bullish. I mean this coins already done a ton of pumping, but in the world of meme coins I think it had a lot left in the tank. I’m holding Toshi too so it’s been a good day for me.

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Coin is a scam as all other coins

The legit shit are the NFTs