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Trannies and gentlemen, the height of ICPs chain.

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You thought ICP would dominate and revolutionize the crypto industry, instead you got skibidi toilet

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Alien tech they said

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Is it ICP like I'm watching someone urinate, or is it ICP like my wee-wee is very chilly? I need to know

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the piss is frozen

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The true pajeet r whoever made icp chart ;)>>57302656

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i am a boomer. would someone explain skibidi toilet to me. i watched a few videos, and I do not understand it.

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some russian autist made unfunny (unlike 2006-2011) shitposts on youtube and it became popular.
turns out there're a lot of autists nowadays.

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I'm starting to understand that autism means what it really means, and that's retardation.

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skibidi toilet was just a one-off shitpost but it blew up for unknown reasons at least he's taken responsibility and proceeded to pour his heart and soul into its production.

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microDAO 2 more weeks

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It’s just randomness for comedy but comedy since like 2010 is too on the nose and in your face like “laugh at this”, especially zoomer and edgy comedy

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Of course poos come up with a toilet themed shit-coin on i c poo

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no subtlety? that sounds very uninteresting

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>Skibidi toilet

Aka the most popular media of all time