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What would your ancestors say about you right now?

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he's got a great cock

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he's got a fantastic cock

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Where's your wife and kids

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Nice cock, descendant

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wanna ride that cock bro

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Get over here kids, have you ever seen such a cock

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hugh mungus cock bro

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they would ask me why do I dress like a woman why did you castrate yourself

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how would that cock even fit in there

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how are you still alive?

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See what you did monkey! Now all the other monkeys are talking about their dicks too! Bad monkey!

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They're all dead and maxed out at a 3rd grade education. Their input would he absolutely worthless.

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>Break up with that bitch, you can do way better. Keep doing exactly what you're doing otherwise.

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Mine were poor farms in western Ireland(grandparents). They'd probably be in disbelief I make $138k

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My ancestors are smiling at me imperial. Can you say the same?

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And then compliment my cock

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I think they'd be disappointed but optimistic that I'm going to get it all together before my grande finale (when I die)

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i don't have lineage. i changed my name and my ancestry starts with me.

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also would probably say something like "lad has a decent-sized cock with a nice shape to it"

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>"finally a descendent with a brain. woman is a helluva drug."

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They would have been poor russian peasants so they'd probably marvel at my indoor heating and horseless buggy

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Ok, so in reality they'd be extremely disappointed in you and disgusted by you

you sound like a reddit tranny

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Also they'd marvel at my cock

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In reality, i want to make my own legacy that starts with me, not carry on someone else's.

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and wow, what a cock

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Probably mad that I breeded with a polish slav bitch. Can’t say I blame them, I hate her. My kids are great though so fuck my ancestors desu.

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so what would they say about your cock then