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kyspa scam

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I love you

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Redpill me on ALEPH? New jeetscam KNS?

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ALEPH is a jeet scam
ALPH is not

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Look it up yourself, you lazy ass. Alephium was not born yesterday.

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what does Kaspa do besides being PoW store of value ? I'm interested in knowing why will it eventually reach over 1T mcap by the words of Kaspians

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Rust tranny syndrome

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>he doesn't know

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kas is a jewish scam that has pumped
alph is one that hasn't pumped yet
i wouldn't hodl either
but i do have some alph and am excited to ladder out

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>what does Kaspa do besides being PoW store of value ?
it's secure, robust, no-bullshit digital money that actually scales, and it's one of the only modern projects that was fair launched, which is important for a cryptocurrency because it's impossible to take anything seriously as an alternative to fiat when developers cheated themselves a huge supply of tokens for free
>1T mcap
That's hopium, but I think $50b-$100b is eventually likely to happen if KAS succeeds in its digital silver narrative

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that's what my comment was about, nigger.
I like the fair launch part, although it bothers me a bit that 75% of the total supply has already been minted by the early miners. I keep wondering how's that going to affect the price in the distant future if Kaspa tries to break the 1$ mark or more.
Nonetheless the KS has mining gear on the market with around 20k for the most expensive one, yet the block prizes are being reduced with every week. What would be the response from the Devs in order to increase or just maintain the current miners ?

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Kaspa was designed to be rapidly deflationary so as to have most of the supply out and in the hands of relatively small CPU/GPU miners over the first 2 years before ASICs jumped in. This means a lot (most?) KAS sharks are just regular dudes who watched a YouTube video back in 2022 and pointed a rig at it for spec mining. So this led to a more even distribution from the beginning and reduces the likelihood of big, coordinated dumps at this point in the game. If KAS didn't do this then those ASIC miners would be capturing a disproportionate amount of the supply and dumping hard on us right now.
The remaining 25% of the supply will be mined over the coming 15 years or so. I don't know what will happen when the mining rewards run out. Maybe it will give us a glimpse into Bitcoin's future since its rewards will also eventually run out and miners will have to rely solely on fees to remain in profit. I suppose it would depend on actually being adopted within that time frame

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What’s everyone’s favorite card game?

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Wood Lady?

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I never was sold on fees sustaining the miners

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Who the fuck knows what will happen 15-20+ years from now. That kind of time horizon is a little long for crypto/technology in general. Bitcoin might last that long if it's used as a long-term store of value and the fees continue to go up. I think it's kind of futile to design any sort of utility coins to last 80+ years. All these smart contract chains sound advanced now but they will likely be completely obsolete in 10 years and replaced by something better, in which case the remaining 70 years of tokenomics won't matter.
I'll see how this cycle plays out and update my assessment from there

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Anon, you are intelligent and know Kaspa plans well.
I'm interested in finding out more.

1 - Why is Kaspa not yet on the Binance, Kraken and OKX spot? Is it just in the Future of these? Is it connected to Rust?

2 - Is there any movement from Coinbase?

3 - What value do you believe Kaspa achieves? $1? $2? $3? it's because?

4 - Besides Kaspa, what other projects do you believe in for the long term?

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with that being said I'm more confident to invest a couple thousand in KAS. Hopefully it will have a bright future, unlike the last bull's KAS(KDA). I'm even considering buying my very first rig. Are you mining btw ? I'll probably buy the KS0 Pro since it will be my first step towards mining.

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1 - It's important to understand how most projects in crypto operate and how Kaspa differs. Most projects preallocate themselves a major portion of the supply before the project even launches. Some of this preallocation is typically used so that they can give away a giant bag to exchanges for free, in order to get listed faster. KAS was fair launched and didn't do that kind of scammy preallocation, so exchanges have to buy their own Kaspa from chads like us before listing. Which means they have to invest more and take on more of the risk. But I believe it's inevitable, exchanges are just trying to time the market so that they can make as much money as possible off the KAS listing.
2 - not that I know of, but Binance and Kraken listed Kaspa futures and IIRC Binance has a big bag of Kaspa so they'll probably list spot soon
3 - $2-4 because FOMO will send it sky high
4 - Bitcoin

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I also have some Alephium too, which is the other coin in this thread, but I don't think the fundamentals are quite as good as Kaspa's

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Thanks, anon.

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I GPU mined a little bit early last year. I wasn't as early as some of the others though and I only ended up mining around 25k KAS and bought the rest. I never did any ASIC mining with KAS. I prefer to just buy the coin.
I think KDA's run got crippled last time around because it pumped towards the tail end of the bull market just as we entered the bear run, which killed its momentum. Its tokenomics also lend themselves towards dumpage over time.

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why are you kaspa losers gravitating toward alph?

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I was already in ALPH since it was 20 cents, I prefer to be an early investor

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I agree but working as a dev. Tech debt is a bitch and financial departments move slow. So once they pick a coin or technology, we are stuck to it

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But to answer your question, it seemed like a less gay version of kadena, without the tranny shit, more user friendly, and it's newer and hasn't had a bull run yet so I knew it was gonna poompa

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Never heard of Alephium. What’s so special about this one. I was a fag that mined KDA but the whole ecosystem is full of scammers so I pulled out years ago. Now I’m looking for another PoW “smart” coin

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Most "smart" coins are vaporware garbage that do absolutely nothing useful except host a couple of DEXes that are used to trade ponzi tokens. Get in before the pump, exit before the dump, profit.
Kaspa is just a simple cryptocurrency that's trying to create an improved version of the Bitcoin protocol basically. It doesn't sell all these empty promises about how blockchains will be on every corner and how it will revolutionize all of finance. It's just pure tech and the devs just really want to realize the vision of solving bitcoin's slow transactions and en up with an L1 that's as fast as Lightning without relying on L2 or proof of stake retardation

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I agree completely with your statement. But I do think the underlying tech has potential. Even reading through Kaspa they don’t discount a possibility of smart contracts in the future.

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Sometimes it's hard to separate the gems from the scams. Something can be a legit project with great tech and still underperform. You have to look not only at the tech but also the potential narratives, overall market sentiment, FUD, etc. because all these things can be more important than tech for price action

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