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The average American under the age of 30 has less than $5k to their name wtf, why are normies so poor?

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The average American under 30 is 15 anon

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can i get a fact check on this real quick?

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Because Median wage is low
>Verification not required.

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black people

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out of 10!

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My net worth is a $400k house (paid off inheritance from grandparents) and $40k in liquid assets at age 34.

How am I doing?

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You have less than a toddler because you surely missed TROLL on the SOL chain, TROLLANA presale
But hey, it's not too late

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Fine but a loser leech with no life experience probably

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Financial momentum is difficult to generate when you're poor. Any little thing which comes up can eradicate savings and take them back to square one. Also, most people never decide to be rich.

>play victim

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Schools only teach people how to wage slave, consume and get in debt.