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What are your friends and family and coworkers saying about crypto? Did they finally buy in after the ETF got approved?

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everyone I know is broke, no one is buying anything, stocks or crypto, a few friends are still holding doge and btc bags.

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normies dont give af about bitcoin

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I see some sports gambling frens looking for shitcoins to buy again but they still can’t use a DEX or take self custody

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wasn't even on their radar

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A lot of them were interested before and during the last run to 70k.

This time, none of them give a shit. At all.

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My coworkers are broke

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Not sure if one dude is posting these or if it’s become a community thing but this is more helpful than any chart or TA. When the real bull run begins, normies WILL catch on and start talking. It will make news. That’s when we sell.

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>bitcoin? that's like a pump and dump right? why would they need an etf?
>bitcoin? the scam ponzi? it went up a ton but then it CRASHED 99%
>its too volatile for me

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normies don't don't know what it is

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>too risky
>too volatile
>what is that?
>sends memes about not making money
> thinks it's weird
>don't talk about it at all

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Nobody talks about it. I know one tech-savvy devops guy who will mention it and he believes crypto has collapsed because it was all a scam. He believes FTX is synonymous with crypto.

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The usual, they're salty and FOMO about it and they say it's bad for the environment

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My friends just mention it anytime there is a big % increase because they know I have big bags. I tried to get them to buy 5+ years ago and recently in the bear. There just too normie retarded to understand, but like to bug me when they know I'm making bank lol.

Fucking normies.

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The halvening is still esoteric knowledge to most as far as I can tell. No one I know, knows what it is unless I told them, and some of them have money in bitcoin.

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This is pathetic. >>57279806

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Basically this. Normies are way too busy trying to survive from taking on more and more debt and being broke as shit to give af about investing. The most I hear is complaining about when inflation and interest rates are going to go down again

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they're fucking dissappointed because I told them about my TROLL tokens on SOL, TROLLANA
they think i'm a terrorist or something like that, little they know i quadrupled my bags

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>>The normies know what bitcoin really is and they’re not entertaining your bullshit.

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Most of them have given up on crypto. If anything, they make fun of it everytime I mention it (never told them I have bags).

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My brother just sent me this the other day.
Because after 15 year I'm back to my parents.
But he doesn't even know how much is the price of the bitcoin

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Absolutely nothing
I'm very normie and none of my office coworkers have said a thing
It's more appropriate to talk about the Red Sea or Gaza than crypto

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nope. they understand it's a scam. they saw the wild promotional fraud when it hit 65k. some even lost money on the way down from there. and, there had already been a prior cycle of that during 2018, and they each know someone else who had previously been burned too, so they'll never trust it again. they have each other as social proof when telling third parties.

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>But he doesn't even know how much is the price of the bitcoin
so he's right and you're wrong and he put less effort in?
what's that tell you