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Today, Chainlink has finally reached the target "0 Devs".
There are currently 0 devs employed at the chainlink labs.
The entire team is leaded by 2476 passionate and hardworking HR roasties
Are you happy?

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>Are you happy?

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did he fuck every one of them?

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He farted too many times in the dev room

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what's the source on this?
I bet you're lying
if you're not though, wouldn't this imply that they're "done"?

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worse, he ate all of them

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Sergay convinced everyone that he can take care of the commits just by farting in the empty devs room.

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It's true, just checked the github and it's the HR team talking about their favorite stanley cup colors, it's over

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>The entire team is leaded

Fuck off Luvcum

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ICP makes chainshit obsolete

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Sergey market dumped 700k tokens JUST to buy a stanley cup to every single HR roastie "working" there

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The mythical 100% diversity and inclusion number has been reached.