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>employees started having sex in the lunch room again

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I once accidentally walked in on my coworkers having sex. they didnt notice me and I snapped a pic of them fucking then left

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We need woods schizo here, he was probably the one doing the fucking in your Walmart break room.

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Having sex at work is so hot

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>be me
>Amazon warehouse manager
>this old black dude and this young Hispanic guy have been missing from their stations for over 20 minutes, someone said they saw them head behind some storage shelves
>I walk back there assuming I’ll catch them vaping or smoking crack or some shit
>the old dude is sucking Juanitos cock
>I tell them to get back to work, report them to security and HR
>they don’t get fired and I have to take a class on sensitivity training as they told HR they felt picked on due to their sexual orientation

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Are they hot?

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>John, yes, come in. We have been hearing reports of excessive jizz between the storage shelves and have chosen you to personally take care of this top priority for us.

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20 minutes of not working, not on lunch or a break? Report their asses for wage theft.

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People go in the lunchroom? Most of my coworkers leave the office

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Man I wish that I could have sex one day. It’s too late for me. I’m 30.

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imagine the smell
even though I was never invited, I would like to do that special hug that both my parents refused to go into details, even having something nice like SPX, my marie rose refuses to tell me