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>22 years old
>$4.5 million per year salary
>$27 million in the bank
>55 BTC in cold storage

Is this considered average, above average or below average? It just feels so frustrating not being in the 12 digits net worth yet.

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You just have to apply yourself. You'll manage, maybe

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O-oh, wait...wait you don't think I'm rich? Tf...

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is there a reason we would? unless you are retarded, you should have atleast 100m by 22

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>He wasn't a trillionaire by 17


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why do they still allow poors in here
like flags in /int/ there should be a NW tag in /biz/

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rice and beans + kneepads until you get out of 8 figure hell

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Ummmmm this is where you should be when you're 17 poorfag

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honestly I'd probably kms after being made fun of at the first high school reunion for being that poor

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Oh wait, damn I messed up in the OP. I meant to say $270 million in the bank, but I'm still not sure if that's good or not 'cause I'm humble. Is over a quarter of a billion good?

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Yo feds take a look at this guy and if he is paying taxes

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Make a plan.
Cut off all external distractions.
Save whatever you can from your paycheck.
Live frugally. Cook homemade food and don't buy expensive shit like clothes.
Repeat until you get out of wagecuck hell.

And don't get demoralized. You might be a little late but we all started where you are.

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print out your CV and go door to door of every business in town asking for $10m+ salaried job, you might just avoid being miserable then

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I bought the IRS. I'm not sure if that's impressive, average or unimpressive though, which is it?

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don't worry, things will get better if u keep at it. Don't listen to what other people say

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maybe try like mowing lawns and stuff to get back on your feet

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>Bought the IRS
Lol baggie

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stupid bait post, go fucking kys