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I want to kill myself so bad. I hate living. Life is pointless sober. Only drugs make this shit existence tolerable. Kill all niggers, freemasons, and spics. Heil Hitler.

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What's your opinion on Doge?

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Go to dancing courses

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Can I have all your stuff?

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Have you tried yoga?

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I was close to killing myself before I found a job. I firmly believe God took me to the edge and brought me back. I don't know how to help you. I can't say it gets better. I'm 41 and for the first time in my life have a good paying job. Feel like my life passed me by cause I never had the money to do the things people do like marriage and children. This isn't about me though. All I can say anon is you got to stop the drugs. Life is hard enough as is. Don't make it worse.

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whats in your shitcoin wallet op?

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i found myself saying 'based' outloud

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I'm 41 and for the first time in my life I am not happy. Fuck life.

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Buy kns

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Maybe you are too late but you should reeeeeealy farm l2 airdrops with that portfolio. Zksync should be the king

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you got a link

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get some exercise

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Drugs make you think like that.

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Bridge, trade to a stable or ewhatever, but a super cheap nft and do a transaction every 14 days but do it on different exchanges.

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ty bro

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Wholesome thread

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Np but be aware you can be too late so dont lose everything there and also keep your solidly if you have another 50 dollar
Potential is surely 1k tho as initail airdrop value

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I'm hoping I get my unemployment approved so I can get more solidly

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Yeah yeah all that and buy GROKheroes nigger

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>suicidal manbaby drug addict turns out to be a racist Nazi
Imagine my surprise.

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Getting radiation from the glowing

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I'm 40 and every year that goes by things just get worse. I peaked in my 20's and I know the best times of my life are over

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Get out nigger.

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Cope, stereotype.

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You first, trailer trash.