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Let's see bobo's face

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People are selling (their dollars) the news

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That's on Wednesday. Today is pure cope and rumors from (((media)))

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Just like Biden is a great candidate and is in perfect health.

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kek. whole weekend was the most obvious beartrap of all time, and you are here talking about bulltrap. during a golden bullrun. KEK

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>Today is pure cope
Indeed. By a certain bear.

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Yep, Gary's media. He confirmed it on Twitter.

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>ID: yEHyoo

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Impressive, very nice

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Fantastic. Now I'll be a nervous mess knowing full well these fucking jews will do some weird move to fuck everyone over and milk crypto dry in the next two years or so. Fantastic shit really, congrats on this one.

Keeping rango and alarms on 24/7 now even when I sleep. Going to swap to USDT and cash out so fucking fast the second anything iffy happens. With jews never rest.

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we're going uppppppppp

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meanwhile Btc Almost 50k
Yeah man keep going

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blackrock was involved since day 1. what kind of stupid fucking sub-par iq having tribeman could possibly think there was even the slightest chance of it not passing.

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The Jews have Logged In.

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>everyone keeps saying it finally got approved
>meanwhile I keep checking watcher guru and find nothing
goddamn you niggers sure know how to disappoint me

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Only real post in this thread filled with bots.

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boboniggers who want to demoralize the whole board because that's part of their agenda of course. total bobonigger death btw

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Cool it with the antisemitic remarks.

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Now I only need one more leg up to get my last sell order filled.

Then I’ll sit comfy waiting for the 30% pullback that always happens at this stage of the cycle.

Bitcoin is reaching a new all time high in 2024, but first there’s going to be a slight pullback. It will coincide with the ETF approval, and people will say it’s a “sell the news” event, but it would happen irregardless.

“Bears win, bulls win, pigs get slaughtered”

>inb4 post shorts, pic related is what I’m doing.

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Why you guys always blame the jews when something bad happens?

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Pic related

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sweet jesus, nobody told you?

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t. Dirty hooknosed rat

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Told me what?

That bitcoin is going in a straight line up to the right until $500k or that Bitcoin is going in a straight line down and to the right until $10k?

Because /biz/ has told me both a million times.

However, /biz/ has never told me there’s temporary corrections in both bull and bear markets and that one has to have a nuanced view of the markets.

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You stupid to try to time bitcoin markets dude. S.T.U.P.I.D.
Maybe you're right and we do get a correction but you could just as easily be wrong and you just fucked yourself out of the next leg up. We could easily go to 100k before getting a major correction. Bitcoin always stays irrational longer than everyone anticipates.

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If I miss the boat I can put the cash to good use in my personal life. It’s only a small fraction of my stack.

I’m willing to risk it because it’s not the end of the world if I get it wrong.

“Only invest what you’re willing to lose” and all that.

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>“Only invest what you’re willing to lose” and all that.

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Why do you think?

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we made it brahs

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is enough time for me to make it with SPX, or enough time to regret not being there in early 2023