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You have to admit his TA was on point in the last 2 months

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you suffer from brain damage to follow that person.

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He capitulated and it insta dumped. Bogged harder than anyone else

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they way they treat this mans for having the wrong opinion is cracked. Bozo bulls in a bear market rally.

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Yep I admit it.

Im man enough.

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calm down nigger

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We're still in play
We will always be in play

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This person has said "brave & powerful/stunning" unironically in his life.

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Were going to the top without you faggot

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and to think people mocked him

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I dont have twatter. Who is he and what does he say?

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>Dumbass biztard discovers random chance

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12k remains the main idea

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>TA was on point
TA is literal astrology for midwits
100% bullshit

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made 25k this month daytrading w/ some guys from beoble and an investment focused discord server that has unironic femboys in it posting lewds of themselves every now and then

i'd rather keep doing things my way over following twitter influencer #451901951029

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>caring about what some no name e-celeb has to say
this is why this board is fucking dead

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Yeah nigger 12K is coming soon right just like how this faggot predicted (and failed miserably) like 50 times already. Cool shit

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>an investment focused discord server that has unironic femboys in it posting lewds of themselves every now and then
Post the fucking link. NOW.

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TA was never on point anon, sorry

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yeah 25k and how much did you put in?
Alas, when you lie please make a more feasible history

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Just gotta google it.
have a good time getting your funds drained

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I don't give a single fuck about what this retard has to say and neither should you but OP is a midwit so of course you'll keep spamming threads about this fag.

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Admitting your weakness is the first step of becoming a true man, buckle up sissy, aint no rest for the wicked.