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ITT: Predict what happens to Bitcoin's price action after ETF decision in few days.

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Dump then rise. I think people will sell because they’re retards forcing a meme. Then boomers who wanted Bitcoin will buy. Keep in mind once these ETFs are approved they will be marketed by the institutions. Blackrock will convince boomers to buy your bags.

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pump on the etf day, people take profits next couple days, dump happens more, slowly pumps until halving, more pump after halving

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1 million worth of speculative shenanigans just happened
btc sent to satoshi address is for a new narrative, if satoj is woken up = institution are will be dumped on

so, if you speculate on satoj you can have argument for ETF denial due to large sum of BTC not accounted for

that 1 million investment is enough to derail the ETF

put you shorts in NOW

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Pump to $52,000 and then dip to $48,500.

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dump then dump and then dump again

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Dump. Boomers buying shares of a Bitcoin ETF is not going to send the price of BTC to the moon. We're due for s dump either way. Don't forget to open your shorts, everyone!

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Imagine believing that ETF approval will be a bad thing lol

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I am suggesting there wont be any approval.
Reason be, Satoj cones not accounted for.

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In three days BTC will bleed to $40k, dragging alt coin with it. Then, when the ETF is announced we will pump to $44k. This is sell the news and we will be back to $42k in a few days. $50k will never be touched before halving.

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ive never experienced an event that isn't sell the news

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unironically mega dump to 28-32k

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Pump to 47k 48k crab dump to 35k crab halving pump to 100k
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30k possible too, let's see how many boomers will swap their billions of gold and sp500 to bitcoins

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Price pumps initially +10% to around $50K, then dumps as everyone sells en masse, then crabs sideways for most of 2024.

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>in a few days
>2 more weeks
>any second now bros

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Price action in the short term? Could go up, could go down. Price action in the long term after it becomes available to trillions of dollars in investment vehicles? # go up.

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It will become rank 1 of all assets.

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>ive never experienced an event that isn't sell the news
How old are you? 3? You never been through a halving?
How has the price ever managed to rise if its always about selling the news?

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Long, fat, enormous girthy green dingdong straight up to $55k on Wednesday, a little bit of stabilization around $52k over the coming weeks leading up to parabolic bullrun after April.

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I get your point but halving is not something that is speculated about or can be changed; all this ETF stuff remains to be seen. Up or down I hold anyway

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Maybe the whale that sent BTC to satoshi’s wallet knew that the amount he sent is insignificant to the amount he’s going to make from money flowing into BTC due to the ETF

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big brained take

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>ARK ETF january 15
Rejected. Dump.
>march 15 has blackrock
Accepted. Pump.

It's that simple.

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Isn't this the most likely outcome? USD needs cover from devaluation and BTC ETF will provide that cover, keep USD propped up a little longer. I'm not sure how else the Fed can keep things from boiling over.

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>a whole $1m to satoshi's wallet
That's like me tipping a waiter $5 you fucking idiot, it's just some whale thanking him.

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Pump to 45K, then dump to 30K, then dump to 15K, then pump to 500K.

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Checked WAGMI

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Sharp rise, followed by a massive dump, then rising slowly into infinity
Massive dump. Followed by crabbing, then back to the usual cycles.

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Every retard will predict a dump but nobody wants to sell. Up only

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If ETF will be approved till 10.01 then it will be uptrend till 45k than reverse for few days to 40k and next pump till 50k

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btc easy ath

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This. I can't imagine selling but sure wouldn't mind buying if it does somehow dump. Imagine buying at a discount with the halving coming up and US spot ETFs being a thing.