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Alts have already started to dump for the past week. BTC is running on fumes, hanging on one thread which is the false hope of the ETF pump, even a small breeze in the wind could knock it over. It's so fucking over for you retards, just admit it. The ETF approval will do jack shit, i'm gonna call it 4 days in advance, it's gonna pump a few percent in 30 minutes then dump a few percent a few hours later then slowly the whole thing comes collapsing down over the next few weeks as people realize nobody gives jack shit about some stupid ETF. Just more market-wide hallucinations in crypto as per usual

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the bulls are retarded
they need to lose their asses
you cannot reason with them

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You had 4 years

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Pump A few percent
So like 20? Or what are we talking

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probably no pump at all, just awkward nothingness until some whale loses it and dumps

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>so the etf is out
>why is nobody buying
>what do we do now

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you keep BTC at 40k forever, right, you can do that right ?

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I'll bring it up at the sunday dump-meeting

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game theory suggest they can't keep it at 40k
BTC will tend to be at 1 play money per unit, since it has no usecase
that's around 10k