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If I go to bed can you guarantee that it won't dump?

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Lol, ye sure go night-night sweaty
Hint: you're gonna wish you didn't wake up when you see the chart

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Ok sport that's a promise.
Be up bright and early tomorrow to play baseball in the backyard!

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You can trust me, Anon.

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Oh no

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Imagine being a kid that hears this the night before his dad is brutally murdered in a home invasion

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the second you close your eyes it will dump

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maybe I'll just set a bunch of alerts

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It will

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just dump it all BEFORE you go to bed

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Set an alarm for every half hour and keep your phone under your pillow. Then you can take action as necessary.

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As if the price of BTC over the weekend will stray very far from Friday's CME closing price.
Haha, get some rest, you nut.

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oh sorry, I'm prescient; not happened yet

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you're probably right
though I wasn't following bitcoin

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