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Now it's at the same price as LINK, should I swap it all over to LINK?

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maybe swap a portion?

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Are you actualy retarded?
You know why is going up only right?
Sell some, but for love of god at least reaserch what you bought and stake some.

tf. retard that jeeted freeTIA airdrop at 3 than rebought full stack at 6 (so bought same price as you I guess) when I realised what is it and why it will be up only in 2024

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No man, look at the daily chart. Its clear its about to explode up.

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Yes. Sell. Everyone sell their TIA.

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Dont sell until 28

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Thanks man, I feel like I should hang on to it, even though I don't really understand what I hold

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I’m finna buy TIA, INJ, OSMO, and ATOM.

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>it will be up only
Yes this. TIA should be a key part of any portfolio. Don't sell this shit, it will do very well.

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$17B total supply valuation without even accounting for protocol inflation (infinite supply)..

I've a feeling this will peak in USD terms soon and never recover after supply get diluted by +500% by next year. Extremely risky rn imo

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Sell it and buy solana or some other last cycle bags. Sell. Everyone sell. It has no buisness being this price this early.

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Always stake half of your airdrop. Now I qualified for the Dymension airdrop because of staking half of my TIA airdrop.
Also, look at FLIX. It breezed past the BTC dump like it was nothing. I still don't know what it does other than print me money.

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Its going to do very badly during the bear market like other Cosmos past bull alumni: Juno and Evmos.

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np, hope you get it now
protip: reaserch!
Move TIA from cex, make kepler walelt and stake...
we allready receaved 2 airdrops worth prob over 4k$ in 1m of stakeing also and there is 10s more this year, why do you think everyone scrambling to get more tia?
gl senpai

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use your brain in a bear market retard, tia is ponzinomics + airdrop farming meaning it is going to pump to 100-200 bucks

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Midcurve thinking that got me to sell my airdrop at 3 lol, lucky i rebought at 6 when i did research...
Tech is something new like ETH 2015...you cant put markercap on hopes and dreams, and now everyone wakening up on fact you NEED to own some to stake and receave airdrop of EVERY future project using TIAs DAS (how else are they going to distribute them trough IOCs lol?) and Everyone seen its best performer of cycle...2024 will be something else...

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$100-200 isn't a good risk reward, "Safer" big caps will x10-50 from here this run and i don't see why you should hold an hyperinflationary coin with already overvalued total supply valuation instead

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this basically

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how did you initially know this was a good pick OP?

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Not OP here, but core developers - leads even - for other prominent projects have been occasionally chatting about it as a potential solution to certain engineering problems for the past couple years. That's how I first heard about it. So one, it has credible developer interest.

Two, it has significant VC backing, meaning they'll be promoting it with airhorns through the bull market to pump it as much as possible before their allocations vest and they start exiting using retail liquidity. It'll also have continued strategic support into the bear because later stage backers hate being bagholders as much as retail, but you should probably exit before then.

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Is it too late to stake this shit? Seems like every project already took their snapshots in December, now there's nothing left to stake for

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Only unlaunched shit like tia left in 2024 that will capture mindshare of all devs and traders will be Eigenlayer in Q2/Q3.
If you are in crypto for at least few years and never heard of tia or eigen would srsly reconsider what you are doing and your sources of info.

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Stfu disgusting shitskin

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the main DA layer
the main oracle token

I mean, people like to shit on Link, but at this point you can pick your poison, won't really matter much

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more airdrops coming in this year, aon

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Wtf are you ok anon ?

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how do I get them?

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He's a seething link bagholder.

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Not sure which exchanges list them. However, you can buy some atom and swap the atom for tia on osmosis. Even the biggest of retards will be able to use osmosis.

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Stake. Preferably out of the top-20 validators, maybe even below the top 50.
I don't think staking under 50 TIA will get you any airdrops. I'd try to go for 100 to be sure.

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Gamble it through

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You could be much richer if you jump on BOBNET, BOBNET's trading Bot called READ at a $1.5m MC and it went 2x within 1hr

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Some anon was saying 10+. And does it have to be the top validators? Fkkkk it takes like a month to unstake and restake. I'm never going to get these gay ass airdrops kgkfkengmkwkdnfjrk

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Made 20k from airdrops in 2021 and I'm up for more. So far I've already kick started the year Kimberlite zealy quest. I'm sure gonna make it in life.

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He's not gonna make it, I know what he should do to make it but I won't say it.

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How much more could this shit go up? It’s already a top 50 coin.

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No need to gamble when chads are making it from metaverse P2E game where virtual diamond mines lead to real TNFT diamonds. All thanks to Kimberlite.

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If what you know isn't endorsed by Google, BNB Chain, and Mario Nawfal which will be a huge boost ahead of the bullrun, then dump it.

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What the fuck is this thing. I haven't seen anyone at bebole talking about it just yet.

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>tfw we will never have another launchpad as glorious as ARKM
Goddamn that was the easiest 10x of my whole fucking life dude. Lol

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Why ATOM, though? I thought their token really didn't have much demand which is why it keeps underperforming compared to other alts?

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you need to find better groups if the ones you're in don't actually discuss anything worth talking about then.

sounds like a massive skill issue to me.

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fuck I've got 5 wallets staking 8 TIA, do you guys think that's not enough? Dymension required less than that. SAGA wanted more. Should I buy more, should I consolidate, FUCK.

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What drops? I know we got dymension but dunno how much that's gonna be worth.

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I got airdropped 9k DYM because I staked TIA across 50 wallets
there will be many more airdrops and thats why TIA is pumping
follow me on twitter @SamuraiTakedown
I'm the airdrop hunter

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Why sell a winner for a loser? It just did the same performance as link did but in a month instead of 4 years.

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anythign else you guys have your eyes on? got $50k to throw and coming up short.

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Imho Eigen.
First DYOR, than find out deposits are over, but you can use eth.fi to deposit for eth.fi points and eigen rewards because they put eth in uncapped solo validator pools, than swap some $ for eth and show it all to ethfi.
Truly think that's kingmaker play here youll get:
-ethfi token
-eigen tokens
-captured ethupside since whit is overdumped by celsius for last 3m .

Than come here and thank me, godspeed

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Imho Eigen.
First DYOR, than find out deposits are over, but you can use eth.fi to deposit for eth.fi points and eigen rewards because they put eth in uncapped solo validator pools, than swap some $ for eth and show it all to ethfi.
Truly think that's kingmaker play here youll get:
-ethfi token
-eigen tokens
-captured eth upside since it's overdumped by celsius for last 3m (think last trench of dumps is in january)

Than come here and thank me, godspeed anon

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Got inj and osmo but didn't get a chance to look into Tia. Regretting that now. Gonna have to pick up some soon.

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Good point, but is there a point that you would swap it? Like if it was double the price of link

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Look at mcap really. When Tia is top 10 you can consider selling. But really I see btc at ath by eoy and 2025 is the bullrun. So really holding anything is gonna pay off though most of 2025.

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This thing is going straight to $50.

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I really hope this thing continues in its INJ path.
I hold both and its fucking awesome.

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>the main oracle token
You can have an aggregator layer to select between oracles.

No one cares what oracle they use

Chainlink is like those stupid Intel Inside tm stickers they used to put on all computers.

Windows won not Intel
DA layers will win not Chainlink

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do you understand token supply?

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No, explain

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TIA has 10x the total supply of INJ. It's actually above INJ in diluted mcap i.e. this is the top.

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man this board is trash now. saw some other retard saying doge would go to $200

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Do any of you geniuses understand that supply is fixed for the time being? I don't give a fuck what happens 10 months from now. And then you wonder why you don't make money....


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Redpill me on Tia
is it actually good or TNN like Link

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i don't know about the tokenomics, but it seems like cosmos is the most respected layer-1 tech outside of ethereum in all of crypto

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Pre pumped garbage. CEO ex hacker brown hands. Hard pass.

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>Pre pumped garbage.
Its still pumping.
Niggas are getting paid.

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UPDATE for you morans:
Everything currently down...TIA up 2%

Ditch the ideology and focus on performance. Apologies for being a dick here, but want us all to do well, even with VC-pumped new narrative shit like TIA.