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Did you jump off the window or you’re still with us?

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Not selling. Never selling. In retrospect it’s just a dip

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I forgot about my bags long ago, but I still have them. Who knows, right?

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it was only beer money. i keep telling myself that: "it was only beer money. it was only beer money..."

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>No dedicated general up
There's a point where the bullishness is too much

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>2500 high-end beers

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Made some money off that pump way back, hilarious that there are still baggies shitting their pants every time the price moves

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>there are still morons holding this shit

You deserve everything bad that happens after this lol. Glad I didn't let the small pump I got get to my head and sold and got out.

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$1 in may.

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Still in the green.

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call me baggie one more time

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bunch of annoying lunc cult members shilling their bags on beoble every single day. that's all you faggots do. "lunc good project sir!" over and over.

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Two. More. Years.

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Try 10k worth of beer and cigarrettes haha...

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Totally wise and mentally stable way of approaching finance anon, specifically crypto. Keep holding, one day you'll be rewarded for your good goyim behavior :)

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Im already dead bro, dont cry for me

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Thank GOD I never bought this worthless, post-rugpull shitcoin despite how hard you retarded niggers tried to trick me into becoming your exit liquidity. Feels good.

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what group are you talkin' about. All I see is "follow me" and "gm" posts made by retarded nigger bots

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same shit for avax, and link, and icp. contain all of these GME-tier air headed troglodytes in one 400 reply thread so they can jerk off one another in their own contained thread.

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you were never alive to begin with

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Mods are paid to let these """people""" openly discuss their trashy shitcoins in spammy threads for more clicks from morons :)

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based contrarian actually dodged a bullet for not following the latest trends

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god forbid people want to discuss their assets online in platforms dedicated to financial discussion. faggot.

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That's savage

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What did you expect from a bunch of nft profile pic having idiotic men?

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It sure as hell aint working though because all I see is genuine anons posting about how much they hate these threads and its posters lol

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Guys I'm not feeling very LUNC today

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10m lunc set up on a sell ladder. And I’ve mostly forgotten about it. Either the orders get fulfilled or they don’t. Idgaf either way. It’s that simple.

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chilling until repeg and 1-way swaps rubber band it back to <1T mc

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Still comfy with my 200 million+ stack. :)

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Between BTC, the stock market and lunc I’ve lost like 8k today. And lunc was my smallest loss.

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I sold half of my stack on December 7th and I'm in disbelief that we're this far down so quickly. I think I just am going to rebuy my old stack here and keep the extra money...

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>>57176070 see >>57176695
Lunc will burn 90% Of token we will go straight to $100

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swaps and repeg coming in only 2 more weeks!!

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Had this order set just in case...
Well, not sure if I fucked up or not throwing $2000 on LUNC.

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