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Lets have a break from cryptoshit for a moment and talk about business online. I have a handful of ideas I'd like to try out with relatively minor investment but the main issue is stuff like privacy and pseudo-anonymity. I'm still from the oldfag era of the Internet pre-social media so I've never felt right about how everything expects you to provide your real name and info; its even more annoying when its not like services like PayPal or whatnot don't have your real info, but also extend that to those you buy/sell from when its not necessary. Anyway, a couple of things right off...

>Why not just use crypto?
While I'm open to being paid in crypto, I'm not doing anything that requires it and the vast majority of potential buyers won't want to have to buy crypto an send it to me or don;'t have technical capability toeven understand doing so/think its"shady". So that's out, aside from me offering a discount for those who pay or donate in crypto.
>What about a LLC, non-profit foundation, or other legal construct
Eventually I'm considering this, however i don't want to spend the money to create one or more legal construct and make sure I'm dealing with the proper laws well, until I know I'm making the cash that makes it worthwhile. If it comes down to I may start one to test shit out thought but aside from that lets look otherwise.

Before we get to the specifics, how about something more general that anons may have experience
>Online sales of random crap
Aside from certain communities where there are person to person swaps and of course the fee rape of Ebay, what else out there is worthwhile? Mercari for instance? There are a fuckload of "app based" sales projects but if it doesn't have a website and/or requires you to drop a geotagged picture at your fucking house or something, to hell with that. Ideas?

More in future posts, running out of room.