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"This thing is - you can't kill it, it is a technological marvel, people need to start realizing that it is here to stay" - Jim Cramer on Bitcoin

We all know that BTC is breaking 100k this cycle (at least), however right most believe that this will happen in a single candle with ETF approval.

Do you guys really think that BlackRock will make it that easy for a bunch of neet anons? no shot. they will be sure to shake out as many pussies on the way up to accumulate more. Sell the news it is that easy

Or sit on your spot ETH/BTC bags and then begin to slurp alts when it inevitably dips after ETF approval, probably around February.

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Typo: remove "right"

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I’m 100% tethered and waiting for the inevitable correction to $30k. I might kms if that never happens though. I will say it has been stressful waiting. I sold at $44.5k a few weeks ago.

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same here, i'm tethered since 16K and i'm waiting for 10K, wagmi

joking "bro", stay poor kek

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you will make it. just don't get too greedy. slurp 50% or more below 40. and rest when you feel comfortable. no worse feeling than getting cucked from the sidelines

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I don't get it, why would you tether 100%? What if you're wrong?

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At least its white

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Because I want to maximize my profits when it dips. It’s going to go down. If you think you’re right about something you don’t half ass it and only tether 50%.

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I dunno anon that's pretty risky. I get it though, I think I'm right that crypto will increase dramatically in value so I'm pretty all-in, but predicting short-term market moves that's very hard most of the time