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Most undervalued coin on the market period.

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Midwit coin.

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true. too bad it gets delisted everywhere. oh well i already accumulated my bag years ago.

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>Most suppressed coin on the market period.

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im getting some BCH too, its not delisted in japan and UAE and other places. xmr is delisted in a lot of places. bch is a solution.

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BCH is a pointless shitcoin.

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Probably all the token inflation

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100 years from now this coin will rule the wild world with pirate coin.

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you never used crypto for anything, that's why you say retarded shit. everyone who actually uses crypto loves bch.

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No. It's pointless. XMR exists, Bitcoin exists. Bcash is pointless.

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>> bsvjeet

bsv is not available anywhere. you never bought anything with crypto. you just get paid by the bsvjeet team to post pro bsv. and your tactics only make everyone hate bsv more.

everyone who uses crypto likes xmr and bch.

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I have no issues acquiring BSV. Sounds like a skill issue to me, faggot. As for spending, I use XMR. Bitcoin isn't very private until it hits mass adoption and there are millions of transactions occuring a second. Use BSV for onchain apps and data.

Bcash is completely and utterly pointless. It's the Republican party of Bitcoin. Nothing but half measures nobody asked for and doesn't solve the problem. It doesn't scale and it's attempting to be XMR. It's like tranny Bitcoin.

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>BTC isn't very private
>until it hits mass adoption and there are millions of transactions occuring a second

Holy cope. BTC was never designed to be private even at mass adoption. XMR on the other hand...

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We are just early. Monero is already the cripto standard.

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who cares, some dude is about to kill himself live on tg stream, T do ME slash GreggzillaAndTheCryptoDegens


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the bsvjeets are active again. lmao

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>I have no issues acquiring BSV
i don't want to buy bsv you fucking retard. i want to buy goods with crypto, no one accepts BSV. they accept BCH, XMR, Litecoin, ETH. never fucking BSV. lmao.

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BTC is a scam fork of Bitcoin. Not capable of anything I'm discussing. Also private isn't the same as anonymous. XMR serves a different purpose than Bitcoin. They're basically the only two coins that aren't scams.

>I'm coping again lmao

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> I'm bsvjeeting again, craigs team will surely send me a few bsvjeettoshi for this post!

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Basically everything is routed through coinbase pay or bitpay. Take it up with them. If you're spending on BCH then you're extremely visible as it has almost no activity onchain. Just use XMR.

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XMR is not always available. i have to switch to LTC or BCH a lot , for gold , silver, plant shops, gift cards.

i use xmr when possible but not always possible.

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>> coinbase,
im not in america. euro user here. many shops accept crypto directly. no one uses coinbase here.

there's no shops that accept BSV.
there are some shops that accept XMR
there's are a lot of shops that accept BCH/LTC

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>for gold , silver
Not sure why you'd be doing that unless you're unloading your crypto. I only spend fiat on gold and silver.

Idk about plant shops.

I've had no issue getting gift cards with XMR.

I seriously wouldn't use BCH for transactions. I regret using it back in the day on that now defunct Amazon service. Think it was called pulse something.

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Monero is the best way to buy underage girls and sometimes boys

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>I seriously wouldn't use BCH for transactions
lmao did you listen? not everyone takes XMR. someties you have to first swap to BCH, LTC, ETH, BTC.

XMR is the least accepted from all of these : BCH LTC ETH BTC.

obviously no one uses BTC to make payments less than $1000. i wouldn't even use it for payments less than $10k

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>I've had no issue getting gift cards with XMR.
BITREFIL doesn't take XMR.and most direct non giftcard things you can buy with crypto don't take xmr.

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>he doesn't know about coincards

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you can swap kyc less from XMR to any other coin you need easily of course. but yeah its another step. which i have to a lot of time when i spend XMR.

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coincards only does north america. that's not my area. when I went travelling i could use bitrefil for a lot of things.

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Coincards dot com

Beyond cards I don't have much use for spending. I can buy just about everything from this site alone using XMR. I don't encounter any physical retail that accepts crypto ever.

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>Coincards dot com
only works in the U.S.A and CANADA where I am NOT.

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It doesn't really matter. They don't kyc.

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>don't encounter any physical retail that accepts crypto ever.
They exist in Europe and around europe,

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fren if I want to buy a steak from a supermarket chain in portugal I can do that using bitrefill. Coincards doesn't have anything unless you are in americca. where I probably wont ever be in my lifetime.

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Windoge98 is the greatest coin of all time there is so much money to be made here. It is far superior to shitero

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Don't eurofags use Amazon?

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Gift cards are usually region specific. a gift card for supermarketchain portugal doesn't work in supermarketchain italy.

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and no we don't prefer amazon., atleast I don't. and esepcially if i'd be getting food i wont use amazon. didn't know amazon ships steaks and bread? lmao

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until you realize ring signatures have boxed monero into a corner they don't have the development talent to free themselves from, while chain analysis companies keep flooding it with fake decoys, chipping away the privacy level to dangerously low levels for anyone that isn't just buying xanax online.

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Sucks to suck. I can spend XMR for those things over here.

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>xmr fork but with a stablecoin on top
>stablecoin can't be redeemed to mint base coin like Luna
>under 50m mc
Monerobros..it's time to see the light
It's time to embrace Zeph

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I have no problem using Bitcoin privately. Sounds like a skill issue.

More importantly, privacy is only as good as the weakest link. If you want to buy anything more than gift cards, your name and address are getting recorded somewhere.

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>bro just fight globohomo by giving your money to a globohomo corp like Amazon

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Lame cope but ok

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That's why drug markets still use BTC, right lol

My economic impact to Amazons bottom line is non-existent. Besides 99% of the Internet is run on AWS. There's no fighting it, faggot.

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>Yes goy, spend your money on drugs and amazon gift cards, that'll sure show us. But don't even try fighting globohomo corps like amazon, they've already won.

And meth strength aside. Junkies aren't a threat to the powers that be. To win, Monero should be money for everyone, even normies. Getting shoehorned into the drug market won't fix shit.

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But Monero is money for everyone

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How are you fighting globohomo, queer boy?

BTC is a steaming pile of shit btw

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They why is it constantly shilled as drug money, 1 = 1 parity with cocaine, jihadi imagery, btfo'ing yids and the WEF, etc? The geniuses pushing that narrative are fucking up your shit since no one thinks of Monero as money for everyone, or money for the masses.

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>everyone who actually uses crypto loves bch.
no they dont. most vendors offer btc, litecoin, eth, or xmr if its shady.

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I'd be fine if Monero did better. But the shitheads like >>57163606 who spam 'drug money', 'tax evasion', 'gas the jews' scare off 95% of your potential users. They glow.

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Give it some time. Back in 2012 Bitcoin was also just "drug money".

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it's the real bitcoin

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Nigger, my post in response to your bullshit about BTC privacy, which is an absolute fucking joke. BTC is an unscaled shitscam fork of Bitcoin that can't process enough transactions in a day to provide any actual privacy. For that you need to be doing hundreds of millions to billions of transactions a day. Or use XMR.

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12 years ago when Silk Road was still online. But it made inroads into white markets too. Monero has been around for a decade, plenty of time to work on normie appeal, but only seems to be getting shut out of white markets. Because there's no one publicly defending it. Because the masses don't know or care.

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Ring sigs are already on the way out.