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Met the guy running the main Motoko bootcamp about a year ago. Motoko is the equivalent of Solidity but for ICP development.
Salaries as a web3 developer can be insane.
If you have any ideas and want to build into the upcoming bull run, then ICP ecosystem probably isn't a bad bet. Easy to run fundraising through the SNS, etc...

Anyways, I felt like encouraging more people who got some brains to learn this shit instead of wasting time on bs.
Interview with the guy, who's running it:

I shill this shit because I liked the guy and I genuinely think it's a good way to invest your time. There are of course other ways of learning Motoko. I did it by watching some random tutorials on Youtube.
This is another good place to start lurking:

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How many ICP to make it

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I got 20 000.
Aiming to get net worth of $10 - 30M though.
Already "made it".

1000 icy pees might be enough. Building in the ICP ecosystem is probably the best bet for people who want to make it though, if you have decent IQ and time to spare.

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Bookmarked. Thanks anon

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why would i learn this when i can just lean solidity?

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I've never coded before, and haven't learnt compsci. Is it still achievable to learn Motoko?

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Because ethereum has no future, and anyone with 2 brain cells and no stake in it can tell

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Yeah, I think you should be able to do it. As long as you find the right learning material to start with. I think the bootcamp doesn't require any prior programming knowledge. You'll probably have to repeat stuff more than others and lookup programming terms, but it should be fine. Just have realistic expectations.

Python or something is probably a better language to start with, ngl. But I still think it's doable.

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Solidity is more useful for EVM copy cats

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I have done a little web development but it’s hard for me because I have absolutely zero artistic ability. Understanding aye code was not that hard for me but designing something worth looking at was difficult.

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nobody is building anything on this crap

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ICP is clearly different from other blockchains, just like Ethereum was clearly different from Bitcoin when it launched.
Solana, Polkadot or BSC isn't that different from Ethereum at the end of the day.
ICP on the other hand is clearly different with a new set of possible use cases.

I'm not going to lie and say with certainty that there will be killer use cases built on ICP, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get true decentralized social media dapps or 100 % on-chain defi or something else being built on ICP.
We'll see. But the potential is there, which isn't exactly the case with Solidity and EVM copy cats.

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ICP apps are still heavily reliant on centralized cloud providers. Either for CDN,DDOS mitigation, or general web architecture that isn't available on ICP. If you think these apps fully run on ICP you don't know what you're talking about.

In saying that, I'm actually keen to build something on it. I've learnt solidity, not sure what a good starting project is though?

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>ICP apps are still heavily reliant on centralized cloud providers. Either for CDN,DDOS mitigation
its reliant on neither but both can be used in conjunction.

>f you think these apps fully run on ICP you don't know what you're talking about.
still the only chain where this is possible and we are so early it hurts

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How does this compare to solidity? I started learning Python a couple years ago to eventually move to eth, but I was discouraged after seeing it was oversaturated by scamming jeets.

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Here's a collection of links for Motoko development:

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You don't always have to make things look amazing to get a solid user base. 4chan isn't exactly high quality web design. Curve's front-end is also a bit questionable. Focus on building some niche dapp where design isn't as important, or collaborate with someone to build the front-end. Copying other applications frontends will also make you develop somewhat of an artistic ability even though you're just copying someone else.
I'm pretty sure you'll figure it out if you have the will.

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I would say that for now the ICP ecosystem has more developers that are more technologically interested than ETH ecosystem, and especially ECM copy cat ecosystems. But crypto as a whole has a lot of scammers, so if you don't like that. Then it's probably better to stick to other types of development.

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Found the avax roach

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What do u even make?

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Yeah, you got a point. But it's still more decentralized in some aspects than other blockchains. But sure, you got a point, although you can run the dapps without what you just mentioned.
>good starting project is though?
No limit tx holdem or something similar to Farmville. Unironically think that could be quite big. Especially if you can earn NFTs and transfer to other games within the ecosystem.
Any type of gambling site which offers products which legally speaking are in gray zones could be interesting too.
Dexes built on ICP could be interesting if governments start attacking front-ends for Uniswap or similar. Those are some ideas.

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Is Motoko any more widely used now? Seemed like everyone took the Rust approach when I was more involved. Dev tooling improved now?
All I ever cared about was more WASM adoption on the internet, but Rossberg, that created Motoko, left Dfinity back in Aug of last year. So I wasn't sure if Motoko was gaining traction on ICP

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I can't think of a more based name than motoko
this project is solid

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Can you learn this shit with no other programming job history and get a 6 fig job?

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>Is Motoko any more widely used now?
Admittedly, I haven't done much Motoko development the past 12 months or so, but when I was in it, it seemed like Motoko/Rust was about 50/50. The dev tooling still was pretty bad. Might be better now.

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If you have a undiscovered natural inclination for programming and a willingness to build a good track record (build your own projects, show off on github, etc), then yes. Even more so if ICP ends up being one of the main winners in the next bullrun (which doesn't seem that unlikely).
I think Solidity developers made $300k / year during 2021. Probably don't expect that, but six figures should be doable if you have a natural talent for it.

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>isn't a blockchain

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shhhhh, don't tell them

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finally some oldfags who already made it move back in this board. 18.5k pees reporting in. Third biggest position after eth and btc.
Porsche 991 Turbo S arrived in december, board getting good again, life's good

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because literally anybody who can write code can write solidity with chatgpt support in like 10 minutes anyways. Saying this as a former dev with 5 years experience. Quit when i made it.

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Good the hear anon, nice to see a fellow oldfag!

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if you're all in, 20,000 ICP isn't making it (nice stack though)