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check the ratio chud

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LINK is the new ETH

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Dead Tech

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"gib me all yo efferiums or else"

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Money skelly just diktat'd that you can run a validator node on layer 1 with no less than 4096 eth. He just committed crypto seppoku for his wall st overlords. You can now choose between meme coin rug factories that run in a server farm in NJ or actual crypto that runs on tens of thousands of user nodes distributed across the planet. ETH, SOL, BSC, and whatever other permissioned blockchain with gatekeepers is no different than XRP now. The only difference being that Ripple fags can't even build an AMM.

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it just SUCKS!

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ultimate shitcoin

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WHy do you invent bullshit?

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Buy signal?

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Why can't you understand english?https://ethresear.ch/t/sticking-to-8192-signatures-per-slot-post-ssf-how-and-why/17989

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Allow me to spoon feed you
>Money Skelly:
"A possible solution is to give up on (i) and go all-in on (ii). We could raise the min deposit size to 4096 ETH and make a total cap of 4096 validators (~16.7 million ETH). Small-scale stakers would be expected to join a DVT pool: either by providing capital or by being a node operator. To prevent abuse by attackers, the node operator role would need to be reputation-gated somehow, and pools would compete by providing different options in this regard. Capital provision would be permissionless."

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its a proposal, his proposals get rejected all the time. first time eh? youre in for a fun ride

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I guess we'll see fren. They have to do something now and the easiest way is usually the way they go.

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Needs a 80% rise in price to keep up with Btc or Link

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who is "they"?
you are so used to centralized trash its not even allowing you to comprehend what decentralization looks like in action

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the very fact that vitalik posted this like a week ago and the price was unaffected just serves to show how decentralized this is. he doesnt control anything you dumb fuck FTX shills

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I don't think it was ever meant to go above about $500 and at the same time isn't going to go much lower than current price ever again

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>thinks eth is decentralized
Ignorance is bliss. But you should know that Consensys (a private corporation) owns the rights to the vast majority of the user facing Infrastructure and charges all the paypigs a fee to use their service, which they then use to feed off chain data to their MEV bots. I'm not shilling for anything, and I bought eth at $10. Decentralize the gateways and you may be getting to some semblance of muh decentralization.

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lol you were just shilling acting like some run of the mill proposal was legit fud. you dont just get to reset your credability. at least start a new thread, dumbass

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Awww, did someone get their wittle fees fees hurt? I will start a thread when this bullshit proposal passes. Is that you Joseph? Hows that loan treating you?