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So.. why is it pumping this time?

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jews have accepted they must pump our bags to pump theirs, biggest hebrew dilemma since free ham.

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check the 1 minute, it's back to dumping

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Check the 7D

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ETF will likely be announced tomorrow.
ETFs will unironically usher in the golden bull run.
They will likely be the most popular tickers for the next few weeks.
The volume will be tremendous like nothing ever seen before.

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King of Qatar changed his twitter profile to layer eyes with the caption "halal money"

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So sell the news by Jan 3rd and then we dump back to 40k?

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>biggest hebrew dilemma since free ham
kek idk how I've never heard this one before

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I won't be selling because I don't believe in my ability to time the market.
If it dumps back down after the announcement, but before the actual listing I will likely buy more BTC itself or maybe calls on BTC miners.

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Elites pumping it and dumping it because epstein bombshell drops and they need a distraction

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This time its different. 10 million marketcap incoming.

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You can't just mechanically "sell the news". It's not a foolproof magic bullet.

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it is

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Sub $300K is a safe buy if you've 4+ years outlook, People starting to realize it too

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What do I do then? I save $1300-$1500 every two weeks, and I also have $400-$500 left available bi-weekly. Do I keep stacking XMR? Should I save less money and be more aggressive investing? I've been saving aggressively and living frugally since I job hopped a year ago, and now I don't know what do do with my savings and the remainder money every 15 days

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If you want minor gains. Buy BTC and ETH. If you want bigger gains go for the smaller and mid caps crypto. Don't keep in cash.

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If your young. Go for aggressive investing.

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45k breached. It over bobos.
I built my stack by buying way OTM calls on BTC miners. Its less risky than gambling on shit coins since you are exposed to grandpa coin. I've had a tremendous return compared to what I started with.

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I'm interested. Are there OTM calls for Monero miners? (Even though it already reached tail emission). I'm looking for anything that can turn my $24k into $100k in the next two years, but I don't want to gamble with shitcoins again like 3 years ago.

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I don't know of any Monero miners. Frankly, I wouldn't even bother with anything besides BTC miners.
Friday was the a great day to buy after all miners dumped across the board.

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Bitcoin is CHEAP

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I'm relatively young (23)

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I suppose you put the OTM calls for BTC in a futures market, right? I was thinking I might as well do it via a CEX where I already (((KYC'd))) for the meanwhile

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No. I'm talking about boomer stock markets here.
Off this 5% pump, miner stocks will likely pump 20% or more. Calls will likely be double that.

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Oh I see, makes sense. Damn had I known earlier about OTM calls, I would've put some in every BTC miner company, then some in ETH staking platforms. Alright I'll dig more into that, that's definitely less risky than gambling on shitcoins. What was your starting capital and whats your current capital atm anon?

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it's pumping because we're all buying without you OP

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2024 is the year we all make it. Simple as'.

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the whales are artificially pumping the price in order for other whales to cash out at a higher price or whatever that cope copypasta says

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Notice the abundance of green and the upward pointing red arrow

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Sagittarius blood moon?


>Just DCA'd $400 and will now DCA $200 bi weekly
>BTC starts dumping


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Bitcoin is only 35% down from ATH, ADA is 80% down from ATH. ADA Might be a riskier play, but you'll probably see a higher return.

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ADA's market cap is quite big though.

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People are selling stocks to buy Bitcoin in anticipation of the ETF. The reason why it's happening today is because people were waiting for the new tax year before incurring capital gains.

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