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What's the point of all of this crypto shit?
Obviously, the notion of replacing the banks is laughable at this point.

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kek nocoiners are funny, go back to r/buttcoin

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It is a shitcoin casino industry, internet Vegas, why?

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they live in paradise

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>the notion of replacing the banks is laughable
but we have replaced banks LOL
your bank is FUCKING BROKE
they lost all your money
meanwhile, DeFi has 8% on USDC (aave)


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I would love to torment that tribe with a drone..fly it above their heads, spraying them with Gorilla glue...or waking them up at 2am with a recording of high pitched laughter on a loop...or airdropping them some bananas in an electrified cage.

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Safe haven for inflation.

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Watch this:

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We might be able to make money by selling it for more to someone else.

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Go back to sucking Larry Fink's wrinkly cock
USDC is backed USD in banks,
That's mean!
That shitcoin backs most big stablecoins used in "Defy" (lol)
Yeah, except BTC maxies suck regulator cock and gobble old man Larry's semen so they can make 'bank' from getting EFTs approved by big daddy government.
Only honest post in this thread.

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Banks are going bust or inflation will turbo rape any fiat holders.
Either road they choose it is amazing for crypto

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What about how ETC, ETH, ETH2.O, ETHW? Can they just fork the coin and change the rules in the future as they see fit? If someone accumulates enough they can do this...

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>USDC is backed USD in banks
you mean t-bills
also, you're paying for that t-bill, fiatcel
you're paying so we can short your shitcoin to 0

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Money going from retards to the CIA

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we make money (crypto) by shorting dogshit (fiat)
the best part is how fiatcel thinks we're "using" his shitcoin
little does he know that we're using his liquidity as a put to prop DAO tokens and gas money
and the custodial costs to keep the synthetic are passed over to fiatcel holders lmao, as t-bills are short term, measured in months

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CIA these nuts you filthy kike

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>you have all your money in fiat bank accounts
You're not shorting shit either. You're bending over for the powers you pretend to oppose so they can twist Satoshi's vision into a new system of control

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Nice ID chink goyim. That's my counter argument

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China is the testbed for the new digital tyranny you useful idiots are helping to build.

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>mmm yes thank you master I am good groyim

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It's less about replacing banks. What are you going to do when the government rolls out CBDC or digital credits and abolishes fiat? What will you do when every single one of your transactions is tracked and managed by the government? Imagine a currency that's not your own, even if you work hard for it. The government says when you can spend it, how you can spend it, and where. You have no say, at least with fiat you have a physical asset the government can't track. That's the point of crypto, have a digital currency that still gives you the freedom to invest it how you like.

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>What's the point of all of this crypto shit?
Gambling and speculative markets
>Obviously, the notion of replacing the banks is laughable at this point.
Anyone taking that seriously deserves to be liquidated.
Crypto is a scam. Invest, get in, get out. Plain as.

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>What are you going to do when the government rolls out CBDC or digital credits and abolishes fiat?
Ugh you faggots are insufferable
CBDC's won't abolish fiat. It will be the backbone for fiat.
The dollar will be represented and tracked digitally... and that's it, helping governments keep track of how their currencies are spent and moved.
You think someone was going to go door to door collecting everyone's cash? You're on /biz/ too much.

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The US won't roll out a CBDC, even central banks are pretending to be "sceptical" about it because there's too much public awareness and resistance.
What WILL happen is that they'll cut off the balls of crypto (BTC maxies are walking straight into it too) so that ultimately, things like KYC through institutions like banks will be mandatory and any privacy preserving aspects like mixers will be aggressively outlawed.
Wanna buy anything with BTC? Gonna have to go through that approved KYC wallet or it won't be accepted.
The result will eventually be functionally equivalent to CBDCs.

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>no groyim bitcoin is just rike cbdc there is no 21 mirrion limit

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When bombs fall on you city and you run to the airport, do you want your money in
>a safe that you can't carry with you
>a bank that won't give it to you when you run away
>a gold bar that will be confiscated on the border
>a blockchain
Choose wisely
>inb4 heh that'll never happen
The Israelites thought so too

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I agree 100% btc is a glownigger operation and is a trojan horse for digital enslavement. But If the fake pandemic tought me anything, it's that humanity will be, nay, deserves to be enslaved. Its inevitable. The only question is how do we profit from that? The answer is crypto

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what's the point of you?
this might sound like a meme but i mean this unironically
the difference in cognitive power between you and me is basically the same as between you and an ant
honestly out of 8 billion people there's maybe a few dozen millions who are useful in this day and age
consider yourself lucky usefulness is not the prime criteria for survival

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Honestly I’m ok with cutting the balls off if it makes crypto more accessible and or palatable for large sums of money to flow into it. Literally could care less about muh freedom muh privacy. If I help mr shekelstein get filthy rich from crypto adoption and I can join in the fun, more power to him. I have no shame, no morals except make more money

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>the notion of replacing the banks is laughable at this point.
All the banks are technically insolvent and the USA is 35 trillion in debt. Replacing the banks is exactly what crypto was designed to do.

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I don’t own any of that shitcoin because it’s not decentralized.