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I only managed to accumulate 3k ICP it feels like shit. How many people in the world do you think have that much

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Sui stack is 10k

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How many people in the world do you think have ICP 10k

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Around 1 million Chinese people got it at ipo.

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Are you fkn serious

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Insane Clown Posse? What will cryptotards think of next

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Stfu ... I'm a poor eurofag with 25 only. I'm a disgrace.

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3k is an amazing amount do not despair brother

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bro some anons here have 10k+

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I'm at 1100, thinking about getting another 2k but I'm about 95% certain that I'll make more off of meme tokens.

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10k tokens or 10k $?

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invest in the ic casino anon

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>only have 120 ICP

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and? what's the point of having money if jeff bezos has more? you're success can only be tailored to yourself. it doesn't depend on others

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correction next
moon in 2025, half year after (((the halving)))

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10k ICP

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Pls give tips or good meme coins

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Hey someone like you needs to make moves on small or microcaps, not high mc ICP where you might double or triple at best. Buy coins like SOLID, XFT, ALPH, ZEPH, FI, ZANO.

Then you can start building a proper stack.
>t. was buying LINK on etherdelta for 40c a pop

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Fuck off jeet

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If ICP goes to 1000 you still made a lot of money :)

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Wow only 3 Million big whoop some anons will have 10 million off ICP

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Youre calling me a jeet because Im trying to help you? Stay poor then

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Brown skin fuck go eat your street slop

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$EXE $ghost.
Windoge ($exe) is at 1mil market cap. 100x incoming

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>Im trying to help you
What does any of this crap do?

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>SIR I am trying to assist you one moment please I understand you are situation Mr Anon and I want to thank you for being a valued and loyal crypto customer. Let me offer you right now this special deal of SOLID, XFT, ALPH, ZEPH, FI, and ZANO coin SIR good coins very cheap don’t forget to rate this call 5 stars SIR

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solid = dex better than uniswap
xft = zksnarks encryption of eth assets so you can move them on chain privately
alph = kas/kda style dag with smart contracts
zeph = monero style usd stablecoin
fi = not sure some financial shit
zano = privacy chain by the main dev of cryptonote

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>a bunch of unneeded shit
Ah yes, truly a great investment.

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doesnt matter. all that matters is other people dont think they are shit.
youre here to make money arent you?
if youre the kind of guy who bagheld btc for 4 years to get a 2x then.... i feel sorry for you lol.

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Thanks. Think I'll settle holding this 25 until like 400-500 range. I got a few others which I'm betting on, so we'll see.

Just had a lawsuit against a contractor that ruined my property. As you could imagine that costed a ton to prosecute him. Now due to understaffed judged (omfg) the damage claim amount will only be discussed and settled in November 2024.

However the property has been released and I can continue the work. Which as you could imagine will cost another ton. So yeah, think I'll hold onto what I've got instead of chasing pumps and or what have you. It's already a gamble enough as it is.

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I only have 820 so don't despair

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jackie chan got 10k stack @0.2 at ipo kek