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Easiest fucking short. Get in here.

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post it pussy

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>already dumping

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Zoom out

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>bull flag breaking to the upside
>easy short
post your short position LARPing jeet

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Your tears will be fucking delicious.

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I have $1000. How do I short this on kucoin so I can make $100k?

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You're supposed to short when you see the short squeeze erect candle, you dumb faggot.
This will go around $15 before any sort of a short should be done. You are fucked.

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Thats from more people realizing this scam and shorting. Nothing to worry about.

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bottom signal

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post short larper

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Why is OP always a liar?

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I lost a bit of money shorting this early already. It’s tempting to jump back on, but it’s a bit unsettling how much it’s being shorted now in this range. I think it’s going to short squeeze everyone up to 15-16, and for that reason, I’m out

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you never reply when I tell the truth

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Then youd miss out on the juciest of gains. Its going to go to $10 in the next 24 hours.

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Then I miss out. There’s always another opportunity. If I’ve learned anything, shorting a bullish market is way riskier than just waiting for the dip and longing. I’ll pick up a long if it dumps to $10

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Why are you such a risk averse loser?

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lmao , this coin should be 50$, if you hate on it you don't have 5 mins to research how much of a non scam it is

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you guys are just gamblers, it can easily hit 15$ on this pump, it may settle to 10$ for a bit but timing that drop is impossible, just buy it and hold to 50$

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Adam & Eve Bottom

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moon mission has just begun
fucking SEETHE fudders SEEEEETHE

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There's often one final sweep above highs to grab stop-losses during these parabolic surges. Not always, but if you look at any similar leg up, there's almost always the scam wick following them.

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checkout BOOB chart on PULSECHAIN

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Just be patient. Prices are only going up because everyone is shorting at 20x.

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can't wait to read your suicide notes

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We're in a bull market, just hold and sell in 2025. Then in 2026 you can short all year.

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This is a hell of a squeeze. That means when it comes crashing down it will be even more devastating.

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Volume is tapering off. The dump is imminent.

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lmao when are you wiped out

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$14. Which isnt going to happen in a long ass time. Im going to close my position when it dumps to $11 and buy back in at $10.

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and how much do you make with that sort of trade?

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he’ll be back in a few, he’s praying right now

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your time is coming, Nigger hehe

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they’re hunting you

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He's already wiped. Any other claim with no proof is him just coping about his loss.

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lol nm, your actually about to get liquidated.
just saw

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Christ what a brainlet. I would understand if the liq is around $16 but $14?
Thanks for fueling the pump, retard.

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Literally dumping back down as we speak.

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$13.60 rn

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Like last time it was supposed to be the super cycle... And the halving mattered a shit last time, stop echoing youtubers and twitter own fart smellers.

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zoom in

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I will short with you because I'm salty i missed out, fuck these other cunts.

I have 2k how much can I make from a short?

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if it keeps going up, you'll lose a portion or all of it
if it goes down (and you actually close the position), and you use the whole 2k as margin, you can make up to 2k multiplied by your leverage if it goes down 100%, but that isn't likely

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what's the leverage on binance or should I do it on different exchange?

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I haven't used binance since they kicked out leafs but they let you do up to 100x last I was on there.
careful with that, though, you'll get wiped out if it moves up even 1% from your entry if you use that much leverage

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Didn't you posted yesterday and got wrecked?

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Just happened on Binance, you're a lucky faglet if it doesn't hit on CB

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Holy kek

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Everybody with basic reading and comprehension skills, even jeets using GPT to translate biz

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i'll give it 1 hour and we break $14. screencap this.

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It touched $14. Its over

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>12:18 H: $14.000
Damn. Just barely

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Bought at $13.27, easiest support trade.

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If risk averse means not being retarded, then I’ll be risk averse. If you weren’t stopped out you probably got liqd by now fag

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next time, consider shorting in silence - although I assure you the result will remain the same

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it's about to be OVER

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you shorted the day the big candle was going to happen, right when it started LOL. Just look at your own graph.

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Thanks for fueling the ICP bullrun

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i dont see a dump

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always do the opposite of this fucking board, losers

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Haha how much did you lose on this?

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28k. The last of my gains from shorting btc from top to bottom has been completely wiped out now. I am beyond devastated.

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thank you sirs for your contribution to village

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I’ve lost more on leverage, don’t feel bad about it. Just never trade on leverage again.

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Why is this at over $15 now?
Was 12.5 just before

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are you seeing pee?

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Imagine fucking with any shitcoin after it starts pumping like this. If you short it always pumps more; it you long it rugs. Either get in early or don't touch it dude.

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that's a bummer dude

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Sorry for your loss OP. Let this be a lesson to all newfags and lurkers. Trading is 100% gambling. This trade could have just as easily worked, and yet it would still be a gamble in that case.

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This. everything will pump tomorrow

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When you looking to sell?