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>if you have 1,000,000$ you only need a 2x to have 2,000,000$

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yep that is how I roll

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yep that is how I roll

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yep that is how I roll

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I reached $1 million net worth on February 2021. I've been crabbing ever since and barely have $1.7 million now. It's all so tiresome.

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yep that is how I roll

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Holy shit I never realized

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Same. I've been crabbing between $2m and $3m since then and it sucks.

I'll never have enough to retire at this rate.

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Bro... if you have 1k just get a 10x, then get a 10x on that, then get a 10x on that... millionaire status: achieved

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What's your make it number? I want $5 million but at this point I'll take $3 million and just work part time for a while.

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that's why you put your lunch money into solanasofa.com.

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$10 million is my makie it number so I can dump my wagie job forever

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are you guys retarded, or just canadian?
im in spain and with 2 milion i could live off VHYD divies while have 1 million dollar house that would shit on whatever onions distant burgerland you are doomed at

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No, I will not leave the United States to live in some yuropoor shithole just because it's comparatively cheap.

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stay poor faggot

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Oh fuck you. All I need is a 15k truck that I cannot even afford.

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My taxes at work dwarf your yuropoor salary. kys poorfag

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lower your tone europeasant

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Aw poor thing, life must be so difficult for you:
> Can't choose which fancy house to buy
> "oh but the neighborhood over there is better but the houses cost $2m more! :("
> "Rolls Royce Phantom? pfft I want the limited Porsche Carrera GT instead but Doug DeMuro bought it before I did! :("

Fucking hell I hate rich spoiled brats like you. Grow up.

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A 2x would be 3 million.

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You gonna buy all that junk when you get the money? Stay poor, it's what you deserve.

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If you have a million dollars you need to keep it the hell away from crypto. Put maybe $50K in at most. You can reliably make 5-8% gains every 3 months in the stock market if you actively trade and aren't looking for a lottery ticket investment.

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im rich from youtube you dumb waggie

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but what people like you dont understand is, once you buy all of that, you have to go waggie again? if yes, you fucked up