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I’ve been lurking biz for 6 years now. Have a 6-fig portfolio of BTC and LINK at 75/25 split.

Getting early LINK vibes from ICP but there are so few actual quality threads or breadcrumbs on here. Just a lot of fud and meme content.

What’s the deal? Is this just FOMO or should I buy a fat stack?

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Link is a shitcoin
ICP is the next btc

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ICP will rug Feb 3rd, 2024

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icp is a future top 3 coin

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you're a 6 year oldfag and still don't know how biz works and got priced out of the next eth. congratz.

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Can either of you explain your thesis? What about ICP is so compelling? I will buy 500 ICP if there’s a good argument for it.

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I got both

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Both are premined PoS shit scams

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Nobody cares about your dead boomercoin loser

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There was like 100 threads explaining this, also if you would have 6fig portfolio you would do proper research yourself. I don't understand why you retards love to lie in internet.

spoonfeed - basically it has tools for developers to make somewhat web 3.0 promised stuff - decentralized web, hosting, data storage etc. It is still shit, but it is best in market compared to what we have. F.E. eth - old, bloated and expensive, sol - obscure af, hemorrhoid for developers or bnb - centralized

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This, shame that OP is a faggot and didn't feel those early vibes at $2

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Kek. I didn’t say I was without shame. Legitimately hard to find the breadcrumbs. Hence posting this for smart anons like yourself.

Thank you for the info

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I bought a stack at $20 then sold out at $5 because I had no conviction and was consolidating into bitcoin. Feel like that was a mistake

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so many time i had a stack of icp but i just kept losing it trying to stack more, god dammit

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ICP actually makes all crypto obsolete besides btc and eth and it gives those 2 superpowers

Chainlink is a stable coin by a morbidly obese retard named sir gay

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A ETH smart contract is 256 kB, a ICP cannister is 64 GB. You can host entire website structures on a single cannister. Imagine what this will do to the auditing industry. Bookkeeping, etc. It can actually use the function of the blockchain for regular people

COP28 is another example

You can host things on ICP.

Imagine the entire NFT market up to date isn't hosted on chain, i.e. if someone hacks the source location of your monkey it makes your NFT obsolete. ICP NFTs are held on chain (because it has good data abilities).

Etc etc etc. YouTube ICP is good resources, especially that one guy that looks like a fag, he looks retarded and talks retarded but does some good research on ICP that's pretty alpha.

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Thanks anon!

Wasn’t there a planned integration of ETH and BTC into their protocol? Then neither panned out. That gave me scam vibes which I weak-handed sold. But maybe I’m not understanding something?

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ckETH and ckBTC exist

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There's a reason why TRB pumped harder than these two

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Icp canisters are 96gigs now.

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Wtf is up with TRB anyway, so pissed I sold it at $20 like a year ago.. Is it pumping til it hits LINK levels or what

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Kekekek. A Biz lurker who doesn’t know shit about The Pee. Da fuck kinda gay lurker is he

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Imma cooooooommm

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i swapped some coins for 1k ICP when it was $50, then i doubled down and bought ICP when it was low ~4-5$ range, eventually i traded my stack out ~$7 range for BTC. combination of fud, inflation and SEC labeling ICP as a security made me do the swap to de-risk. best of luck ICPees heh ... go on without me, i'll catch up later

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i feel you bro, i sold so many times trying to get a bigger stack and all i did every time was lose it all

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windoge98 does more than chainlink unironically

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the SEC news almost made me sell, I don't know how the price wasn't affected at all by that.

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Sad but true, I feel for linkies

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It literally had iron clad support and couldn’t go lower or the earth would have collapsed in on itself. It’s a $250 per token protocol, it couldn’t stay at $4 for very long

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are you planning to buy back ?

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absolutely but i know when i do its going to do the opposite immediately and just make me feel like shit, maybe itll pull back closer to 103

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unoriginal forced meme.

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Icp still doesn't have enough node providers yet. I hope that increases soon.

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All of the icp profits will rotate into chainlink you have been warned