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there are over 7 billion people on this planet. you're telling me you can't one of them to love you?

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No, I really can't. I must be a 1/10 or just boring or toxic or something.

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Lets say half are women, then lets say out of the women 70-80% are vaxxed because women are retarded. Then lets say out of the remaining 20% 80% of them have high body count and aren't virgins, so that leaves us 20% of 20% and then those women need to be filtered through many other filters to find a suitable partner.

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hard mode: no fat chicks

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3.5 of them are women who only want the 1% chad who earns 6 figs, has a 6 pack and is over 6 feet tall

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You do not find love when you spend all time inside.Internet is curse for most anons sadly.

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Kek people still fear vaccines in 2023?

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I can but I don't want to. Basically this >>57134160

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>over 7 billion people on this planet.
Yeah, but how many of those are 18-25 year old latinas?

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I can but I don't care about that I want money.

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>being this naive
lel, enjoy your poison

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that's 280 million women. ur telling me, out of 280 million women, not one would like you?

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How many are fat? how many are virgin? how many are in the same country and area as me? how many have the same views and aren't degenerate leftists/commies? How many are the same race/ethnicity as me? How many are educated and not double digit IQ retards? How many will make good mothers and wives? A very, very, very tiny majority and guess what? These women don't want some average 4chan browsing guy, they know their worth and want 6 foot tall 6 figure earning chad.

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That word has lost all meaning. In current day it just means someone who doesn't agree with me. In short- Kill yourself r*ddit tourist.

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I had plenty of interest from women I have 0 interest in. I'm just not settling anon, I would rather be alone than with some woman I feel nothing for

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Anon, you seem to be thinking this all the wrong way. It's not about diluting down your choices. I asked whether there is someone out there that would love you. Chances are there is, and if they do, chances are they are going to check off a lot of your boxes. Each relationship that ever happened has always had both sides make sacrifices. You seem to be looking for the perfect one, I am not asking about finding the perfect one.

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You are living under a rock, you have no idea about modern women or simply choosing to be ignorant knowing full well they have ridiculous requirements. Even average fat women want that tall good looking chad. Hypergamy is ridiculous right now, 20% of the men have access to all the women while the rest of the suckers sit in their basement jerking off and playing video games. There's a reason there are record number of young men dropping out of society. Women are majorly at fault.

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no they're describing a standard for themself so they are filtering through a criteria in terms of what woman is worthy to them. that is called voluntary celibate. involuntary celibate would be you would fuck anything but can't get it. you are exercising your illiteracy which i can respect

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Why do people keep saying 7 billion when it is well over 8 billion now? It's not the 2010s any more. Besides, my soul mate has almost certainly married someone else.

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Anon, of course you won't find someone if you live in a bubble and entrap yourself in a basement. But by putting your best foot forward, you maximize your chances. You owe it to yourself to find your best self.

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No it hasn’t you fucking /r9k/ future transexual rights advocate.
Spamming not only this board but the entire fucking website with their inane terminally online talking points on women makes them incels. If they were really volcels they wouldn’t be complaining so much.

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Kek! You seem to be projecting.

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Women only care about themselves.

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Go back, tourist. Your kind aren't welcome here and never have been. Go back to your little echo chamber where you circlejerk each other with muh women empowerment movements and other nonsense.

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280million around the fucking world. out of those 280 150-200m are in south america or some bumfuck nowhere in some gook country. A white virgin/low body count white european woman non-vaccinated and under 26 is almost impossible to find. Except in some places where i'm going after this bullmarket ends.

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See >>57134381 and >>57134382

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see >>57134287

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>You can easily date all 7 billion people in your lifetime to find one that likes you