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>if you have 1,000,000$ you only need a 2x to have 2,000,000$
>you can have 1 million dollar condo + 1 million divies comfy neetmode enabled in a cool place like spain or portugal

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None of the shitcoins I buy have enough liquidity to handle $10 million buys and sells

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imagina fazer publicidade no 4chan lmao
foda-se que desespero

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>spain or portugal
i'd rather die

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brazillians, niggers and gypsies won't feed themselves you know
we need mutt tourist/expat money to keep the browns in check

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Check out BOOB on pulsechain

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This is how every poor dumb idiot thinks when they come here. How can i make the minimum and then become a bum? Is their goal.

Congratulations you’re already a bum

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You can live in either of these places for free on welfare.