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>Basic Information

>GMERICA: RICO's Rough Sting & Launching TEDDY on tZERO, Part 6

>GMERICA, part 5


>Do companies state that they face bankruptcy...but then *suddenly* do a 180 "Reverse Uno", squeeze short sellers and bring riches to shareholders?

>How Can BBBYQ Exit Chapter 11 In A Way That Benefits Shareholders

>End Game: DTC and NSCC are screwed as the DTC just proved shareholders should Directly Register Shares (DRS)

>Temporary alliance with jews and reddit we can go back to hating each other later
>Don't take any DD for fact use your brain

>Umm Uhh Uhh Uhhh Umm

>As always
Kek bondies

Previousneed on /BBBYQ/:

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I'd say kek Baggies, but you're not baggies any more. You don't bags anymore because you don't own anything. Kek, losers? I guess

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Kek transbaggies

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Anyone who posts in this thread is automatically in agreement that this play is not over and there is still the possibility of shareholders getting paid.

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I cannot wait to shitpost high ranking executive obituaries.

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Go back to your faggot sub, KEK

Work on the stubble Hannah..

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This. Anyone who laughs at me for putting my life savings into dogshit is automatically in agreement that the great turd squeeze is real.

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>It starts in China

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Fuck off stupid baggie.

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Spoken like a true baggot, or at least someone who used to hold bags kek.

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According to sixth street we are actually current shareholders.

Now please provide short gains. Kek.

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Why wait?

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Pretty simple. The entirety of the U.S. government, Wallstreet and banking institutions are acting in concert to keep the system propped up. They already ruined the Fed balance sheet. They have been inflating bubbles and tried 15 years of ZIRP. I am not exactly sure why you need to split hairs on a timeline.
Are you trying to imply that this economy can function on its own without help from the Fed? That the U.S. economy can just operate on sound economic principals as if nothing ever happened and a crash wouldn't occur?
The point I am making is that the global powers could have economic agreements that last at minimum 3-5 years. We're on the tail end of this debt cycle but that doesn't mean it will implode in the next year.
Also: hearty kek at the snide remarks. But I know you cling to every word I write. Go suck some troon cock you reddit faggot.

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Old news. But I'm suspecting he will enter the conversation again soon.

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>We're on the tail end of this debt cycle but that doesn't mean it will implode in the next year.
>It's been a massive spending binge mascaraed as economic activity that's about to implode
Holy moving goalposts Batman

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Nice, as we all know, a thirdie answering emails is the definitive source of truth on all matters. My short gains are 0% (I just don't like the stock, okay? Why do you care what I do with my hate?). Your losses are 100%, the absolute maximum. Very impressive.

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Being on year 90+ of a 100 year long debt cycle pretty much means it's about to explode.
I hope you actually know this and are just trying to be petty. You're a retard if you think you have an own here.

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Check out my BASED PP id.

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Calm down hannah banana.

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>thinks Gustavo is dead
lol lmao

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Right, because you are so sure it's a 100 year cycle that we are in year 9X of and not...say...a 200 year cycle we are in year 7X of? Better but gold and bury it in the yard baggie, the financial end is coming.

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dumb fucking retard, I'll have you know that sixth street is the only one in this play that matters at all. KEK

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>No baggie can prove they actually have any shares
>Baggies believe they have shares despite no evidence
Are baggies just the trannies of the financial world?

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but melties are the faggies. we have documented proof

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What is an exponent?

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You ain't getting 100 more years out of this you retard. Economies require savings and real interest rates to be self sustaining you dumb retard.

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you seem upset, goober
sumtin wong?

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That was actually Ian T. Simmonds, the CFO of Sixth Street who was answering that email. Kek doug

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>makes dumb uniformed opinion
>gets made fun of
>"uhh actually you're mad and seething"
Not sending their best, are they?

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>sent from my fisher price phone

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keith seething
as per usual

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Keith is in your head shillfren, go take your meds

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Thats doubtful

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>I have applied for a trademark, let’s cheer!
Why doesn’t he apply for a job instead?

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Uh oh baggies, no more business days left in 2023. That means the NOLs are over

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uhhhhh bath nolggers? are we filing our taxes this year?

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Oh no should I sell?

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When is Jake2Bs DD coming out again?

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Shills be shamblin. I hope if you’ve been shilling you have an electronics guy making custom NIC breadboards along with Pringle can WiFi Antenna that can pickup WiFi from miles away (not perfect but probably acceptable) because TOR, VPNs, and other related services (including crypto stuff) can be tracked by the feds.


Hedgies are trapped by the balls

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uh no, nintendo will go after me
i'll think twice before kekking your HECKIN bags another time

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>We are living in a simulation and the movie is about to reach a climax.

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>We are living in a simulation
So baggies are tryin to cash in late (again) on Andrew Tate retardation?

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>this must be how dumbledore felt before he devoured the last crystal baby and conceived captain america

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>literally me after reading 18 paragraphs on twitter from some faggot who's never been right

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>looks epicly into camera

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^^its interesting that all u shills took about a 45 min break and then all started posting again at the same time.

U say ur doing this for “schadenfraud gainz” but hardly anyone even engages with u anyway. Its bizarre

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are you so unread that you think Andrew Tate came up with simulation theory, a post modern theory stretching back decades? If so, sell now. Kill yourself tonight

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i'm allowed to take breaks, unlike you

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>Shill posts stop just past the hour
>Start up again Just before the hour is up
>Collectively spam at the same time
Holy shit the lunch break shill farm is real kek

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yes, original OC concept developed by andy, minted as nft on beancash blockchain, do not steal or unlce rico will unleash the full power of nintendo on you

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>doesn't take lunch breaks
>can't afford lunch

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I can afford to take my entire winter off comfortably, poot-jeet

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>takes entire winter off
>spends time off sneething on biz over his cancelled stock
no refunds

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mental illness

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You're literally doing the same thing? holy kek
I hope they pay well for this retardation

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>just don't like the stock, okay? Why do you care what I do with my hate?
Based and slampigsexhaver pilled

>> No.57125824

What happens to the NOLs vros? I'm worried I lost everything on this.

>> No.57125836

Sorry that's behind an NDA

>> No.57125911

What’s up with u-copy trashing pulte and pp?

>> No.57125970

>no this isn't my job
>I only stop for lunch
I can literally smell the poo.

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Having run out of excuses the baggie ringleaders are now just repeating what they said 6 months ago and hoping everyone is too retarded to remember. Expect calls for unwavering conviction in February and 'WHO FUCKING KNOWS BUT WE WON' in Summer2024

>> No.57126377

everyone itt is an unwavering nigger

>> No.57126382

>can't address the subject directly
>still obligated to reply to it
you aren't very good at this, are you? i genuinely hate you. leave now.

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>i genuinely hate you. leave now.
kek why don't you make me you redditor loving faggot
you will never do anything

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Stop replying to me you filthy baggie

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I wonder how many financial crimes Doug Cifu has committed during his wretched existence.

>> No.57126481

Name a single stock or share that has performed worse this year than BBBY. I'll wait

>> No.57126494

That barnes clown is pure schizo and doesn't understand how any of this works. Again, the shorts are already closed and the stock ticker BBBYQ can't be brought back.

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Can you not go home for the day until you stop receiving replies?
Also, gentle reminder: Fraud.


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Damn you guys desperately want people to call their brokers to relinquish the shares don’t you? That truly is your last hope besides standard demoralization tactics.

Holy lmao I cannot wait to see crying wives and kids on tv about the evil Ryan Cohen and his terrorist shareholder followers who caused so many finance executives to take the final jump down onto the street below. Oprah should do a special where the families get together to mourn their losses then she has them all, to their horror, pull out the real mangled bodies from under the chairs.

>> No.57126986

There are no shares to relinquish, they are already gone. Call your broker and ask about your shares, there is a chance the broker will hang up because you fags have been harassing them all year over shares that don't exist.

Maybe when you get your tax forms you will accept that the shares are really gone with a 100% loss, although you will probably not even report the loss on your taxes, losing even more money.

>> No.57127016

so how many weeks until dec 19th again? When do we get to mow ass, bros?

>> No.57127037

How many years of tax discounts did you guys earn? Five for me.

>> No.57127049

if you file your 2023 tax return you will not be able to receive your teddy shares

>> No.57127177

I don’t like how mean the AMC apes are to pulte. It’s a bad look.

>> No.57127216


>> No.57127226

It's really fucking funny.

>> No.57127247

It’s funny how unprofessional and juvenile amc investors are, if that’s what you mean. And not in a “ha ha” way. Pulte has done so much for retail.

>> No.57127261

Personally I'm a big fan of Pulte. If he hadn't encouraged so many retail investors to consider BBBYQ, then the smart ones wouldn't have taken one look at their balance sheet and decided that they'd be better off investing in dogshit. This additional capital might be the spark that finally ignites the great turd squeeze. He sure is making a smart play by allying himself with us loyal turdholders, I'm sure that most of us will be willing to invest the billions of dollars we'll make fighting wallstreet corruption and nepotism to help him take over the company his grandad owned.

>> No.57127266

“Teddy keiretsu” lmfao
“Teddy keiretsu”
Grown men post pictures of le silly banana man, say things like “spoon sneeding time is over silly shilly willies”, watch something called the pee pee show and hunt for clues in low quality children’s books from a man they call “daddy ryan” while waiting to become rich from something called “teddy keiretsu”

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>Pulte has done so much for retail
He's tweeted a bunch and made unmitigated hype. That's it

>> No.57127289

>It’s funny how unprofessional and juvenile amc investors are
This. They like to act like they're better than me just because they're invested in "a stock that actually exists". Shows what they know. When the city confiscated and incinerated my dogshit, I made sure to get a receipt. I'm certain that any day now Ryan Cohen will pay a billion dollars for the piece of paper that says that I used to own a pile of dogshit.
>Pulte has done so much for retail.
This. There are so many retail investors who he encouraged to look into BBBYQ, only to decide that they'd be better off investing in dogshit instead. I'm sure that all the people who own a pile of stinking turds thanks to him are grateful for how he fearlessly begs for attention on twitter.

>> No.57127312

He encouraged you to research your investments, and hyped up the BBBYQ community. Anyone with any sense who looked at BBBYQ's finances would have immediately invested in dogshit instead. If you allowed Pulte to influence your decision making, you'd now be the proud owner of a pile of dogshit, unlike the literal nothing owned by most people ITT.

>> No.57127512


kanye references might be related to jp morgan. also RC's titanic and rothschild references.

kanye might be involved in some way. might be the person who pulte has an NDA with who pulte thinks will be worth 100 billion one day.

there's the taylor swift connection as well, houston wade has speculated that she's an ape who hates hedgies after they screwed her on her song rights and her dad works in finance. and pulte keeps going on about only the young and went to taylor swift's concerts.

>> No.57127529

Literally nobody outside of us are researching this shit and it's all a waste of time. I don't fucking care about this theater make me rich before I turn 30 or I will kill myself. Imagine being such a a worthless subhuman that you develop tribalism with other investor plebs

>> No.57127544

Or, none of the made up bullshit means anything to anyone but you and your fellow (former) baggies and you are going to spend 2024 coping, seething and moving goalposts while absolutely ~zero~ happens with bbbyq :)

>> No.57127609

RC and pulte might not be as smart as we thought but at least RC should realize that he's already made it and it's a terrible risk/reward for the value of his GME shares as well as his personal safety if he's purely larping and shilling his children's books while retail investors are literally dying because they can't pay medical bills etc. the bear thesis doesn't make sense as to why gustavo arnal killed himself, just because of stress over his work that would still leave him a millionaire if the company goes bankrupt, yeah right.

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Hedgies are seething

>> No.57127795

There almost certainly was fraud being covered up.

>> No.57127811

(Former) baggies are in the exact same spot with bbbyq they were 3 months ago, which is the exact same spot they will be in 6 months from now ;)

>> No.57128003

Have the goalposts officially been moved to 2024?

What's the next hype date?

>> No.57128036

The angle that's being pushed is that RC cares about his alleged P&D proceeds more than his reputation, while also literally working for free.

>> No.57128096

>P&D proceeds
Funny that shills think that a dude worth billions would knowingly obliterate his reputation forever for, what, $40 million after taxes, max?

>> No.57128226

It was funny how he "reverse timeshared" everyone in Florida, and got them to pay $500 + flight + hotel room for a shitty piece of pizza and a warm Coors Light.

>> No.57128250

>obliterate his reputation
He rugged bbbbagies hard and they still line up to suck his cock.

>> No.57128466

>grown men
And you’re a child?

>> No.57128546

>$500 + flight + hotel room
Wait hold the fuck up I thought the 500 included at least the hotel room?

>> No.57128557

Ramez paid for the ticket, flight, and hotel for over 20 people that went.

>> No.57128646

They are never getting anything, even if RC launches a TEDDY stock.

>> No.57128653

not for long if the lawsuits etc finish up and still nothing happens
the smarter people like hey_ross are questioning the lack of results besides cost cutting at gamestop etc

>> No.57128690

ETA on the tzero thing?

>> No.57128910

I think PP is actually more important than DFV ever was.

>> No.57128932

This is a war against overpaid ceo's and the banking cartels.

And we are winning. I cannot wait for the chaos coming up, the bodies on the pavement, the dead hedgies.

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Hannah the MANNAH.

>> No.57128964
File: 126 KB, 1264x1883, F7pglDXWQAAl_b7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These faggots have to work overtime when they could be sucking COCK.

Yoou understand don't you?

>> No.57129219

Reminder that no baggie will post their 1099 form for 2023. Shambled

>> No.57129326
File: 337 KB, 1201x1033, Endgame .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, one of our DD writers has finally figured it out

We're about to cross the finish line, bros

>> No.57129390

They will receive something, a lesson in life, maybe

>> No.57129480

Hmm. So the shares were held by Bat Boy this entire time? That fucker.

>> No.57129558
File: 927 KB, 800x1000, IMG_4371.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my goodness, I am so very very demoralized. Therefore, when we get our new equity and cash in exchange for our bbbyq I will sell it for a very low price because of how relieved I will be.

With how demoralized the holders are, why would anyone hold, and actually buy more of the new entity with the cash dividend ? This would spell trouble for wallstreet, and they are our friends, they swarm online communities, keeping up to date on filing for companies they supposedly don’t really care about and have no interest in just so they can warn us and keep us away from dangerous investments. I am so grateful all these altruists are here to warn us.

>> No.57130046

Wake up, sisyshillies. It's a brand new day, and we're nowhere near bump limit. TYFYS

>> No.57130307

BBBaggies confirmed to be more retarded than AMCbaggies

>> No.57130398

baggies will never be able to explain why they even think Teddy is a thing. It's a children's book series.

>> No.57130704

Doug Cifu should be in jail

>> No.57130718
File: 417 KB, 680x510, OoooooShillies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning Shillies

>> No.57130720

If you think the baggies are going to turn on RC next year, you’re dumber than they are. They’ve built their whole identity around worshipping that guy.

>> No.57130780

Investors look at the management teams all of the time and decide if they have a history of success and will be good custodians for shareholder equity. I believe RC will do great things in the future and has stated repeatedly that he is interested in building a business. The man even works for free and keeps GME debt free so as to not be throwing their money away on interest. 10/10 CEO.

>> No.57130792

Based PP id

These shills don’t realize how successful Ryan Cohen has been in business. He’s a literal genius.

>> No.57130878

holy fucking KEK listen to this shit

>inb4 sneething over redditnigger link to redditnigger sub

AMCtrannies utterly BTFO bill and he just takes it like a fucking faggot hahahahahaha
imagine waking up today as a bathnigger and finding out that fucking AMC niggers and women are infinitely more based than you will EVER be
don’t worry though bros ryan heckin liked his tweets so definitely keep inhaling this retard’s cock
if somebody in AMC minecrafts this faggot before anyone itt then you should all kys yourself immediately desu

>> No.57131107

I think the honey-moon with Amazon is over. And as the quality of the products has deteriorated, it could leave open room for him to innovate and find a market niche. Even if you toss MOASS aside, RC is still cooking up something interesting to say the least. It's nice to see his drive to work and build and create is so valuable in and of itself he doesn't even need to bother with a paycheck. He knows damn well his shares will be worth so much more that it's a drop in the bucket.
Not to mention he literally has a fan base.

>> No.57131136

Teddy is going to be the target to Amazon’s walmart

>> No.57131227

is this Teddy in the room with us ?

>> No.57131282

well at least he stole all your money and you're still sucking his cock years later

the man clearly mogs idiots

>> No.57131307
File: 22 KB, 365x365, Smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think RC did a share dividend to blow out the shorts and watched as the DTCC stole shares and mishandled it as a split because they were counterfeiting shares.
I don't think we've seen the last of RC's attempts to remove the parasites from his investments.
What? Do you think everyone just forgot? "Oh well, back to business as usual lawl".
Oh, you sweet summer child.

>> No.57131435

it's amazing
something like stockholm syndrome
he shits down their throats and they ask if theres more

>> No.57131445
File: 124 KB, 618x385, 1682362159402580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hehe this was a pretty funny season for us hedgies. Pulte and peepee man really put on a good show. Can't wait for the next season. Remember, I told you and gmefaggies this would happen last year. You still gave me my kekkies. Toll paid.

>> No.57131788
File: 8 KB, 279x181, Sonicu, I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shillies...not like this...

>> No.57131812

>No baggie can explain why this is a good thing
>They think shills are in shambles
Happy NOL Year

>> No.57131840

>No shill can explain why a company in liquidation would appoint a new CEO
>They think this makes them smart
I'm sure I could guess the color of your skin
>inb4 picture of chadshill's hand

>> No.57131880

Why would they appoint Mary Winston? I thought they had already appointed a new CEO last month? Or was that other CEO that was absolutely an interesting development at the time actually a hedgie plant that has now been successfully removed?
>No baggie can explain why they still have no money and no equity

>> No.57131971
File: 99 KB, 910x1024, Showtime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BBBY is the single most exciting investment in the would!!!

>> No.57131982

Nobody can explain to me why anyone would care this much about a bankrupt towel store stock unless they had something to gain from it. Ex holders make sense but why exactly are you so obsessed with this stock?

>> No.57131999

>unless they had something to gain from it
Laughter is its own reward

>> No.57132010

I’d understand that if you weren’t so informed. You watch pp, you read pages of filings all to get a laugh? Who are you trying to fool?

>> No.57132031

Cope and sneethe

>> No.57132160

I think it’s hilarious. I’ve just never seen someone work harder for a laugh.

>> No.57132201

Nope. and there was a bomb threat so they even had to stay a day or two longer

>> No.57132217

The only other thing such a high iq individual like that anon can do to get a laugh is watch Rick & Morty but rewatching episodes gets stale I’m sure, especially for someone of his cognition.

>> No.57132223

>It's a children's book series
All the trademarks for Teddy being a retailer in a variety of spaces is a pretty good indicator. Shills really don't send their best.

>> No.57132386


>> No.57132744

Did the Rick/Morty comment make the shills rope, or is this the notorious lunch break?

>> No.57132859
File: 212 KB, 514x758, IMG_3245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They want waves of demoralization I guess or it’s lunch break for dougshit and friends.

Who does this much research and explicitly seeks out online spaces just to troll us/warn us about our investments. The entire system is closed (when someone makes a dollar someone else loses it, or at least makes 1 less dollar) so wouldn’t us being retarded with bbby and other investments be good for business? Wouldn’t wallstreet want us buying into grifts so they can continually take our money? Or are they actually about to be blown the fuck out and are panicked and scared and not realizing that TOR and VPNs cannot hide your IP addresses from the feds (there are cases where users were deanonymized on tor, and with basic googling one can see these services can be purchased and TOR was developed by the navy you fools).

I hope the shills are in countries without extradition treaties because the DOJ is going to set an example here, they need to send a message to Americans who are about to lose their retirements. The system needs to appear just in the darkest hours, before inevitably going back to being fake and gay. Shillbros I salute you, you do all my research for me these days.

It’s been good talking folks, but I just finished reading a couple books on cooking and I’m about to watch some cooking videos and podcasts just so I can drop into some food and cooking forums to shit on peoples ingredient choices to troll/warn them I guess?

>> No.57132868

Every single stock or crypto general on this board has people thst know about the investment and make fun of people that fell for it.

>> No.57132872
File: 2.13 MB, 1179x960, TheNoseKnows.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On a scale of Garfunkel to Kissinger, where do you do you believe Cohens jewery lie?

Is he an Adam Sandler where he is slightly and secretly based or is he more Seth Rogan?

>> No.57132893


if bed bath and beyond was a good investment…

Then how come…



>> No.57132898

Welcome back! How was your lunch?

>> No.57132922

is dinner here

>> No.57132940

There is nothing he can do about it, the hedgies will do what they want and get away with it because the US government allows it.

>> No.57132944

If you are telling the truth (and I don't think you are) that would make you the nafo shillposter. Good to see you, comrade.

>> No.57132957

Yes, I'm going to get in trouble for keking baggies here.

>> No.57133098

oh no shillsisters, we dun goof'd
he dun backtraced it, and we have been reported to the cybapoleez, i'm afraid,
consequences will never be the same
we thought we could kek baggies with impunity
turns out redditors are a bit to clever for us

>> No.57133105

>implying hedge funds and market makers didn’t make absolute fuckloads of money selling deep otm calls to apes on all the meme stock tickers after the gme pump fell down

>> No.57133166
File: 110 KB, 853x1000, 73lufb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shills absolutely shamblin over this post

>> No.57133351

>implying longs didn’t buy tens and hundreds of thousands of shares over the float
>implying shorts closed

>> No.57133364

>they still believe this
Ok buddy double up on shares then, and post proof. I mean you cant buy bbbyq anymore but you can buy more gme and amc and whatever else. Please post proof you bought more
Any day now…
Moass will surely happen…
You definitely arent retarded and believe things which arent true…
Any day now…

>> No.57133434

>More banks have already failed over this than there are PBTID

>> No.57133456
File: 147 KB, 884x896, 1699091157781702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if i reply to your post, thats the same as an updoot
you belong on reddit you queer

>> No.57133487

I wasn't talking to him, newfag, I was talking to everyone else. Here's your updoot so that you know for sure that you're the person I'm calling a nigger.

>> No.57133532

>immidieately adjust
opinion of strangers on the internet governs your actions
truly a redditor

>> No.57133561
File: 2.19 MB, 351x303, 1647473403085.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they're still in the thread 24/7 begging me to move on 6 months after it's been delisted and cancelled

>> No.57133601

>Hmmm how curious people are here laughing at us that must mean we are winning
>Hmm how curious nobody is here laughing at us that must mean we are winning
How many months ago was it that a baggie last considered the performance of their portfolio when checking to see if they were winning?

>> No.57133623

Don't look now but Kais Maleej, King of Baggies is having an absolute 10/10 fiver star /pol/-tier meltdown.

>> No.57133645

>buy more retard lol
>”h-he’s begging me to stop!!!”
Post proof baggie

>> No.57133685


>> No.57133700

>tfw a mentally retarded tunisian is the poster child of your investment thesis
Truly apes are the lowest of the low

>> No.57133731
File: 340 KB, 475x799, 180173855763347073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unhinged ramblings

>> No.57133744

>These are the people doing the super clever 'beat the DTCC' investigative BBBY work

>> No.57133751
File: 517 KB, 1000x440, 1703940439069957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I respect the hustle towards his grift.

>> No.57133900

Guys. Stop getting distracted by kais. I think he’s a plant. We need to stay focused on PP and the true movement.

>> No.57134035

Shillies out in force even during the holidays. Hope you guys are being paid overtime at least

>> No.57134092

Didn't you know they do it for free? Not only do they side with hedge funds and known pedophiles, but now they are clamoring against a Tunisian grifter speaking out against the covid 19 narrative. Then try to call us redditors after doing x amount of things that give them away every time.
>inb4 they completely flip because I brought up their pedophilic sympathies.

>> No.57134128

kek stupiddumbfuck BBBaggies

>> No.57134137
File: 19 KB, 590x319, 16962429252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me more about these people who hang out with pedophiles

>> No.57134180
File: 33 KB, 241x363, 1703347810595990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's like they insist on doing as I say. Silly sisyshillies. Now seethe for not getting your updoot.

>> No.57134202

Teddy shares on 1st Jan?

>> No.57134325

Kek dumbfuck redditor

>> No.57134385
File: 3.10 MB, 498x286, tenor (4).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't glow at all

>> No.57134611

That's where you're wrong kiddo.
They don't get to do this for free. Hiding the losses and trying to create some sort of balanced stasis where a total return swap can be perfectly hedged is IMPOSSIBLE because the underlying asset REMAINS mispriced and everyone is free to walk up and slurp to our hearts content. Anything they try to hide also is revealed to us in the DRS numbers which are so skewed in our favor regulatory bodies prevented Gamestop from releasing the official figures for the last 2 earnings seasons.
So we have a literal 100% MOASS threshhold which guarantees that it happens. And if you know anything about market mechanics, DRSing 100% of a company by a dispersed group of people such as retail is IMPOSSIBLE. Supply/demand price discovery attempts to clear the highest number of buys and sells at a given price to clear the market. So as more and more people buy and NOT sell, then the price should be rising until these holders sell their shares. This is not happening. Why? How is it even possible without coming in to the FACT that the price is rigged.

>> No.57134765
File: 11 KB, 256x256, IMG_1254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Over the last few weeks I have spent hundreds of hours getting up to speed on a subject that I'm not all that interested in, just so I could go into an esoteric forum that's dedicated to discussing said subject, all so that I can berate/troll the forum dwellers, but mostly try to help them since I'm now up to date on all the relevant information.

I think the world is poised for a renaissance given how many people are so willing to blow hundreds of hours of their own time just to help others.

I am truly blessed you are willing to quickly catch up on info as it comes out just to rush into online discussion spaces to warn us all against the incorrect interpretations.

Who is the new ceo shill brothers? I heard some news about a ceo change, please tell me what to think of it.

>> No.57134773

Because redditniggers said so! Alright sweaty, now get demoralized and give up already! As if we even could. We're already buckled into this ride. All sisyshillies can do is cope and seethe.

>> No.57134833
File: 2 KB, 352x425, 1700294706782871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57134845

The redditor no-yous when he has been found out. See how he recoils!

>> No.57134877

What is “ploot”? All the Reddit shills are spamming it.

>> No.57134895

Everything is falling apart. :(

>> No.57134898

Pulte went into an AMC ape twitter space and they sperged out on him for obviously just lying about his implications about being involved ‘behind the scenes’, one of the amc apes called him ‘ploot’

>> No.57134907

I just went to the amc sub and they all make fun of “the towel stock.” I assume they mean bbby. That’s either a shill sub, or they’re all immature and naive.

>> No.57134926

im gonna plooooooot

>> No.57134950


Ploot is the funniest thing coming out of this saga in a long time. Listen, Ploot

Im sick and tired of this low iq trust fund grifter.

>> No.57134969



Im a gmemaxi, but today i kneel at amcniggers

>> No.57135009


>> No.57135132

>pulte getting absolutely railed by the dillution kings of AMC

Holy fucking shit LOL you baggies are truly the most pathetic of the baggie bunch

>> No.57135153

No, fuck that. I’ll admit GME is top of the pecking order, but we’re way further ahead than popcorn apes. They don’t even follow RC.

>> No.57135229

>bathniggers in complete denial about being the absolute bottom-tier baggots beneath even the literal niggers that hold AMC
it’s beautiful

>> No.57135302
File: 41 KB, 600x600, Dying-orangutan-meme-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some GME maxis bought early and are still in the green
but we're all pretty much fucked if RC doesn't deliver

>> No.57135357

>stop dancing around the question
>this woman or whatever she is
Both sides

>> No.57135533

lol If you BBBobbies had followed RC, you would've sold BBBY when he did in 2022. Keep my CEO's name out of your mouth.

>> No.57135565

nah it doesn't add up how he posted those bullish tweets and filed the teddy trademarks just to rugpull. and he posted numerous hints afterwards like the meme with 4.07 posted exactly when BBBY traded at 4.07. it's heinous what he did if your theory is correct that he posted those tweets just so we could FOMO in and trigger a gamma squeeze so he could exit with a profit.

>> No.57135570

Like half his tweets are pulte. Clearly RC favors bbby over GME.

>> No.57135593

>nah it doesn't add up
Only if you're retarded

>> No.57135614

yeah if this is all a ruse and pulte is grifting us then RC should have used better judgment than to amplify pulte's reach and trustworthiness in our eyes. it's bearish for GME if BBBYQ doesn't go anywhere, GME might not go bankrupt but it's not innovating and growing enough to justify the share price.

>> No.57135976

Towel baggots are even stupider than fucking amc retards. It’s a shitty totem pole, and you dorks are right at the bottom. You fags are the only ones dumb enough to dickride boy molester faced pulte, damn that’s rather fucked up for you tbqh lmfao. I hope you are looking forward to NOT making it in 2024, baggies! ;)

>> No.57136236

Pulses reputation is on the line. He’s clearly backed bbby investors and knows some inside shit. Millionaires like him know how valuable a good reputation is, he’s not just going to throw that away.

>> No.57136246

>implying pulte knows shit about anything or made any money for himself
Delusional retard

>> No.57136257

>it doesnt add up…
>he pumped ….. before he dumped????
Delusional retard

>> No.57136271

Maybe Teddy will have an NFT marketplace

>> No.57136306

Starting to distrust Kais. Kais is saying pp has joked with him in person saying he thinks bbbyq is bullshit but he keeps going for show donations. Obviously he’s lying. But why even put that out there?

>> No.57136418

>Obviously he’s lying.
Anon, I …

>> No.57136424

>obviously he’s lying
*Alex Zarac Jew nose .png*

>> No.57136479
File: 1.81 MB, 300x225, IMG_1774.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How my goodness all this organic infighting has me extremely demoralized. Eating this prime ass Xmas leftover food and playing some games just popped in to say shilies in shambles.

I will be taking a break from games tonight to begin my extensive research on which StarCraft campaign was better, original vs brood war vs StarCraft 2 campaigns. Then I will watch podcasts and StarCraft content as part of my final preparations before venturing into the blizzard forums to begin trolling/ warning the players about which campaign is good/bad and why. I do it because I care, people must be protected from their own decisions using their own money.

Gabe doesn’t care about gamers, he and rc are just going to fuck us all over of course.

>> No.57136538

People have arguments about video games for free all the time you retarded faggot, have you ever been on this website before you migrated over from reddit to shill?

>> No.57136623
File: 47 KB, 958x720, f78xdbmv89ub1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek doesn't have reading comprehension
Kek can't detect satire
Kek still trying to create infighting
Kek mentions reddit
Kek probably Indian

>> No.57136647


>> No.57136829

Honestly the amount of seething coming from people here just trying to Kek baggies is absolutely unnatural. Kek the baggies but why are you all so angry at RC or Pulte?

>> No.57136837
File: 25 KB, 494x358, 8fb972446d5eda57ccc6c994da3671d9d1632dab8815837a3e902a34c8c73318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have never seen more seethe out of shills. They cry reddit at literally every post and haven't made a cohesive argument since Sixth Street called us shareholders (thank you for letting us know, btw.) We are all going to WAGMI like noone has wagmied before.

>> No.57137096

it's sad really. they can't make you sell. they can't do anything but seethe. im going to use my cash dividend to purchase more equity for keks.

>> No.57137403

>have no shares
How much are the imaginary bags worth today baggots?

>> No.57137429

>1pbtid user comes in and says the line
>they do this every day and pretend its for fun
>they're obvious glowniggers and will pretend they aren't actually seething faggots
many such cases

>> No.57137469

>People don't just show up on biz to laugh at retards
Kek, still zero point zero then?

Well keep torturing meaning from twitter posts, I'm sure that will cause a total financial system collapse over your bankrupt bedding retailer that will somehow make you rich.

>> No.57137508
File: 14 KB, 320x320, FuwlxYLagAEkjn0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I await my information from the most obsessed seething retards on this board, you who are here every day
I bought a small bag of 500 shares for pennies on the for the fuck it what if? factor
I come here to shitpost and watch you seethe everyday because I have a very comfy winter off and its funny
Keep projecting, seethie

>> No.57137658

Attention baggies. Bill Pulte is looking for someone to sell him the rights for their BBBY shares so that he can legally get involved. Why would he be shilling to get you to sell?

>> No.57137681

source: I made it up

>> No.57137704

Sorry baggie. After crashing and burning with AMC Ploot is now trying to buy his way back into BBBY relevance

>> No.57137716
File: 47 KB, 780x550, E8savMRXEAYpP-S.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek post source then seethie. Nice id hop btw

>> No.57137733

I accept your consneession

>> No.57137744

kek dumb fuck 2am id hopping bump baggies

>> No.57137765
File: 52 KB, 1067x600, zuckboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn, you actually posted a credible source, I'll give you that one, well done
I don't and have never given a fuck about pp or pulte, he is looking more like a grifter every day
Way to prove my point about being on top of the information more than anyone else despite being here to supposedly laugh at us though, meltdownies are a special breed

>> No.57137773

>Haha those guys laughing at us actually know what's going on instead of being clueless retards like us how silly of them

>> No.57137802

lmao you're obsessed, I'm here for a laugh
Don't get so upset, I was trying to compliment you for not posting blatant misinformation like you seethies usually do
If nothing happens I'm not out much, but watching you retards meltdown everyday makes me think otherwise

>> No.57137812
File: 102 KB, 600x600, FNVzQHZXEAMpeUA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm here for a laugh
>they do this every day and pretend its for fun

>> No.57137837
File: 5 KB, 200x190, KEK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you upset and defensive then? So much anger and resentment for an investment you're not even a part of, everyday
Really makes you thunk

>> No.57137849
File: 101 KB, 300x256, 084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57138021

Shills seem to be shambling today. I can only take that to mean that we all got cash & equity overnight? I haven't checked my brokerage yet but all this fuss must mean we are finally rich, and just in time for 2024, correct?

>> No.57138050

Yeah, why don't you max out all of your credit cards since you're basically rich already

>> No.57138061


>> No.57138069
File: 1.26 MB, 1169x768, IMG_7038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of the highly rated “DD writers” are assets that are being activated looks like. I have still never watched the pp show and have been involved since January 2021 and know enough about the 4th estate to know that hedgie scared because they will be made to walk the plank in order to preserve the system so the banks can continue the scam.

For me personally, I’m all in on dougshit, and that makes obviously inorganic actors seethe and they are so upset they cannot hide it.

>> No.57138093

right after the pulte pp show event when lots of people were disappointed the DD writers hit the nail on the head with the fraudulent conveyance with the share buybacks and pulte signaled that he agrees with it. seems like RC is involved with sixth street and/or owns bonds and is looking to claw back funds from jp morgan. so unbelievably based if it actually happens and we get cash/equity

>> No.57138115

Why not just kill each other? You’re all satanic unloving pedophiles stealing from anyone you all can. It’s not like any of you are going to heaven. There’s literally no good people left on Earth, just kill each other already, and remember to take the vaccine.

>> No.57138142

Hi Kais

>> No.57138866
File: 9 KB, 290x174, download (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys, who's with me? Who wants to go tell on them hehe? We will totally go tell on them. Oh boy guyz, we are so going to get them in trouble guyz. Hey guyz...guyz? Yeah let's go tell on them. Who's wih meeee???

>> No.57138939

Hi Bill

>> No.57138991

Hi Alex

>> No.57139005

If he invested as much as he did in BBBY with only this in mind, then there's no reason to believe he has anything better planned for GME. Either he's a whimsical investor who got lucky a few times, or he has an actual plan to put pressure on the abusive shorts. We know that the hedge funds short multiple companies, so utting pressure on one of their plays supports all of the other stocks.

>> No.57139029

>I bought a small bag of 500 shares for pennies
So you only have like a hundred bucks in this bullshit? That’s fucking hilarious. I guess you can take solace in the fact that you are marginally less financially retarded than other dumbfuck baggots.

>> No.57139084

no, this is keith, easily recognized by his cringe style, and he's lying.
He got actually buttblasted by bbbyq, most likely his life savings, and this why he still hangs around

>> No.57139265

ITT: shills shambling so surreptitiously that you'll forget it's the weekend.

>> No.57139296

I bet you’re very excited for the market to open back up on Tuesday. I wonder how your bbbyq will start off the new year? :)

>> No.57139297

We’re all Keith.

>> No.57139351

He's poor and retarded.
They go hand in hand.

>> No.57139428
File: 55 KB, 617x430, IMG_4516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Shills are in shambles.

>> No.57139453

>reddit link
nice try pedo

>> No.57139485

>said the man who sees Kieth everywhere he goes

>> No.57139495

I love that baggots are impressed, inspired even by those midwit ramblings. Writing like a nation of islam nigger talks doesn’t make your schizo theories about a bankrupt towel retailer any likelier to pan out. 2024 is going to be a beautiful year for the prudent investor. Too bad dumbfuck baggots aren’t prudent, or even investors at all lmao

>> No.57139549

Thanks for once again doing the dd for me

>> No.57139553

hi keith

>> No.57139554
File: 1.37 MB, 1021x782, Not Keith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Name a better financial genius than this man who during the cost of living crisis has managed to live rent free in at least 3 posters heads 24/7.

>> No.57139578

>does what I say
>thinks it's an own
The minds of brown people are truly fascinating

>> No.57139592
File: 216 KB, 627x456, 1692078317078458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am the firestarter, twisted firestarter

>> No.57139604

Well RC and Pulte live rent free in all of your heads. So much so that you even watch a jewtubers streams and come to a Trinidadian tent making forum to talk about them. Pot meet kettle.

>> No.57139637
File: 1.12 MB, 1024x1024, 1697713789554042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So much so that you even watch a jewtubers streams and come to a Trinidadian tent making forum to talk about them
IDGAF about the PP man and his work, if money goes to him from dumb redditors power to him, fleece them. Buy shares with the money they send you, because reddtiors are retards, jewtubers are also gay. If they get rich from this then bigger predators post moass like us will strip them of assets fast lol

>> No.57139662

Fucking kek

>> No.57139674


>> No.57139678

what I mean is we will invest in inverse things to most redditors and when their dreams crumble ours will flourish

>> No.57139694

>he still can't figure it out

>> No.57139734


>> No.57139749
File: 279 KB, 891x899, 1666625475753511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57139754

that's a raycism, keith
we're not on reddit anymore though, you can reply to me directly

>> No.57139772

>he still thinks I'm replying to him

>> No.57139797

how in the fuck are you retards still holding this shit

>> No.57139895

These are trans baggies.

They have no bags, as they have been deleted, so they come here to pretend they have bags.

>> No.57139952

Shills winning the narrative wars lately. Best baggies have is “bump baggies” and “silly shillies”. It’s obvious where the talent lies.

>> No.57139953

Kind of crazy for a dead stock, right?

>> No.57139962

Listen here, chuddie, their financial identity is HECKIN CUTE AND VALID

>> No.57139979

Baggies have been trying to use this as DD for years. I think that “getting teased on 4chan” might not actually be a great financial indicator.

>> No.57139986

Top tier baggot logic right there. You will, in fact, NOT be making it in 2024.

>> No.57140041

The only shills here are the ones shilling the various namefags, who pretend the stock still exists to milk the transbaggies.

>> No.57140066
File: 60 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's an older script, but it checks out

>> No.57140069
File: 1.40 MB, 1330x1497, Screenshot 2023-12-31 100657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's very transphobic of you.

>> No.57140086

Kek, not bad for a reddit meme

>> No.57140087

Dumbfuck baggot is shocked to discover that redditors are faggots

>> No.57140092
File: 317 KB, 760x1385, Screenshot 2023-12-31 100918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

those shit gme_meltdown memes are made by a tranny moderator from reddit. lol lmao even. you can't make this shit up.

>> No.57140120

Lol, he missed

>> No.57140129

Is this the backup masturbator account?

>> No.57140131

The fact that there are people completely disconnected from any of these stock but “larp” as citadel psyops as a way to humorously give them themselves a cover for spending all of their time researching and fudding stocks is absolute insanity.

>> No.57140179

For shills to claim that they hate reddit, trannies, fags, etc, they certainly keep strange bedfellows.

>> No.57140186

>backup masturbator
he couldn't even be number 1 in wanking kek

>> No.57140323

Citadel is run by 5 year olds?

>> No.57140337

Just their psyop department

>> No.57140345
File: 38 KB, 893x305, gtdlmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's play a fun little NYE game baggies. Guess what year somebody posted this

>> No.57140381

Yes it’s been confirmed

>> No.57140390

I would be so sad if this account got reported for ban evasion for being an ultimatemasturbator sock puppet account

>> No.57140407

When you get banned for the stuff ultimatemasturbator got banned for, you don’t get to hop over to your sock puppet account. I won’t say any more on the topic.

>> No.57140412
File: 27 KB, 399x399, EnH3W8tWEAExEqm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek mad I didn't pour my life savings into a stock
Kek mad if I did pour my life savings in a stock
Kek upset everyday in general

>I have 20g in GME at an average of 45

>> No.57140427


>> No.57140483

>how in the fuck are you retards still holding this shit
They're not. They'll be getting TEDDY shares and $14.88 per BBBYQ previously held.

>> No.57140601