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>”Anon stop eating out and duck shit at the park. It’s free. Also ducks eat grass so it’s like eating a salad and I know your fat ass could use a couple salads”

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>You are doing better than you deserve

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>don't waste water cleaning your dishes. scrape the food residue of of them after each week for a free meal.

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> We're going to set you up with 6 months of stepping on millionaire babies and a copy of Jades new book, 'How to spell phonetically and other financial wizardry.'

dude's a national treasure.

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>stay on the line and we’ll get you setup with Dr. John Delony’s book From Paycheck to Purpose, and financial peace university

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>instead of buying clothes that fit you, buy 5XL size for the same price and cut off the extra material to make more clothes with