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i lost 158 ICP trying to swing trade into ARPA because some jeet on this board told me its going to 10x and now its crashing. how do i recover from this. i just lost a potential $300K

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Read Marcus Aurelius. Realize that it doesnt fucking matter.

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Swingies get the rope

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give me something to read. does philosopherbro has any books?
i already sold shitty ARPA and bought back into icp. still 158 lost feels bad man

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>158 ICP

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158 icp is an easy amount to get back, thats basically a -15% day on ICP which happens weekly, just watch the ecosystem for new token releases on icp and buy it because they always pump, only thing that doesnt are scams and high mcap launchpads

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>i lost 158 ICP trying to swing
So that is why it is pumping, thanks Anon at least it wasn't in vain.

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Moonman said 2k, he's right

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Go on investopedia and look up market capitalisation

It might save your financial life

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Look up VRC credits on ICP faggot

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that 2k price wont be till like 2026