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its ogre

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what other AI tokens do you think will be good?

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you're a faggot

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it's over

ai tokens are to 2023 what supply chain tokens were to 2018

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Also it's over
Also $40 is FUD
Also I know something you don’t know
Also The Graph is the Golang of Blockchain

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It's over

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it's just started. only an real retard would believe the it's over. the only thing that is over is it's over

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EXD (wait for the first 10x to buy in though)

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ok faggot

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The Graph is unironically a L0 project that will encompass all of the world’s public data.

Why wouldn’t you be bullish on it?

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>Literally does the same shit but better

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Exorde? doesn't appear to be ai related

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GRT always has some fag project trying to ride its coattails. For a while it was PRQ. Is this the fag project of the next bull? Nobody cares btw

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I was bullish on it until it decided on arbitrum
smelled like collusion and in hindsight I was right
I'm sure it will have an exit pump but I don't want to be holding any bags when it inevitably goes to 0

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kek wtf are you retarded anon

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protip: all integrations between vc-funded projects are strategic collusion

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what do you mean it decided on arbitrum? it's still an eth token, no?

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I bought a big bag at like $1.50

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You and me broda

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I know something you know
I can't tell you what it is, it's gay
But it will make all GURT holders orgasm uncontrollably from their anus
You will see it happen next year

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Oh for fuck's sake.

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Saved. Hopefully I can blow this up and frame it some day in my 5000sf cabin in the mountains somewhere and chuckle about "simpler times"

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I used The Graph for astral projection tonight, was cray. Gonna buy some more.

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I still have it too, I should DCA down but it's trash and iirc the tokenomics are horrible

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what did he mean by this?

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The Graph is a layer 0
As in, it's going to lay down to zero

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GRT is going for the ultimate attempt to break 0.2.

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Over? Over.