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>/biz/ is fine with meme shitcoins like pregnant butt
>/biz/ is fine with legit project like Link
>but absolutely lose it shit when it comes to fraud projects that pretend to be legit like Cardano
Why is that?

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cuz that's annoying. unless a nigger made the fraud coin then it loops back around to being funny.

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BIZ is strange with the coins it allows, has never like Cumrocket, probably because the jannies are trannies and straight people offend them.

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Plot twist
>pbutt is a legit project
>link is a fraud project pretending to be legit
>Cardano is a meme shitcoin

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It is clear that you are a cardano shitter. I believe in my ada, dua, nxra, dot and atom so you can't shit on any.

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I've been all in Cardano since 2017. There's nothing in the space that comes close tech wise
What's your story?

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All my pregnant butt buddies are going to make it
Lighting fast 10x incoming


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People appreciate honesty, especially nowadays when everyone is fake. There is nothing more blun in it's honesty than crypto named PregnantButt.

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Because with meme shitcoins there's no actual deception involved (or very little) you know what you're getting into.

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The fuck did you just say behind my back you little toad fuck?

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Cardano bagholders are the Dunning Kruger of crypto.
All redditors think they're mega super smart for buying a shitcoin developed in Haskell.