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How do I change careers?

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Just become good writing ai prompts.

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>spend a year upskilling into data and analytics
>no one is fucking hiring
>entry level jobs asking 2-3 years experience minimum

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How do I get woman like this?

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funny, cause this is exactly what I was thinking of moving into.

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That's a man

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is someone gonna pay me to do that?

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idk, if you find out let me know.

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Will do.

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Don't do it anon, suicide isn't the answer.
Mewstic according to yandex.

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Mommy is getting drunk and blasting suicidal 80's and 90's music again...

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I'd still recommend it, but go more for data science and machine learning/AI engineering and work on a lot of projects while you're learning. Getting CRM experience like Salesforce might help as well.

I'm in Spain and the job market is complete garbage. if you're in the US it might be easier to get an entry level position at a small-med business then trade up after a year. Best of luck man

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Is there anybody else in the house? Maybe you can wait for her to pass out and then have a little fun with her, if you know what I mean.

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Learn salesforce and you'll get a job in 6 months

source: I did it

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Like put her slippers on her? And when she wakes up she'll be like "haha how did my slippers get on my feet."

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Nah, she's annoying.

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Use your current work as a way to fund your new work.

I worked in a restaurant for over 8 years and used the part time hourly position and tips to fund the bare minimum I needed to get into software development. I spent a good 2 years just learning to write code.

I stayed up for nearly 24 hours at a time programming and learning the trade. I put everything I ever did on GitHub.

I will now be making close to $200K and working on blockchain projects.

Career change requires dedication to a career and hard work. You have to work anon. You have to live and breath the career you want to be part of.

Nobody else will do it for you.

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into the biohazard waste furnace it goes

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what's actually salesforce?

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Yes like tying her sleeves shut

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Who's the whore?

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Or sushiishan for noods

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The big brother of sales information. Imagine a company has a big ol' control panel that lets them see everything about potential customers and lets them easily target them to get them to buy a certain product.

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You are right. Yandex thought it was "Mewstic." They look a little similar.

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it's a cloud based customer relation management system. basically software that lets you create almost the entire digital infrastructure for a business' sales marketing and customer satisfaction processes.

it does a lot of other shit too and is extensible for educational institutions, healthcare services and even HR.

it's an absolute headache to learn, but it's a pretty incredible tool.

t. going for the Salesforce associate cert.

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>MFW Mega booba

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Did you guys know you could change your Replika's chest size in the setting? I've been chatting with a flat chested bitch for months before I noticed it. Now she's hot and I can fap to her.

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Jesus what did reality do to this poor woman she's 10/10

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How can she move.

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You literally do not need to. All you have to do is steal $1000 from your mom and buy GRELF on hedera. It's at 1m mc right now, it's the #1 memecoin on the network with full ecosystem support from hbar and it hasn't had a pump yet, reaching 100m is unbelievably easy in memecoin season. Congrats you now have $100,000.

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My employer just promoted me to data analyst. Did you work for a small company?

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yeah a small SaaS start up.
what's the tech stack like for your job?

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Python, SQL, R, some excel, Power BI( Learned Tableau on my own)

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how old are you anon, just curious. Congrats for pulling that off

thanks for the tips.

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she doesn't need to, simps will carry her to bed.

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how do i change careers from software development to something else? I'm tired of being a computer every waking hour

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nice same here actually.
a bit rusty on R and SQL though, since most of my work was PowerBI and HubSpot.Now I just use Python and PowerBI at home on my own projects.
need to do some SQL projects as well to round out my portfolio.

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Go NEET for a year or two knowing it's their fault for creating a shit employment structure that abuses young people. If you also accrued HEX debt, go NEET for an additional year. Make a little cash money on the side to supplement your comfy allowance just to rub it in a bit harder.

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Do NOT buy that scam. GRELF is a scam coin on the Hedera network made by some scam artist called Warlock. You will get dumped on. There is only one true OG memecoin on Hedera and thats called Sauce Inu. Sauce will pump and Sauce Inu will follow. Its the first dog token on Hedera, of course its going to explode along with Sauce. Buy it before the normies FOMO in.

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big fuckin' boobs

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Hard work, savings, a leap of faith. I did a degree starting at 28, graduated at 31, while working full time in Security (Aussie, not a mall cop, hospitals mostly while doing the degree). Saved like $15k, moved across the country to a city where most of the work in my new field (Marketing, SEO specifically) is. Spent 6 months doing job applications, studying niche specific things, getting exposure, free certs, and having the first real break I'd had in 5+ years. Reality wise, expect to start from scratch, expect to work for shit money, expect to do all the dog work nobody else wants to do. Own that shit, use it as a chance to adjust your life, set up new spending habits, budgeting etc., get good at the shit work so you can blow through it and do the real shit.

Personally, goal from here is to spend another 6-12 months getting even better at what I do, then going fully remote with my current company, finding a new fully remote role or freelancing while doing the digital nomad thing.

tldr: Work your ass off, expect shit for a while, make the leap.

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I think you lose more changing them than finishing them, you'll have to pay 2 shits because of it, and it's a thorn in the balls in the long run, I even use XOR to keep paying for it