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im missing the bull run

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Hasn't started nigger

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You missed buying the bottom. Bull hasn’t even begun.

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My nigger in Christ, the bullrun hasn’t even started. Most people are still down like 60% from their portfolio ATH

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You had 2 years idiot.

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bitcoin is dumping right now
i don't understand what you mean

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The first round seems to be over, you will have many months to slurp for the second one

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You only got couple months left, probably done in march

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Also anyone that says it's just getting started is usually the cucks that bought too high that are feeling entitled for riches with at least 100k targets. It won't hit 100k this cycle, 90 max and wall Street sells their bags

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I'm starting to believe that 2023 will have at least one, I mean, if things like $BLYAT somehow got into TON, then it must be a divine sign from the bull god

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>The first round seems to be over, you will have many months to slurp for the second one
There hasn't been any run yet, some shitcoins are printing but so what it's probably SBF compatriots selling like pussies

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>something ukrainian/russian
creeki breeki stalker

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do you understand what a crypto bull run is?

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Bitcoin halves in April dumbass. You have at least four months

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The bull run won't start until months after the halving

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>t. "Cash gang" benjamin cowen enthusiast

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What bull run? Prices haven't even restored to trend yet.
But hey, keep buying SOL so you can get fucked by that kike for a second time!

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google rango and start flipping them crypto burgers boy, otherwise you will start listening to this boomer tell you to eat the bugs and the beans in your mid 40's to cope. no excuses. rango has everything from all dex platforms combined in one place. buy inj, buy sol, buy whatever you want but start trading. won't be the end of the world if you fumble majorly, rebuild and try again until you get it.

money means nothing until you are 6 figs in close to 7 at the very least. remember that.

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both of these are right 50/50. it has started and you did have many opportunities in the past but we aren't even 20% done this cycle yet. plenty of time

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hell no. pumped shitcoins. eth and btc exclusively

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This. Literally a perfect opening, spraying its legs apart for you to get your dick in, and you are shying away. what a homo

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So, literally me (bought btc at 38)
>all in one place
This is pretty based. Thanks my niggeR.

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More time to accumulate then dipshit