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Press S
Worst thing there are still people slurping this, means btc and eth have to go much lower

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nice to see liquidity get sucked into vc scams, just lovely

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It will keep pumping and you will keep seething

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No it wont, at least Bitcoin wont pump until they stop, as it happened (exactly like i said back then)
So its a chicken game and Bitcoin always wins and drags others down.

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I'm surprised by SOL, but I'm still all in on AVAX.

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reminder that Solana is permissioned, cant scale is only 1 chain and has an unlimited total supply of SOL.
meanwhile Avalanche is permissionless, scales through Subnets and AVAX is hardcapped and deflationary.

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Both are absolute trash worse than ETH.

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A moment of silence for Fantummies, Arbies and Rosecucks
Hopefully a completely new one gets into the top 50 next year

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>worse than ETH
lol no

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Btc is irrelevant

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Finally some sense in this board. In a couple of years no one will remember those 2

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Eth is trash as well. It's just another pos now (piece. Of shit)

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It's nothing I would ever hold long.
Just the fact that a network that has had so many outages & chose to devote their efforts to making a smartphone instead of fixing the problems tells you everything you need to know about SOL.
Solana team lied about the total supply and hid a wallet with additional tokens. Only after being caught & called out they admitted it.
Faking stats and numbers. Artificially pumping volume, wash trading, and all that fun jazz
Project has been in bed with lots of bad actors in the space. FTX has yet to liquidate to pay lawyers & investors
I don't think popularity is a good measure for success, as 90% of the crypto community are gamblers
The marketing (and children playing around with memes and cartoon NFTs) is the only reason it has a 50bn mcap, not real world utility. It's an orchestrated campaign by influential people early in the bull cycle to drum up exit liquidity from retail. They will find another shiny new coin to shill once they have dumped on mass. No coincidence that the pump has come so early as they look to claw back losses/get a good exit. The chain is probably just about fit for purpose for kids doing their meme trades but not for big players. They want reliability. And before you say 'Visa is partnered', it's a pilot to potentially offer USDC on Solana.
Read Eth Zurich's report recently issued. The tech is fundamentally flawed, as is their proof of history consensus. This verdict is from the brightest people in the space. Not 16 year old moonboys and influencers.
In the end it will be the actual real-world usage of the network that will determine its success. Solana will just look ridiculous and worthless regardless of any temporary pump.

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Avax will hit 4 digits

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The hate is annoying, I held eth and sol last run and it was great. Doing the same right now, literally everything is going up at some point guys, relax.

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Yes they will. The bull run hasn't begun at all. Both of these are getting front run and probably could hit 200 or higher, but they might dump before BTC tears. Solana is super sus.

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random bsv guy joins
2020 calls

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>The bull run hasn't begun at al
>yeah sure x10 was not the bullrun
Kek this narrative is saving you but peop,e waiting "for the real bullrun" will be the same that waited "for the blowofftop" last time

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>I didn't invest in SOL and AVAX so that means everyone else got in on a SCAM!!
(they're all scams, retard. This is crypto, not a lemonade stand)

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Avax move been impressive ngl considering i don't see even fraction of the hype Solana gets.

Who's buying Avalanche? It's definitely not retail, Maybe "institutions are buying" meme is actually right this time?

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Perp traders.
Yes, gamblers.

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They just move tokens around and try to fool people like you. they have a team shilling all over the internet including here on biz.

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Especially Solana is really a scam tho
VCs buy for cents while also controlling thew centralized validators

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The biggest institutions are buying. Avax will hit 4 digits.

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I have both so cope more.

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Have you been living under a rock? BTC is more relevant now than ever. A little something called ordinals has absolutely ruined your viability of ever making it. And for good. Rip

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We got 2-3 months left, otherwise you're correct

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>source: CL
lol, lmao even

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Those are literally the only non-shitcoins except for btc, xmr and MAYBE eth

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Ordinals, lol. Ordinals will cause yet another chain split and there will be BTC and Bitcoin Ordinal. Then Bitcoin maxis will spend their time fudding that Bitcoin Ordinal is a scam.
Whenever anyone finds a use case, BTC has to split. Dinosaur tech can’t support usage.

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Let me guess, it's that same blog that does nothing but shit on AVAX and shill ICP? That's what you're posting?

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>means btc and eth have to go much lower
What's the problem here? More to slurp for us

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Nobody would use a forked ordinal network because it would lose all the convenience of being btc while not getting any of the convenience of being a dedicated L1. Why would anyone use that over a proper standalone L1

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There's just one little problem with your theory: the validators aren't selling. They have no reason to sell.

You see, gas costs don't actually represent the value of the work being done. They represent demand for blockspace. There is effectively NO COST for processing these transactions. So it's not a subsidy. Validators don't need to sell their rewards to stay online. They can just get richer and richer.

It's an infinite money glitch. Solana rises into the hundreds of billions of dollars, people keep flocking to the token because number go up. The validators all become billionaires and eventually trillionaieres, and that value is real, because they are the ones securing the most valuable, most used blockchain on the planet.

Solana was always the chosen one. Why do you think all these VCs attached themselves to it?

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miners are loving ordinals, this isnt a pos shitchain, miners get the final vote on the software used.

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>They have no reason to sell.
looks like they just started

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And you bags will be back to par again with another 100% gain in each

2 more weeks until baggies break even!

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Why can't Emin respond? Why can't he prove them wrong? Why did he literally froze when he heard the name cryptoleaks?

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Because the ‘standalone layer 1’ you speak of, cannot support ordinals longer term. It’s called a ‘spam attack’ by Core/ Blockstream.

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SnekWifHat the hottest meme on Solana now!





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Fuck your shit meme shithead

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these lazy retreads from the last cycle are so depressing