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This nigga got two dads.

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I laughed.
Or maybe it's the same dad but timeshifted. Dadception.

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>get married to a dude to save money on taxes

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where's your dad, still out buying smokes?
I bet Shantell did just fine raising you all by herself...

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two dads slamdancing

>and you too can be rich if you just buy my book!

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>Or maybe it's the same dad but timeshifted. Dadception.
It's actually two gay dads. There's a graphic sex scene in the book. Rich Dad tops, as you'd expect.

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>dude just buy property and start a business starting with 0$

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who is dis

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that chink is a fucking retard who would only invest in real estate and he thinks he's some financial genius kek

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>an ATP gif
has he made it?

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Gordon Ramsay.

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even when his storrys are a bit retarded and the books are made to sell good there are plenty of truthnukes in his books that most people don't know.

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Yeah but which dad fucks him and which dad buys him the house.

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He gay