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i'm fucking retarded guys
>i buy
>it dumps
>i sell
>it pumps
what the fuck is BTC going to do goddamnit bros, i want financial freedom

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Take your emotions out of trading
Buy when a shorter duration EMA crosses a longer term EMA and sell when the opposite happens

There you go you're making more money than hodlers

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tell me when you are buying haha

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the next time you decide to buy, sell instead. when you decide to sell, buy.

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Why did you decide to trade instead of just buying and holding?

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why are you so terrified of holding for long term? I noticed alot of your scrub investors do this. you see a lil red and sell instantly and constantly fuck yourself when the smart play especially with bitcoin is buy and hold even on the dips. I will legit never understand you sissypussy investors that cant the simple concept of hold and diamond hands. fucking rookie scrubshits all of you

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because BAT made me hate holding, i blame that piece of shit coin. i'm learning to take my profits and be more ballsy, but my timing is shit and i have to be more zen as i was for a long time

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Should I hold my 150 Solana or just swap it for something else i hope pumps?

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well retard you dont sell bitcoin when it dips you buy more on the dip. this is one of the first rules of bitcoin is buy on the dip. I give zero fucks you let bat cause you to be stupid at investing in bitcoin cuz you're terrified of a dip. you gonna panic sell if it dumps to 20k again before the bullrun? no retard you buy as much as you can afford during the dip

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Have a BTC stack you don't touch.

If you must trade then have a separate trading stack for alts which you believe will gain in sat value in the time frame of the next 2-6 months. If you do nothing but lose that sat value, give it up.

I used to use Brave browser and I never once fucked with whatver the BAT integration did. Months ago I switched to librewolf browser and like it more.

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Buy, and walk away, and come back in a few years. It really is that simple, but thanks for making yourself sidelined.

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sell 10/30/2025

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Thanks for playing

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I'm only responding because I too was a BAT shitcoin holder for 3 years, look buy a solid top 10 coin that's being shit on by everyone. Currently that's ETH. 8-10 months from now when it's ripping sell 25-50% of your stack, rinse repeat. Pro tip set up a Carbon trading strategy that does this automatically.