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the cashier started raising their tone to me. on christmas eve. wtf

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And it intimidated you, didn’t it?

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Probably because you’re shopping on Christmas Eve. They’re only open because the demand is there

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i need to eat.
fuck you

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You’d never say that to my face, if a cashier’s tone intimidated you, you’d not even make eye contact with me

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I dress shitty sometimes and I notice it makes wagies think they're better than me and they start to get uppity just because they can. It's so funny seeing them get an attitude about the most banal shit, almost monkey-like with how their mind regresses to a more primitive form because for a brief moment they can feel superior.
I let them enjoy their moment, their little lives working a shitty retail job, all they're suitable for, while I literally have more wealth than they'll be able to earn even if they spent a decade slaving away working overtime and saving 100% of their income.

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The safest way to exist in public is to underdress and lie about your finances. When I take Ubers or chatting with a cashier or barista or something, I always tell them my job is “fixing computers, you know hooking up the wires” and nobody bats an eye. In reality I have a 400k+ net worth, but why the fuck would I give that information to a resentful normie working a minimum wage job

Just lie and blend in with the lower classes. Much better than having a target on your back

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this post is a very weird and roundabout self own. you got some issues to work out, insecurity bro

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Yep, I do the same. It keeps the right kind of people away. If you flaunt it you're basically just throwing money away and attracting the attention of people that just want to take advantage.
I thought it was a funny ancedote, maybe a little self-indulgent with the money=human worth, that's obviously not the case, I have enough self-awareness to know that but the thought did cross my mind at the time and it made me smile.
What is strange is your response to it though, did it hit too close to home for you? Were you the wagie in that scenario? Or are you just poor and took offense to the money=human worth?

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Here you go OP

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It might be because the post started with "I dress shitty sometimes", which by itself is based in self-perception and possibly insecurity. You just kept building off those first four words after that, where you possibly projected feelings onto others that they might not actually have. So if you're trying to exude a sense of superiority you did it in a very roundabout way. Essentially, I'm just saying no one cares.

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wow your net worth is the equivalent to a midwestern suburb house from the 1970s

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Damn what’s your job I’m tryna get a 400k net worth

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kek you need to go outside for a bit anon, your autism is showing

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why would u go outside at all, it's not safe

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dumbass didn't think the cashier would lash back? stupid mother fucker. I don't have that problem because I don't come across as an asshole.

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OP is a disgusting nugget eater? No wonder the cashier looked down on him. They are inferior to tendy eaters.

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I similarly do not have that problem, but it's because I don't take wagies seriously. If they were to be taken seriously by others, they wouldn't work at a cash register

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Don't they have atheists and muslims to work these days?

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This. Kill all NEETs.